Andhras Street Food Love

Andhras Street Food Love


A common street food and snack, Punugulu are deep fried snack made using rice, urad dal and other spices. Usually eaten with coconut chutney, this is a delicious snack on rainy days or for sudden guest visits at home.

punugulu2Mirapakay Bajji

A rainy day’s delight for every people, these spice condiments are truly every telugite’s nostalgia away from home. From the spice that the chilli in the middle brings to the tang of lemon sprinkled on it nothing can go wrong with these ‘MirapakayBajjis’.

mirapakay3Bajji Mixture

Made by chopping the mirchibajji’s and stirring it with mirchi powder, onions, puffed rice, tomato and other assortments, this mixture is truly manna from heaven for a spice lover.


Be it Indo- Chinese or maggi, telugites truly love noodles, available from busy cities to quaint villages in quaint little carts alongside the road waiting to be slurped up.



Veg or Gobi, is one of the most craved street food of the state, sold with noodles and fried rice in the carts shown. From carnival treats to restaurant menus the dish takes place in every listing of food.


A fried delight, bondas are as much as an evening snack as they are the morning’s breakfast. Thus fulfilling dual hunger, this food is something typical of the state, again often eaten with chutneys, some people make the batter adding green curry leaves before deep frying it all the way to heaven.



Though technically not a street food, the amount of roadside carts selling this paper thin beauty in the state make you ravenous to try out at least one of the 99 types some boast about. One such special dosa from my personal favourite is Keema Dosa which has minced meat stuffing and another particular delight for vegetarians is Ghee Kaaram Dosa.

dosa8Bread pakoda

Though not originally from here, Bread Pakoda is here to stay on the streets and make heads turn. So, next time you find yourself walking along the streets of Hyderabad shopping, or on the beaches of Vizag, make sure to grab some of these hot Pakoras waiting for you.


From simple chaat to Vada Pav, these chats stalls usually are very proficient with their Chaat skills, one should go on and have a light chaat with their friends over their wonderful delicate deliciousness.

chaats10ArtikaiBajji (Banana bajji)

The cousin of mirchibajji, this fried street dish is sweeter in taste due to its inner filling with raw bananas . This street sweetheart is a personal favourite of mine, the way the raw banana and batter deep fried melt together and taste like magic.


11 Special mention- goli soda

Though not a street food, this is heaven in a bottle corked up with a marble stopper. Available in different flavours from orange, lemon, jeera, etc. Though the most common one across the country is the neutral one.