20 Delicious Vegetarian Dishes You Can Make In Less Than 30 Minutes

Delicious Vegetarian Dishes In Less Than 30 Minutes

Cooking is an art and it takes time and patience to cook food. But sometimes it’s not possible to cook for a long time. Thus we need some quick choices of food. Here are some vegetarian dishes which will take just 30 minutes to cook. For the people in a rush, you can try some of these dishes. Quick and easy too!

1. Paneer Jalfrezi

This spicy stir fried desi vegetarian preparation gives the perfect blend of spices with hot gravy. Paneer Jalfrezi will take just a few minutes to cook, and you can enjoy its heavenly taste with naan, parantha or plain rice.


2. Crispy Aloo Pakora

The Crispy Aloo Pakora is definitely going to be favorite evening snacks. This flavorful appetizer is the best serve for the surprise guests along with chutney and hot tea.

crispy aloo

3. Mango Rice

Reckon the unusual flavor of mango in your daily rice. This is a basic South Indian rice dish which will give you a mixture of sourness of mango, the sweetness of coconut and heat of chillies, definitely a good choice for light lunch.

mango rice

4. Atta Ka Halwa

Satisfy your instant sweet cravings with this easy to make Atta Ka Halwa. Made from whole wheat flour, sugar, clarified butter and a pinch of cardamom flavour, this dessert is a quick trick for the sweet lovers.

atta ka halwa

5. Chatpate Aloo

Give a spicy flavor to the basic stir fried Aloo with the ravishing flavor of tamarind and green chili. A quick and tasty appetizer which you easily serve as a side meal and make your guests appreciate every bit of your cooking skills.

chatpate aloo

6. Aloo Chana Chaat

Make the Chana your favorite snack along with the taste of Aloo with this super easy Aloo Chana Chaat. An innovative combination of spice and boiled chickpea and Aloo which will be the perfect serve along with a meal.

aloo chana chatt

7. Vegetarian Omelette

A unique variation in the simple besan chilla which will give you an instant feeling of eating omelette without egg. You can just add some veggies and bell peppers in the batter of chilla, and you get a healthy and tasty breakfast to eat in just a few minutes.

veg omlette

8. Paneer Bhurji

This delicious and easy to make Paneer dish will be a good companion with roti, parantha or simple bread. You just need to crumble the Paneer and simmer it in the spicy tomato gravy, and your quick and tasty dish is ready to be served.

paneer burji

9. Oat Dosa

Oat Dosa is a perfect choice for the busy families as it is easy to make and hassle free. This healthy and tasty dish just needs some basic ingredients which are enough to calm your hunger. Made with oats, rice, flour and few spices, this dish can easily become the staple food of your family.


10. Bread Uttapam

Uttapam is a popular in South India, and the traditional recipe is made with lentil and rice batter which takes a lot of time. The variation of Uttapam is just the opposite of it. Bread Uttapam is quite easy to make, and it tastes delicious too. An Uttapam is a thick Dosa with vegetables cooked over. You can enjoy the divine taste of Uttapam along with coconut chutney on the plate.

bread ottapam

11. Chole Biryani

You can still enjoy the taste of Biryani even if you are a vegetarian. This delicious dish enriched with spices, chickpeas and vegetables is a one whole meal choice. A healthy and easy to cook recipe is definitely going to be the foremost choice for a quick lunch.

chole biriyani

12. Vegetable Rice

Vegetable rice is an easy option to choose when you are not in a mood to cook. The rice blended with vegetables and flavours of different spices. This dish is easy to cook and can be used for the main course when served with chutney or papad.

veg rice

13. Cheela

A very easy and tasty choice for breakfast or light lunch. Cheela has its own variations to be prepared, and you can make it at your own innovative style.


14. Masala Khichdi

Masala Khichdi is the spicy variation of our own traditional simple Khichdi. You can just add spicy tomato seasoning and some vegetables and serve it as whole meal. It tastes delicious and will take just a few minutes of your day.

masala kichdi

15. Pav bhaji

A perfect Indian serve for the sudden guests in the house, Pav bhaji, is a spicy curry of mashed vegetables served with a Pav brushed with butter. It is delicious one meal course, and it will take only 30 minutes to cook and serve this dish to your guests.

pav baji

16. Bread Dahi Vada

Take a break from the hassle of making Dahi Vada and you can make this delicious Bread Dahi Vada, which will taste as good original Dahi Vada. There is no soaking, grinding or frying instead it’s a quick snack to serve to the guests.


17. Creamy Spinach Pasta

A whole new variation of fettuccini Alfredo, the creamy spinach pasta is made of spinach and creamy white sauce which tastes delicious and quick to serve. The delicious and smooth texture will melt in the tongue as you take the first bite.

Creamy spinach pasta

18. Chole Palak

Chole Palak is a perfect blend of taste and nutrition, and it will take just a few minutes to cook. The spicy spinach gravy compliments the taste of the chickpeas and it can be served with naan, roti or rice.


19. Pizza Parantha

Pizza parantha is the desi twist of the basic recipe of the Italian dish. Just stuff some cheese and veggies in the homemade parantha and wrap and roll it and a perfect meal for your evening hunger cravings is ready in few minutes.

pizza paranntha

20. Vegetable Hakka Noodle

Hakka noodle is an authentic Indo-Chinese dish, and it tastes just great. Make it at home with some veggies and stir fried noodles. You can serve it as a snack or even one whole meal which will definitely give you that authentic taste of Hakka noodle.

veg hukka noodles