20 Types Of Chicken Cuisines In Kolkata That Pleases Your Belly

20 Types Of Chicken Cuisines In Kolkata That Pleases Your Belly

When it comes to Kolkata, the first thing that comes to mind is its diverse culture coupled with a large variety of food items that the city offers to its people. It ranges from caffeine to the very spicy Indian cuisines. People from all over the globe come to Kolkata to get a taste of the food habits of India at large in a nutshell because to try out the dishes that are famous in various corners of the country; one need not go there. All they have to do is hop in at any one of the restaurants in Kolkata. Here, we will be looking at the different delicacies of chicken that keeps your appetite satisfied at a very pocket-friendly rate.


Chicken Dakbangla

If you are in search of a place to have traditional Bengali cuisines, you have to visit Bhojohori Manna. A comfortable atmosphere that provides you with such a vibe that takes you back in time is a distinguished feature of this place. The lip-smacking food items at such low cost indeed win over the heart of the people eating there, and Chicken Dak Bungalow is a must try. Cooked with all the whole spices such as cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and bay leaves and garnished with slit green chillies, this dish tastes perfect with Parathas or Rotis.


Chicken Lasagna

The Biker’s Cafe, located at the Elgin Road in Kolkata offers excellent Chicken Lasagne that is bound to break your diet rules and at a price that will keep your wallet happy. The dish that includes a thin pasta base topped with exotic chicken and synchronized with cheesy white sauce and then is baked and served with a garlic bread is sure to make your mouth water. Therefore hop in and take a bite if you are hungry and your belly craves for some Italian delicacy.


Chicken Shawarma Wrap

Go Lebanese, as the name suggests cooks the best Chicken Shawarma in town! A Middle Eastern dish that is prepared with chicken flavored in savory yogurt sauce and served on pitas finds its place to the A-list of the food lovers and makes you want to have this dish, every time you visit.



Chicken Tandoori

Located in the Park Street Area of Kolkata, Shiraz is known for its Chicken Tandoori. This spicy dish is a favorite of many and goes on to impress anyone who takes a bite. Roasted with the right amount of spices in the right amount of heat, Shiraz’s Chicken Tandoori offers a taste that is hard to forget.


Dragon Chicken

If you had a hard day sightseeing the City of Joy, Kolkata and want something to please your belly Dragon Chicken at Denzong Kitchen comes to the rescue. Located near Jadavpur, this place is known for the superior quality of food it serves at a very low price. Dragon Chicken is known to be extremely spicy a dish and has chicken breasts, crushed corns, ginger garlic paste and garam masala as its main ingredients.


Chittagong Chicken

Chicken cooked in a powder of coriander and whole chilies with rigorously stirring in between; it tastes exceedingly well when served hot with Luchi or simple Chapati (Indian Bread);which is a Bengali cuisine and is essentially made of mustard oil with a mixture of the spicy taste of chilies and the sweetness of onions and Puran Dhaka in Santoshpur Avenue; Kolkata is famous for it.


Kung Pao Chicken

Do you want the taste of almost all the authentic Chinese Chicken dishes in a single place? Tung Fong in Park Street, Kolkata serves your purpose. A spicy chicken recipe that includes chopped peanuts, brown sugar, water chestnuts, white wine and many more ingredients when served with noodles it fulfils your purpose of a proper meal.


Chicken Breast Cutlet

One of the most well-known places for trying out Bengali dishes in Kolkata is the Bong Connection near Maddox Square. This place is the perfect example of the quality food with the chicken breast cutlet topping the list! It is made using boneless and skinless chicken breasts, panko bread crumbs, finely grated parmesan and lemon zest and is ideal for an evening snack.


Chicken Rezala

When you are tired shopping in the New Market area, and your stomach feels helpless without the food, you might want to hop in Aminia which is situated just around the corner to try out the most impeccable Chicken Rezala. The chicken in this dish is to be marinated with curd, onion paste and ginger garlic paste that gives the desired flavor.


Chicken Chaap

According to me, the perfect companion to the Kolkata style Biriyani is the Chicken Chaap from the kitchen of Arsalan, located near Park Circus area of Kolkata. It can be served with roomali roti as well. This dish includes pieces of chicken that are juicy and moist along with thick gravy.


Kathi Roll

Zeeshan is famous for its Kathi Rolls and this food outlet never fails to live up to its name! Located near Bhawanipur Kolkata, this place is one of my personal favorites because the food served here is neither too spicy nor oily, but has just the right amount of taste and flavor in it.


Honey Glazed Grilled Chicken

A colonial house last inhabited in 1904 and now transformed into a theme based restaurant, the Corner Courtyard at Sarat Bose Road offers an ambience that takes you take Royal Era of Kolkata. Whisked in honey and lemon juice, this cuisine involves the brushing of honey on chicken breasts that pleases your taste buds.



Murgir Pathuri

Named after the Suchitra Sen and Uttam Kumar starrer Bengali film, the restaurant “Saptapadi” serves you with the best Murgir Pathuri (Chicken wrapped in Banana Leaf) at the minimum possible cost. In addition to this the coconut and coriander leaves, served in a banana leaf accentuates its look all the more.


Chicken Sicilian

A place that reeks of cabaret dancers, French singer Delilah of the 60s and other features of a colorful bygone era, Moulin Rouge is another name for nostalgia, and this is all the more enhanced by the Chicken Sicilian which is must try once you set foot in here. Chicken Sicilian is baked with cheese, and its taste is an unforgettable one.


Chelo Kabab

When you think of Chelo Kababs, Peter Cat, as many would agree, is the first name that pops up in your mind. It’s a Persian delicacy where salty butter flavored rice topped with a fried egg, butter and a poached tomato accompanies the Chicken Kababs which makes it a complete meal in itself.


Chicken Afghani

An important discussion never goes well without being accompanied by good food. An ultimate destination for intellectuals of the town, Indian Coffee House, is an unavoidable name. Stretching through a period of several decades, the Indian Coffee House with its Chicken Afghani never fails to impress its audience.


Handi Chicken

Lazeez situated at Elgin Road; Kolkata hosts the tastiest Handi Chicken of the City. Known for its spicy taste, Handi Chicken when served with chopped coriander leaves, this makes an excellent chicken dish.


Chicken Steak

The Steak Factory located in the Southern Avenue of Kolkata has topped the food charts of the people in town with its appealing Chicken Steak that has an exquisite taste. Served with French fries and egg poach on top, it is sure to serve your appetite well.


Bacon Wrapped Chicken With Aam Kasundi

Bohemian near Old Ballygunge; Kolkata is well known for the Bengali ingredients used in the dishes they serve. The interior is kept simple, and all that matters here is that they serve superior quality food. As the name suggests, the dish presents the chicken, wrapped in bacon, and the Aam Kasundi (Mango Sauce) adds a unique touch to it.


Chilli Chicken

Last but not the least, the Chili Chicken served at the New Cathe, Kolkata is more about nostalgia than the taste itself. Being one of the oldest restaurants, New Cathe provides a cozy atmosphere that complements the food all the more.