20 Gujarati Delicacies You Must Have!

20 Gujarati Delicacies You Must Have


One of the most loved dishes of the Gujarati cuisine, Khandvi is prepared with gram flour and further tempered with mustard seeds, curry leaves and coconut shavings. It is popular amongst people who favour lightly flavoured dishes instead of spicy flavours. There are a variety of chutneys along with which Khandvi is served, like green chilli chutney which is spicy or date palm chutney which is sweet.


Gujarati Samosa

The Gujarati Samosa is an Indian rendition of the classic samosa which instead of a potato based filling uses a peas filling. The peas are sautéed with lime juice and sugar which gives it a sweet yet tangy taste. It is best served with hot tea.



Undhiyu is a Gujarati vegetable dish which is extremely healthy. It is made with winter vegetables like the eggplants along with bananas, coconut and fenugreek. It is traditionally served in earthen pots. It is best paired with steamed rice.


Aam Shrikhand With Mango Salad

Shrikhand is inarguably one of the most famous dishes of Gujarat. It is an indispensable part of the cuisine and is the most popularly known dessert of this state. It is a simple dessert prepared with hung curd, which can occasionally be teamed off with mangoes to give it a flavour.


Gujarati Kadhi

Kadhi is part of the staple diet of the heat-prone parts of the country due to the high temperatures prevailing there. Kadhi is a great escape to the heat and has a lot of variations depending upon the state. The Gujarati Kadhi is common in every household and is prepared with curd and vegetables, and helps in avoiding heat strokes and such other ailments.



Inarguably, Dhokla is the most famous Gujarati dish known to man. It is prepared by fermented rice and chickpeas and is of various types. It can be prepared by frying or boiling. Dhokla, like the other famous Gujarati dishes, are commonly served with a sweet and spicy chutney. The final spongy product is tempered with mustard seeds, curry leaves, coconut and dry chillies. Other variants of this simple dish are Paneer Dhokla, Tomato Dhokla, etc.


Bardoli Ki Khichdi

This is a fragrant rice dish prepared like any other Khichdi with a twist. Along with rice, dal, potatoes, spices and dal, raw mangoes are used in this dish too. You cannot afford to miss this delight!


Methi Ka Thepla

Methi ka Thepla, popular in Gujarat is a flavourful Indian flat bread which is prepared from whole wheat flour, along with fenugreek, yoghurt, chillies and sugar. You cannot say no to this one!


Dal Dhokli

In this dish, spicy dumplings of whole wheat are prepared with kokum, turmeric, garlic, peanuts and dal which is made into a curry. A perfect simple dish, Dal Dhokli is a dish which can be easily prepared in a few minutes. This simple dish will make you a quick fan!



Handvo is a type of tea cake which falls under the savoury department. While it is crisp on the outside, it is soft inside. It is prepared with flour, chillies, lentils, rice, buttermilk and coriander. This tea cake will be a constant companion for your tea.



No one can deny their unquestionable desire and love for this Gujarati snack! Khakras have found their way out of Gujarat and are popularly sold all over the country. It is a dry and thin crust of wheat bread which is made up of fenugreek, cumin seeds and other spices. There can be no comparison to the joy of eating khakra. A variety of flavours of khakra have been introduced, which is loved by all.



Thepla is very similar to the paratha, yet is a little different. It is made from wheat, fenugreek, and spices and is an integral part of the Gujarati cuisine. It is served with pickles and curries, and will even give the mighty paratha a run for its money!



Rotlo is a common food which is served as a bread item. It is made from maize flour, along with onion, buttermilk and green chillies. Nothing can beat the combination of Rotlo, ghee and jaggery.


Sev Usal

Sev Usal is a spicy and tempting street food item which can be easily spotted in the cities of Gujarat. The spicy curry is prepared with dry peas and is a hit amongst youngsters. The hint of garlic in the dish will please your taste buds, at the least.


Fafda- Jalebi

Fafda- Jalebi is the classic breakfast/ snack item in the Gujarati cuisine. To be in Gujarat and not try this essential sweet and savoury combination of Fafda and Jalebi is surely something that you will regret.



Patra is a preparation of colocasia leaves, which is mixed with gram flour and spices to make the final product. The dish being green is extremely healthy and adds to your nutrient content intake. The classic snack is anything like you’ve ever tasted.



Ganthiya is usually served with tea at any Gujarati household. It is occasionally served with sweet chutney and fried chillies for the perfect combination of a snack.



Dabeli is a dish that originated from the Kutch region in Gujarat, well renowned all over the state and even in Maharashtra. It is a variant of Vada Pav, which is stuffed with mashed potatoes and spices, groundnuts, served along with sweet chutney prepared from tamarind and dates.



Gota, another popular street food is seen in the streets of Gujarat, It is prepared with fenugreek and gram flour which is then fried to make this snack. It is similar to the Aloo Vada, which is a tough competitor. Try it and let us know which one you like more!


Lilva Kachori

Lilva Kachori is a South Gujarat dish which is a Kachori with a filling. It is prepared with green peas filling, as a stuffing. You cannot simply afford to miss the chance of trying this one out if you’re in Gujarat!