25 Traditional Dishes prepared during Dusshera in Mysore


1.Shavige Payasa

ShavigePayasa is also known as Kheer in other parts of India. People in Mysore prepare this Kheer during every occasion, especially during Dussehra. It is a dessert served at the end of the meal. People make this kheer from Shev or Vermicelli, milk, sugar, saffron, and other dry fruits. It tastes delicious and tempts us to have more of it.


2.Gasgase Payasa

Gasgase Payasa is a Dessert. People in Mysore call it as Gasgase Payasa which is a kheer. They make this Payasa from Gasgase also known as Poppy seeds or Khuskhus in Hindi. They add Milk, Jaggery, Coconut milk, rice, and Poppy seeds to prepare this sweet dish. It tastes good. They serve it during occasions and festivals.


3.Hesarukalu Kosambari

HesaruKalu Kosambari is a salad which acts as a side dish for the main course. Hesarukalu means green lentils and mustard seeds. The pulses, mustard seeds, lemon juice, cut chillies, coriander leaves, carrot, curry leaves, salt, and coconut are added to it. It is mixed well and served while having lunch or dinner. It tastes delectable.


4.Alugadde Palya

Alugadde Palya is an “AlooSabzi” which is famous in South-India. Alugadde means Potato and PalyameansSabji. They make this by mashing the boiled potato and then adding the other ingredients like onion, green chilli, curry leaves, mustard seeds, salt, etc. They serve it with Dosa by making Masala Dosa or with Puri. It tastes delicious.


5.Huli Thovve

Huli Thovve is a gravy which is popular among the people in Karnataka. They prepare this from Sweet Pumpkin or Ridge gourd, jaggery, Tur Daal, and Tamarind. It tastes sweet and sour. They serve it with Rice. People serve this delicacy with Rice. They also add pumpkin pieces in it, which tastes delicious.


6.Appi Payasa

Appi Payasa is a dessert which is famous among the people in Mysore. They celebrate Dussehra by delighting their taste buds with the Appi Payasa. To make this sweet dish, they first Desi Pure Ghee and Rawa, and mix it together and make small doughs of it. Then they flatten it deep fry to make it crispy. Meanwhile, they also keep milk, sugar, and a pinch of sugar for boiling. After it is boiled they crush the fried poori’s and add it to the milk. It tastes delicious.


7.Baledindina Palya

Baledindina Palya is a sabzi. Baledind means banana stem and Palya means sabzi. Banana Stem is taken and cut into small pieces and put in the vessel. Little Oil, mustard seeds, Bengal gram, turmeric powder, black gram, coriander leaves, salt, green chillies, and curry leaves are added to it. It is left to cook for a while and is served hot with Roti or Rice. It is easy to make and healthy.


8.Suvarnagadde Palya

Suvarngadde Palya is a vegetable dish. Suvarnagadde means Elephant Yam and Palya means Sabji. Suvarnagadde is a rich source of Vitamin C. People make this dish to serve with Rice or Roti. They cut the yam into small pieces and then add tamarind, green gram, mustard seeds, curry leaves, salt, and chillies to the frying pan. It is delectable and good for health.


9.Kattina Saaru

Kattina Saaru is also known as Sweet gravy. People from Mysore prepare this dish from Red Gram, Tamarind, Rasam Powder, Cumin seeds, curry leaves, coconut pieces, mustard seeds, and salt. They make a medley of these ingredients and keep it for cooking. It is drooling and tastes delicious with Rice.


10.Alu Bonda

Alu Bonda is also known as Alugadde Bonda. Alu means Potato and Bonda mean Bajji. The Potatoes are mashed and the spices such as chillies, salt, onion, Curry leaves, coconut in grated form, baking soda, Mustard seeds, and Turmeric are added. Small balls of this mixture are prepared and deep fried in oil. It tastes delicious and people serve it with Pav(bread) and Chutney.



Ambode is also known as Dal Vada is northern parts of India. People prepare Ambode from Bengal gram, Curry leaves, green chillies, Asafoetida, Coconut pieces, and coriander leaves. All these ingredients are mixed together and put in hot Oil for deep frying. People serve it hot with Green and Red Chutney or sauce. It tastes delicious.


12.Mysore Pak

Mysore Pak is a dessert which marks its origin from the ancient times Every Occasion and festival is celebrated by preparing Mysore Pak in Mysore. People make this sweet dish from Gram Flour, Desi Ghee, Sugar, and water. It is very soft and just melts in your mouth. It is one of the delectable desserts of Mysore.


13.Kayi Holige

Kayi Holige is a sweet dish which is well known in Mysore. People in Mysore prepare Kayi Holige from grated Coconut, Jaggery, Gram, Flour. Adults as well as kids, love eating it. They specially prepare it during festivals and occasions. They stuff the mixture of Jaggery, milk and coconut into the bread made from all-purpose flour and Rawa. It tastes delicious even when it is served hot or cold.



Sajjige is a sweet dish famous in Mysore. It is also available in other parts of India and people there call it as Rava Kesari. People prepare it from Rawa or Sooji, Desi ghee, Saffron, Sugar, Cardamom, and Pineapple pieces. Dry fruits can be added as toppings to enhance its look and taste. It is delectable.


15.Kayi Kadabu

Kayi Kadabu is a snack item popular among the people in Mysore and other parts of Karnataka. Kayi means Coconut. It is also known as Karanji in Maharashtra. It is a sweet dish. The ingredients for stuffing include grated coconut, Cardamom powder, Sugar, milk, and dry fruits. All this mixture is stuffed inside the dough of wheat flour, and ghee. It is deep fried and removed when it turns golden brown. It is tasty and healthy too.


16.Dharwad Peda Holige

Dharwad PedaHolige is a dessert, which marks its origin from a place called Dharwad in Karnataka. The Peda in Dharwad is very famous among the people all over. People use thisPeda to make Holige which is a sweet stuffed Chapati kind of dish. It tastes delicious. People make this during festivals and occasions.

Dharwad PedaHolige

17.Kayi Pudina Chutney

Kayi Pudina Chutney is well-known among the people in Mysore. Kayi mean Coconut and Pudina mean Mint. They make this Chutney from Coconut and Mint leaves. It tastes delicious and healthy too. The people serve this Chutney with Roti, Chapati, Rice or with Idly and Dosa. It can be stored for days in the refrigerator.


18.Thundumavinkai Pickle

Thundumavinkai Pickle is famous among the people all over India. The naming conventions differ from place to place. Thundumavinkai means asmall piece of Mango. Kannadiga’s call this Pickle as Thundumavinkai Pickle. People here prepare this in their home from the mangoes grown in their fields. It tastes delicious and is mouth-watering.

Thundumavinkai Pickle

19.Pakadagina Chiroti

PakadaginaChiroti is a dessert popular in the Northern Parts of Karnataka. People make this sweet dish during festivals and occasions. Pakadagina mean syrup made from sugar and Chiroti mean deeply fried layer. Its ingredients include Rawa which is also called Chiroti, Ghee, Saffron, sugar, Cardamom Powder, and oil. This mixture is deep fried until it turns brown and dipped in the sugar syrup. It is served hot or cold.


20.Mavinkai Saru

Mavinkai Saru is a main course dish popularly known in the regions of Karnataka. Mavinkai mean Raw Mango while Saru means gravy. People prepare this during the season of Mangoes. It tastes sweet and sour. People add Mango pieces in it which is mouth-watering and tastes delicious. They serve it with Rice or Roti.


21.Pineapple Gojju

Pineapple Gojju is a gravy which is famous in Mysore. People in Mysore prepare this side dish from Pineapple, Grated Coconut, Salt, Tamarind, Masala Powder, Curry Leaves, and Jaggery. It is served with Roti or Rice. It tastes sweet as well as sour. It is delicious and tempts to eat more.


22.Nimbehannina Chitrana

Nimbehannina Chitrana is a Rice Cuisine popular in Mysore. Nimbehan mean Lemon and Chitrana mean Rice. People here cook the rice with Lemon juice, Coriander Leaves, Mustard seeds, Groundnut, Turmeric Powder, green chillies, coconut in grated form, and salt. They cook this rice for about 25 minutes and serve it hot with any gravy.



Puliyogre is a Rice dish which is very famous among the people in Mysore and other parts of Karnataka. People take the Tamarind Pulp, Jaggery, Groundnut Oil, Curry Leaves, Turmeric Powder, and Rasam Powder. They mix all the ingredients with Rice and cook it for 25 minutes until the rice becomes soft. It tastes sweet and sour. People serve it with any gravy.


24.Masala Bath

Masala Bath is a Rice Dish. People from Mysore prepare this delicacy during occasions. Masala means Spices and Bath means Rice. Masala Bath has ingredients like cut vegetables, Curry Leaves, Spices or Masala Powder, Turmeric powder, Coriander leaves, Coconut, Chilies, salt, asafoetida, and mashed potato. These things are mixed well and cooked. It is served with any gravy or any type of side dish.



Vangibath is a Rice delicacy which is famous among the people in Mysore. They prepare this from ingredients such as Eggplant or Brinjal, Rice, Coconut, Mustard seeds, Green Gram, Turmeric Powder, Chilies, Jaggery, and Butter. They mix all these and cook for about 15-20 minutes. It tastes delicious and has many health benefits too.