21 Must Try Delicacies From The Goanese Cuisine!

21 Must Try Delicacies From The Goanese Cuisine

1.Goan Fish Curry

No one can escape the classic Goan Fish curry! You cannot visit Goa and simply not try this dish. With an excellent combination of spices and flavour, your taste buds shall be very pleased with this delightful dish.


Goan Prawn Curry

Goa, being a coastal state uses a lot of coconut in many of its dishes. The Goan Prawn curry is one such dish, where crunchy yet juicy prawns are cooked in a coconut milk based curry. Try the recipe and let the magic of the flavours take over your senses.


Fish Recheado

Goa, being a former Portuguese colony has a lot of cultural influence on its cuisines by the Portuguese. ‘Recheado’ translates to stuffed in Portuguese. This dish is prepared by marinating the fish, mostly pomfret with a tangy and sour recheado paste. It is then fried with onions till the fish and the onions turn golden brown.



This is one of the most popular desserts of the state. It constitutes of multiple layers of cake prepared with the usual butter, eggs and the unusual coconut milk and jaggery. For the true taste of the cuisine, you must try this dish. It is easily available in any part of the state.


Pork Vindaloo

One of the most sensational dishes of Goa, this dish, is a standard item on the menu of any fine dining restaurant. The name is derived from the constituents of the dish, where vin is vinegar and aloo is garlic. The pork well soaked in vinegar is cooked in red gravy along with ginger, garlic, etc. till its tender. And voila, you have the infamous Pork Vindaloo.


Rava Fried Fish

Anyone who’s been to Goa would have heard and tasted this brilliant Goan delicacy. In this dish, fish fillets are fried along with ginger, red chillies and garlic until the exterior of the fish is crunchy,while the inside is still soft. It is then garnished with coriander.


Chicken Xacuti

Chicken Xacuti is an ingenious recipe of chicken, where the chicken infused with spices and its flavour are cooked to perfection. Nothing can replicate the joy of eating the tender yet juicy chicken pieces. It is best partnered with steamed rice.


Chicken Cafreal

This Portuguese-inspired dish is an instant hit with those who have tried it. To cook Chicken Cafreal, the chicken is marinated in a spicy paste and vinegar until the chicken is soft and tender.


Pork Sorpotel

Another dish inspired by the Portuguese, Pork Sorpotel is a common dish during Christmas, especially in Catholic households. The authentic dish is heated for twenty minutes every day. It is also said that it tastes the best on the third or fourth day.



An alternative name for this dish is ‘Karanji’. To make this dish a stuffing is prepared with cardamom, almonds, sugar and coconut and then stuffed into balls of flour. It is an extremely popular dessert, mainly prepared during Diwali and Ganesh Chaturthi.


Alle Belle

These are classic Goan coconut and jaggery pancakes which are a mouth full of surprise. It is soft and melts quite easily in the mouth, and is a quick and simple preparation meant for dessert.



Khat khatem is a mixed vegetable curry, prepared using seasonal vegetables in Goa. The usual vegetables used are raw papaya, drumstick, yam, jackfruit, radish, and pumpkin. This dish is a common dish in the Goan Hindu households, especially famous during Ganesh Puja.


Moonga Gathi

Extremely popular during any religious festival in the state, Moonga Gathi is a sprout dish cooked in coconut gravy. It is full of vitamins and minerals, thus making this dish extremely beneficial to one’s health. The green moong is soaked in water overnight, and then after draining the water the next day, they are tied in a cloth, which leads to germination. Once the sprouts are ready, you can make your dish in coconut based gravy. This dish is ideal for festivals, as no onion or garlic is used in its making.


Mushroom Shagoti

Mushroom Shagoti is an Indian style mushroom dish. The dish is prepared with a lot of ground spices and mixture of poppy seeds. The mushrooms are sautéed with the spices, while in the end the tamarind pulp is added for that extra tangy taste. It goes best with steamed rice.


Fish Hooman

Hooman is a fish recipe, indigenous to Goa, where the fish is cooked in an oil free coconut milk gravy. The dish varies according to the type of fish used, with the presence or absence of certain spices depending on the fish. Teppal is a unique spice which is used in the making of this dish.



Goan Varan is a crucial part of the Konkani cuisine. It is a simple lentil dish, which is common in households of the region. In this dish, arhar dal is cooked with spices and no onion and garlic. It is further finished with fresh flavoured coconut. Occasionally, curry leaves are also added to it. It pairs best with steamed rice.


Solachi Kadi

Not only in Goa is Solachi Kadhi a popular dish but also in Maharashtra, especially in Mumbai. Being extremely easy to cook, it is a common preparation which takes about fifteen minutes to cook. The ingredients required making this delectable dish is easily available at any store. It is a Kokum dish with spices and coconut milk.


Tondak pav

It is a popular Goan recipe, traditionally prepared with red cow peas. The gravy can be made with any other type of legumes also. In fact, this dish has quite a few variations depending upon the type of vegetable used. Some recipes use mushrooms too.



This dish, Kalputi was conceived in the households of joint families where women would have barely anything left after the children, and the men finished eating. Usually, no one would eat the fish head or tail, which is how this dish came into existence. It is a simple dish prepared with the fish head, ginger, coriander and green chillies.



A sort of side dish, which is prepared by frying dried fish along with onions and coconut.


Fish udid methi

This is a type of curry with fenugreek that is prepared with the mackerel fish. An extremely tasty dish, this one is hard to resist. There can be a vegetarian version too where the fish is replaced with plums or raw mango.