22 Indian Mouth-Watering Gravies

Indian Mouth-Watering Gravies

1. Mirchi ka Salan

 Hyderabadi Mirchi ka Salan is a famous dish in Hyderabad. People here make this on every occasion. It goes well with Hyderabadi biryani. It is simple to make. Its ingredients include coconut, chili or capsicum, sesame seeds, and peanut. This dish has many health benefits.

mirchi-ka-salan 2. Paaya

Paaya is a gravy made from the Goat’s Trotter. It also includes other ingredients. Every non-vegetarian must try this dish at least once in a lifetime. It is very healthy. The Paaya is full of calcium and other nutrients. It is served hot with Roti and Rice.

paaya 3. Gosth Pasinde

This meat recipe is famous among the Hyderabadi people. It is a gravy made from coconut, potatoes, and beans. It makes a delicious combination with Rice and Chappati. The meat pieces are healthy, and the dish is delicious.

gosth-pasinde 4. Tomato Curry

 Tomato Curry has tingling flavors with ground coconut and spices. Don’t be alarmed even if there are no veggies in the kitchen. Tomato Curry is the simplest to make. This Tomato Curry can be slurped with joy and goes well along with roti or steamed rice. This Curry and rice are a meal favorite for many. Tomatoes in this Curry give it a tangy taste. Also, the tanginess of the Tomatoes is evenly balanced with the sweetness of the coconut and the hotness from the red chilies and spices.

tomato-curry 5. Vali Randayi (Malabar Spinach Coconut Curry)

Spinach is very healthy, and thus this Konkani dish serves us with a whole lot of nutrients. The Spinach is steamed, and the rest ingredients are added. It helps in keeping our body away from ailments and is a supplier of Calcium, Vitamin A, and Iron.


6. Mushroom Masala

Mushroom Masala made in Konkani style is a bit tangy. Cashew nuts added to it complements the taste of the curry. This gravy can be served with rice or roti depending on the interest of the individual. It is simple to prepare within less time and also tastes good.


7. Daal

 Daal is also called Daalithoy in Konkani. This recipe marks its origin from ancient Konkan people. This Daal is very simple made of ginger, chilies, Hing (asafoetida). It makes a good combination with rice and roti in the everyday meal and on occasions. In this recipe, which is the traditional one, people didn’t add coriander leaves, although the new generation has started adding it which adds to the taste. It is healthy and delicious.


8. Airaawat

 Airaawat is a delicacy which marks it origin from the Konkani people. It comes into picture during occasions, festivals, wedding ceremonies, etc. It does not include a part of daily diet. This dish has a sweet, sour, and spicy taste. People put Jaggery, Ginger, Dates, and Tamarind which in turn brings out a mixed flavor.


9. Kolmbo

Kolmbo is also known as Sambhar. This gravy is made of a variety of masala, daal, and mix vegetables. It becomes a staple diet of all the Konkani people. They have this gravy along with rice or with roti. It is also healthy as it contains all the vegetable and nutrient rich sources. People become a huge fan of this dish, and they prepare it at home almost twice a week.


10. Gajbaje

Gajbaje, as called in Konkan region is the mixed vegetable curry. Its ingredients include sweet corn and vegetables. This gravy is rich in nutrients, and it is also tasty to eat. It goes well with rice or chappati, and thus it makes a complete meal. Gajbaje has its trail from ancient times and the Konkani people still continue making it with pride.      


11. Kurle Ambat

Kurle Ambat, as known in Konkani is a crab curry. All its lovers would be delighted to have this curry. This dish marks its origin from the ancient times and they do not like to alter the recipe of the delicacy. The crab is cleaned first and then boiled for a few minutes adding some spices.Then people prepare the gravy for the crab putting the whole ingredient together.It takes around 15 mins to prepare and 15 mins to cook, and is served with rice or roti.


12. Malai Korma

This dish includes ingredients like pure cream which makes it delicious. It goes well with Rice or Roti. People add Ginger, garlic and cashew nuts to the gravy. It is made on several occasions and is loved by people all over.


13. Murg Do Pyaza

Murg Do Pyaza is a delicious dish made from the necessary ingredients and chicken. It is prepared in occasions and parties and goes well with Rice or Roti. This gravy is mouth-watering and healthy too. Hyderabadi flavors in this dish will drive you crazy leaving a heavenly feeling.


14. Laal Maas

Laal Maas is one of the favorite delicacies of the Rajasthan population. They prepare this dish with all the necessary ingredients to ensure it tastes heaven. It has red Chilli in it which brings out the red color in it. It is spicy yet mouth-wateringly delicious. It goes best with Roti.


15. Mohan Maas

Mohan Maas is a chicken dish which marks its origin from the ancient times of Kings in Rajasthan. It is delicious and makes a great combination with Roti or Rice. Its ingredients include milk, chicken, and masala which makes it unique.


16. Shahi Gatte

Shahi Gatte is a popular gravy of Rajasthan which marks its origin from ancient times. People make Besan dumplings and deep fry it. They add these dumpling’s in the Gravy. This Gravy makes a great combination with Roti or Rice. It is also known as Govind Gatte or Masala Gatte.


17. Punjabi Ginger Curry

 Ginger has medicinal properties in it which also helps in keeping the body warm. This curry is simple to make and is delicious in taste. Ginger helps in increasing the metabolism rate. Ginger helps in increasing the blood circulation in the body.


18. Rogan Gosht

 Rogan Gosht is a traditional dish from Kashmir. People prepare this gravy using either goat meat or lamb meat. As this gravy is made from meat and other necessary ingredients, it is rich in proteins which help our body to produce heat. This gravy will help you keeping warm and preventing any damage from the outside cold.


19. Matar Paneer

 If you are a vegetarian, don’t be sad by the list of all the non-veg dishes. Paneer acts as a substitute for non-veg in many dishes. Mutter Paneer gravy is rich in protein and fibers which help to keep your body warm and prevents it from going cold due to the external atmosphere. It can be served with Rice or Gravy and taste delicious.


20. Chole Palak

 Chole means Chickpeas and Palak are Spinach which makes a great combination with Roti or chapati. Spinach contains many nutritional factors which include Vitamins, Minerals, and iron. Chickpeas is also a good source of proteins which helps in keeping our body warm and healthy during Winter season too.


21. Pumpkin Curry

 Pumpkin Curry or Squash Curry is healthy and tasty too. People prepare it in a variety of ways based on the choice of the ingredients. It is best when served hot and makes a great combination with Rice and Roti.


22. Egg Masala

 Egg Masala contains egg and other ingredients in it. It is delicious and healthy. It makes a great combination with Rice or Roti. This gravy will make you drool instantly.