23 Flavours Of Ice Cream We All Love!

24 Flavours Of Ice Cream We All Love


Mint Milk Chocolate Chip

Where: Baskin Robbins

The mint milk chocolate chip ice cream is the most comforting ice cream, amongst all. With the freshness of mint, and delight of chocolate chip and the wonder of the ice cream, this triple combination is a winner!


Cheddar Cheese And Jalapeno Ice Cream With Spiced Nachos

Where: Papa cream

Papa cream is one of the premier places in India, to serve savoury ice creams. So stop eating sweet ice cream only and try these savoury ice creams. The unique combination of flavours will open new doors for you.


Thai Ice Cream Sushi, And Pani Puri Sorbet

Where: Papa cream

Another one from Papa cream, the Thai Ice Cream Sushi and the Pani Puni Sorbet are two flavours which brilliantly capture the flavours of the savoury dishes it is inspired from sushi and Pani Puri.


Guava And Chilli Sorbet

Where: The Sassy Spoon

For those of you, who think chilli cannot be a component in an ice cream are highly mistaken. Try this delectable ice cream made up of a combination of flavours. With the hotness of chilli, the coldness of the ice cream and the sweetness of the guava, you are in for a surprise.


Honeycomb Ice Cream

Where: Yauatcha

The honeycomb ice cream gets its name from its honeycomb crystal-like form. You’ll find this ice cream as an addition to the plate along with the chocolate mousse at Yauatcha.


Popcorn Ice Cream

Where: Bina’s Homemade Ice Cream

Who would’ve thought that savoury ice creams could be this good? For all those movie buffs, who love popcorn and would still have it even at home, try this flavour. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the hit of this popcorn flavour in the ice cream. The flavours are induced into the ice cream through soaked corn kernels.


Milk Chocolate Bacon Ice Cream

Where: Caramel Carousel

Three favourite things in one. Chocolate, Bacon and Ice Cream; it sure does sound like a sending from the heaven. Doesn’t it?


Oreo Creamlette

Where: Minus 301 Degrees F

We all love Oreos; Chocolate, vanilla, in fact, all kinds of Oreos. So they thought of introducing Oreo as a flavour. The unique characteristic about this ice cream is that it is made by the use of liquid nitrogen and is a sight to look out for.


Dulche De Leche Ice Cream

Where: Indigo Deli

The Dulche De Leche is indulgence at its best. The ice cream is full of rich, creamy flavours, and a true delight to taste.


Cashew Nut Ice Cream

Where: The Bombay Canteen

This delicious nutty cashew flavoured ice cream is a genuine delight for your taste buds. It is served with the jackfruit Tan Ta Tan at The Bombay Canteen.



Where: Natural’s

Who would’ve thought every fruit could have an ice cream flavour inspired by it? The Sitafal flavour at Natural’s is an ice cream with custard apple. Believe me when I say that it tastes like the real fruit more and less like ice cream.


Masala Chai Popsicles

Where: The Bombay Canteen

Another innovative ice cream is the masala chai popsicle. It is more of a frozen stick than an ice cream but is still a huge hit. This is the very favourite chai in the form of ice packed with the richness and flavour of tea. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?


Chai Ice Cream

Where: Masala Library

Another potent winner in this competition of sorts, the Chai Ice Cream is a legendary invention, with the perfection of the right flavours of chai.


Dark Chocolate And Ginger Ice Cream

Where: Sucres De Terres

Ever wondered of having ginger in your ice cream? The bittersweet chocolate flavours are balanced with the unique ginger flavour. The dark chocolate and ginger ice cream will leave you wanting for more.


Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches

Where: Le 15 Patisserie

This ice cream is tiered ice cream sandwich with layers of macarons with indulgent flavour of ice cream layered alternatively, all of which together is served in a cone. This dish is irreplaceable.



Where: Natural’s

The Jackfruit flavour is one of those quirky flavours which will give others a run for its money. It barely costs 100 bucks, but the flavour is worth a million. No one other than Natural’s could have so magnificently captured the jackfruit flavour in an ice cream.


Kuch Nahi

Where: Giani’s

Kya Chahiye? Kuch Nahi! A definitive answer for all Indians. So they came up with an ice cream sundae named Kuch Nahi. So, even if you want nothing, you end up getting a lot, and boy, it is more than anything you could ask for.


Green Tea Ice Cream

Where: Kofuku

Green tea the healthiest beverage there could be, is now an ice cream too. This ice cream contains both the tastiness of an ice cream and the healthiness of green tea.


Nolen Gurer Ice Cream

Where: Oh! Calcutta

Don’t we all love the Bengali cuisine and their precious sweets, especially the sandesh? One of the best Sandesh in Bengal is made from the nalen gur. This ice cream inspired from the same flavour is a true replica of the sandesh in the form of an ice cream. For all those bongs, you won’t miss homeland if you try this one.


Calcutta Meetha Paan Ice Cream

Where: Ice Cream Works

There are Banarasi Paans, and then there are Calcutta Meetha Pans! The Bengalis are famous for their cuisine. So here is another flavour dedicated to the flavours of Bengal. It captures all the flavours of the meetha paan.


Irish Ale Popsicles

Where: Cafe At The NCPA

Who knew something we hate so much- prune could be an element in something we love- ice cream, and end up being this brilliant dessert we know today?


Cranberry Ice Cream

Where: Spesso Gourmet Kitchen

There isn’t so extraordinary about the idea of a cranberry ice cream, maybe. But this one is like an explosion of fruitilicious cranberries in the mouth.


Bubbling Kulfi

Where: Spiceklub

We all love kulfi, and it is a regular Indian ice cream. So what’s so unique that it is on this list? The way it is served. Bubbling! You wouldn’t know until you go here!