20 Best Types Of Paratha, You Must Try Immediately!



Aloo Paratha

The classic paratha is the safest breakfast combination of any Indian household. The perfect comfort food when you’re down, what wonders aloo paratha could do for you! I’m sure there must be a bundle of childhood stories with a hint of aloo paratha to it.


Matar Paratha

Matar Paratha is a paratha with a green peas filling. To make a Matar Paratha, the peas are to be boiled in water along with salt. After boiling, churn them in the grinder to make the base for the stuffing. Add masala to taste, or even mashed potatoes to make aloo matar paratha.


Methi Paratha

Methi Parathas have been a trivial part of childhood lunchtime memories. These healthy flat breads go best with a pickle. Methi (fenugreek) is one of the green veggies kids naturally avoid, but someone came up with the genius idea of putting inside a paratha, and the rest is history!


Gobi Paratha

The Gobi Paratha is one of the favourites for anyone who loves paratha. It’s a classic recipe and nothing could go wrong with it. With the taste of paratha, yet the goodness of the vegetable is what brings us back for some more!


Muli Paratha

There are a lot of people who do not favour radishes! So fear not, Muli Paratha is your saviour. What’s better than having an assortment of Muli Parathas on a winter evening with your family!


Pyaaz Paratha

Extremely simple to make. Pyaaz Paratha is a quick recipe for those with very little time to make a labour intensive paratha. All you need is to do is put diced onions in the batter while making the batter along with other spices to get the flavour you want.


Mixed Vegetable Paratha

Mixed Vegetable Paratha is the answer to your dilemma when you have a lot of vegetables and are unable to decide which type of paratha to gorge on this Sunday morning. Simply mix them up and make a Mixed Vegetable Paratha. Also, it is a healthy answer to kids refusing to eat their veggies.


Lachha Paratha

What’s a good North Indian meal without Naan or Lachha Paratha? So, if you want to make this restaurant dish in your kitchen, all you need are the regular ingredients, add milk to it and you have the delicious Lachha Paratha.


Coconut Paratha

Who wouldn’t enjoy Paratha with a twist? To make the Coconut Paratha, one has to make the dough and make small balls into which a coconut and sugar stuffing is put. It is then flattened with a rolling pin and voila and you have a Coconut Paratha. Sweet-lovers, this is your cue!


Malabar Paratha

Malabar Paratha is also known as Kerala Paratha. It is a paratha made with a similar procedure as that of Lachha Paratha. The only exception is that the dish requires the addition of baking powder and sugar, which give a good fluff and rise to the paratha.


Sattu Paratha

The answer to brunch time cravings! The Sattu Paratha is what you should be eating if you want something healthy, tasty and fulfilling. One can barely finish one of these at a time.


Cheese Paratha

Doesn’t cheese make everything better? Yes, it does! So, why not add cheese to our extremely favourite paratha. You could either add cheese in the dough, or as a stuffing, or even grate it on top. With cheese, nothing could go wrong.


Dry Fruit Paratha

Want a royal-like dish for a snack? Then, try your hand at the dry fruit paratha. To make this, you need to grind the dry fruits like cashews, almonds, and pistachios to a real fine consistency along with water and little masalas added as per choice. Use this stuffing for your paratha, and you won’t regret!


Palak Paratha

Didn’t we all grow up watching Popeye? Don’t we all know the benefits of eating Palak? So here is Palak Paratha, giving you more reason to eat palak. Palak, may one of those rarest greens which people may not love initially, but with dishes like Palak Paneer and Palak Paratha, who’s to say no to it.


Mushroom Paratha

Mushroom is one element which can alter the taste of any basic dish. This fungus although used more in foreign delicacies, has found its way into Indian households too. So who wouldn’t experiment with it and end up with something so delicious and scrumptious like the Mushroom Paratha? To make this, all you need to do is make a stuffing with well-cooked mushroom and spices, for the taste you require.


Moong Paratha

Lentils are a crucial part of the Indian cuisine. No meal is complete without the homemade dal, so why not use this protein with the paratha too? The Moong Paratha is a legendary dish, which has been loved by generations now.


Lasooni Paratha

Garlic is one of the most helpful ingredients in the kitchen which if eaten raw for example increases immunity and helps with sore throat issues. Along with the health benefits, it imparts a delicious and signature taste to any dish; it is used in. Add garlic to your paratha as a stuffing to give it a flavour it never had.


Gur Paratha

Another popular choice by all those with a sweet tooth! The Gur Paratha has a stuffing which is made with jaggery and is extremely satisfying for the stomach with a good glass of milk. Now, whether you want this as a meal or a dessert is entirely up to you.


Anda Paratha

For all those Eggetarians craving for some eggs and paratha at the same time on a weekend, Anda Paratha is the perfect solution. Make the paratha and toss on the egg on the pan, cooking both sides of the paratha in the egg batter.


Keema Paratha

Some love a little non-vegetarian touch to their dishes, isn’t it? Add a kheema of your choice – chicken or mutton, and give the paratha a new makeover!