20 Western Dishes that created a Boom in India

20 Western Dishes that created a Boom in India

India is known for its delicious food and the flavor we inculcate in our food. We have not just spicy food; these are the stereotypes we don’t want in our lives, but Indians are so thirsty for validation that they give so many views to the video to where guys just eat Indian food and react to eat. C’mon we’re more than that. While we’re busy watching Dhinchak Pooja on YouTube, western dishes or I say fast food is winning our hearts with all the calories they give us. These fast food chains are making money like David Dobrik on YouTube. Keeping my obsession with YouTube aside, I have list down some amazing fast food dishes from different parts of the world that created a bang in India. Indian street food cannot compete with these fast foods on any level, may be on hygiene level, but who cares about that when food tastes good.

1. Garlic Bread

Garlic Bread is a favorite among all. The ingredients used in it are Bread, Butter or Olive Oil, Garlic Cloves, Chopped Parsley, and Cheese. The melting cheese gives you a taste which is just impossible to put into words. I personally think Domino’s serves great Garlic bread.


2. Pancakes

Those soft and round delights will make you want to eat them every day, without thinking about the sugar it serves. It is a flatbread which is topped with maple syrup or blueberries. Some countries add different ingredients to make it different. Few people make art out of those.


3. Pizza

Pizza is more famous than any other food.  No other food has ever seen such fame. Today you have a variety of pizzas with different types of toppings. Let’s be real, who likes pineapple slice on their pizza? Not me! The different trend comes and goes with viral pizza challenges. Domino’s and Pizza Hut are on the top priority these days.


4. Doughnut

We often make this general statement of cops eating doughnut when they are on patrol. Well, it’s not true and if it is, then you can’t blame them. Those soft things just melt in your mouth. People fill it with different syrups and serve fresh. Many outlets around the world serve doughnut; one of them being Mad Over Doughnuts.


5. Barbeque Chicken

For a chicken lover, it is like a festival when something new with chicken is trending. Barbecue Chicken is one of them. It became popular in India in the early 2000’s and is still rocking with pride. The chicken is served hot in red color whose one bite will take you to heaven.


6. Waffles

Waffles are lovable because they are crispy from outside and soft from inside. Waffles have been dominating after various outlets have come up with different combination of waffles and posted it on Instagram. The Waffle Factory is one of the places which serve crispy and soft waffles.


7. Pasta

Pasta was not originated in India, and I’m pretty mad at that. Why can’t we make such delicious, cheesy, mouthwatering delight? All around the world, pasta is made with different ingredients and different flavors, and may also have different recipes, but the emotions are same. There are different varieties of pasta available with different sauces used in them.


8. Burrito

Burrito being a Mexican dish is ruling the world. This dish is a mixture of different spices and flavors that will burst in your mouth. The ingredients used are Wheat Tortilla, Salsa, Beans, Onions, Chilli Pepper, Cheese, Lettuce, Taco Sauce, and Ground Beef.


9. Chicken Fingers

It is also called Chicken Wings. You can’t eat them without spicy sauce on it. They are so soft and spicy that it will make you want to drink a water straight from the tap. But that’s the magic of hot sauce. Chicken fingers are eaten with a variety of hot sauce with different spice level.


10. Cheese Fingers

They are also known as mozzarella sticks. The core ingredient being cheese  can differ depending on which type of cheese you like. The great moment is when you break the cheese fingers from between and the cheese oozes out. It is served with ketchup or hot sauce.


11. Poutine

It is a well-known dish from Canada. As the people there are pleasant and friendly, this dish hasn’t disappointed us at all. The flavors are a packet which will break and fill your mouth with diverse taste on your tongue. The fries served with unlike flavors are a catch here.


12. Cheese Cake

Ever tried this dessert after a big meal? No! Then what are you waiting for? The crust and the taste of fresh and soft cheese with cream or may be a different sweet sauce is just awesome. The cheesecake in F.R.I.E.N.D.S is still a mystery. The ingredients used are Cheese, Eggs, Vanilla, Sugar, Graham Crackers, Cinnamon, Butter, etc.


13. Tacos

Tacos is ruling the world with its crunch and softness of meat. You must have tried tacos with different fillings and sauce. Tacos are nothing but tortillas with a filling of onions, tomatoes, salsa, sour cream, cheese, lettuce, etc.


14. Swiss Cheese Fondue

Swiss cheese fondue is a traditional recipe from Switzerland, but we have different alternatives of it in India. In many places they serve this hot melted cheese with crackers, garlic bread, or chips. This is a perfect dish to have, when there is a match.


15. Greek Salad

Greek Salad is all over the internet as a healthy alternative to many people. You can make it in your kitchen easily. It includes Tomato, Cucumber, Onion, Olive, Oregano, Cheese, and Virgin Oil. It is a great healthy option.


16. Spaghetti

The slurping noise you make when you eat spaghetti with bread on the side. The different spices which we don’t use a lot give this dish an A+, and you should at least try it when you feel like having something new from the menu.


17. Meatballs

Indians are obsessed with dishes made like balls which include Gulab Jamun, Laddoo, Rasgulla, etc.  And now, meatballs are getting famous here. Meatballs is a dish which you eat with anything like spaghetti, which is like the classic dish all around the world.


18. Fish and Chips

Fish here in India is made in many states and in every diverse way possible with different recipes and taste. Fish and Chips is a perfect snack when you’re drunk or you feel like eating out. You can try this dish without hesitation.


19. Black Forest Cake

This cake became famous in early 2000’s when black forest came into local bakery shops. They have listed it in exotic cakes which I realized recently as I thought it was originated in India, but it did not. It was originated in Germany.


20. Baguette

India is familiar with the bread system but like the slices, they sell in packets. Indian dinner table will mostly not include bread. But they might consist of Roti or Naan. French Baguette is famous for the sandwiches they make with that. The bread is crisp on the outside and it absorbs the flavor of the ingredients served with it.


These are some of the dishes that are currently dominating in India. I’m proud that India is welcoming new and different types of food and recipes into their life which is very rare, but with a new generation comes new perceptions and ideologies. Agree?