20 Ways To Improve The Taste Of Tea

20 Ways To Improve The Taste Of Tea

An aromatic beverage, tea, after water, is the most widely consumed drink in the world. It is a filtered mixture of tea leaves, water, and sugar. No matter what the season is, tea could be served as a tasty beverage. The basic styles of tea are white, green, oolong, and black. Tea contributes to the holistic development of mind and body. It improves health and at the same time gives mental relief and psychological satisfaction to a human being. It reduces the risk of heart attack, contains antioxidants, helps with weight loss, protects your bones, and boost the immune system. Tea — unadulterated, is calorie free. It is anti-inflammatory and anti-allergen. Tea is always better than coffee. It contains less amount of caffeine and caffeine in high amount, is dangerous for health.


Don’t Use Tea Bags

Nowadays; people prefer ready to use items, and that’s why Tea Bags are highly used. These bags contains the inferior tea which when dipped induces the brown color to the mixture. The Tea Bag is an innovation. Earlier, tea was relished in a loose form which involves a comparatively long process. This lengthy process is still used, and the taste it gives to tea is unbeatable.


Brew It Traditionally

Tea is a refreshment drink originated from China and with East India Company it arrived in India. It is not an Indian drink then also if prepared inside a deep pan made up of steel gives it a flavor that nothing can replace. So use a deep pan or steel pots to brew Tea and perceive the change in taste.


Water Share Should Be One Fourth

The ratio of water and milk must be one is to four. Native taste of tea is because of milk and not water. Always measure the water. Milk and Water in the perfect proportion make the tea perfect.


Boil Water Adequately

Apply a proper method of brewing tea, and the first step of the process is to simmer water until you see bubbles on the uppermost surface. Put a lid over the pan to decrease the time required for boiling. It adds one more benefit i.e. the smell of ingredients will not vaporize with water. So it gives flavored fragrance to Tea.



Squeeze Ginger Into It

Use a grater to squeeze Ginger. It gives spicy savor to Tea. Ginger makes the drink aromatic. Pouring Ginger into tea has many health benefits. It helps the body to absorb nutrients. It improves blood circulation and food digestion. It manages the glucose level inside the body. During cold weather, ginger maintains the inner body temperature level.


Peel Off Cardamom

Peel off the Cardamom, crush the black seeds and pour it into the boiling water containing Tea leaves. Cardamom is rightly given the tag of “Queen of Spices” and is widely used for cooking. Cardamom in Tea has many skins, hair and health benefits. It is a pool of vital vitamins & minerals.


Pestle Clove

Clove is a potential flower bud which makes Tea flavorful and nutritious. Grind cloves. It should not be crumbled into fine particles, but it should be ground down to small pieces. Cloves encourage the flow of blood, helps in producing saliva and enhances abdominal secretions to aid in digestion. It also kills intestinal parasites and bacterias.


Pound Black Pepper

Black Pepper makes the tea exciting and entertaining with its spicy fragrance and taste. Crush the Black Pepper, but it should not be completely pulverized into a powder, and then pour it into the boiling tea. You can feel its taste in the trachea. It has antibacterial properties. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent.


Add Tulsi Leaves

Adding Tulsi Leaves while brewing tea gives it a good aroma and reforms the savor of tea. Tulsi, the “Queen of Herbs” also known as Holy Basil is the most sacred herb and has many health benefits.


Add Long Green Tea Leaves From Garden

As you can see the above picture, it’s a plant mostly found in the kitchen garden. The leaves are very long and thin. These called as long green tea leaves. Cut the long leaves into small pieces using a knife, pour it into boiling water with other additional ingredients and observe the transformation in taste and flavor. It has many health benefits too.


Use Mortar And Pestle To Crush Dry Ingredients

To crush the spices one can use a spice grinder or mortar and pestle. I suggest the latter over the former. A mortar and pestle pounds spices while a blade cuts them. And if you want to extract the entire oils and flavors, crush it.


Sugar Should Be In A Proper Amount

While adding sugar to tea, pay attention. Sugar gives taste to it, but at the same time, it degrades health. One teaspoon of sugar is sufficient for a cup of tea. Prefer Brown Sugar over White Sugar.


Use Quality Tea Leaves

This is an essential ingredient of tea. If quality Tea Leaves are used, the taste will be improved, and it will not affect your health too.


Order Of Ingredients Matters

Every beverage has a recipe. There are many methods to prepare tea. Here is a standard process of brewing.

  1. Heat the water
  2. Add tea leaves.
  3. Pour additional elements.
  4. Let it stew until it starts bubbling.
  5. Pour milk.
  6. Add sugar.
  7. Simmer the mixture.


Stir The Tea

Don’t forget to stir the tea when it is boiling. It transforms the taste of Tea.


Froth It Up

Frothing is a process of making bubbles on the upper surface of the container. It makes the Tea tastier.


Drink It Hot

Nothing can beat the taste of hot Tea with froth.


Maintain Quality

Tea is what it’s ingredients are, so use good quality ingredients to brew a quality Tea with a better taste and flavor.


Serve It Nicely

Tea served effectively is an add-on to its taste.


Sip The Tea, Don’t Gulp It

Yes! sip the tea. Let the Tea soaked up by each taste bud to taste all the ingredients poured into it.