Mumbai’s 20 Best Restaurants For Fish Thali

Mumbai’s 20 Best Restaurants For Fish Thali

Mumbai is a metropolitan that is recognized for its seafood and therefore has a lot to offer in terms of seafood dishes. The city has countless options where you could go to sample the different kinds of fish & crustacean dishes, and this number is so large, that it’s quite overwhelming. Here is a list of the top 20 restaurants in which you could get the best fish thalis in the whole of Mumbai.

1.Highway Gomantak

Where: Bandra East

This eatery is one of the oldest seafood joints in Mumbai and has managed to satisfy taste buds for over 20 years. With its simple yet delicious dishes, Highway Gomantak has become a landmark for seafood lovers in the city.  The Surmai Fish Thali is a popular choice at this eatery.


2.Jai Hind Lunch Home

Where: Bandra West

Jai Hind Lunch Home is one of the most renowned seafood eateries in the city and is an absolute favorite. The restaurant is so famous that it currently has branches all over Mumbai, like Lower Parel, Dadar, as well as Prabhadevi. When dining at Jai Hind Lunch Home, make sure you try the PomfretThali.



Where: Mahim

This place is one of Mahim’s most well-known restaurants and is known solely for their fish thali. Packed with aromas of different, fresh seafood dishes, this place will most definitely make your lunch time a happy experience.



Where: Lower Parel, Vile Parle, Juhu, Andheri (West, East), Seven Bungalows

This is one of the more upscale seafood restaurants in the city. However, this doesn’t mean that the seafood dishes aren’t very authentic. Gajalee offers an exceptionally delicious fish thali that is sure to satiate your taste buds.



Where: Bandra East

This small restaurant is a family-run affair and produces some of the best seafood thalis the city has ever seen. The SurmaiThali here is always fresh, has just the right amount of spice, and is absolutely mouth-watering, and has, therefore, become a favorite.


6.Sion Lunch Home

Where: Sion

This is one of the most popular eateries in the city and those who have been there keeping come back for more. This is because, the seafood thali, especially the SurmaiThali is one of the best seafood thalis in the city that everyone just can’t get enough of!


7.Purepur Kolhapur

Where: Vile Parle

If you’re craving flavorsome, authentic Kolhapuri food, this is the place to head to. Known best for their fish thalis, this eatery churns out scrumptious Pomfret and Surmai thalis, that is spicy, fresh and completely satisfying.


8.Spice of Kerala

Where: Marol

As the name suggests, Spice of Kerala specializes in Malayali food. Hence, if you’re bored of the tradition Maharashtrian fish thalis, and are looking for a different set of flavors in your fish thali, you should try the Bangdathali that is served with appalam, sambar, and rasam.


9.Acharekar Malvan Katta

Where: Dadar

If you feel like a Malvanithali, head to AcharekarMalvanKatta. This quaint little eatery located in Dadar serves an appetizing fish thali. It serves a range of fish thalis right from Stuffed Pomfretthali to Bombilthali. The bhakri served with the thali here is unquestionably fresh and compliments the spicy extremely well.


10.Soul Fry

Where: Bandra West

In case you’re looking for a good Goan fish thali, visit Soul Fry. This Bandra-based eating joint serves some of the best Goan food in the whole of Bombay. Besides the great food, Soul Fry also has Karaoke and thereby gives you an opportunity to experience good food along with a whole lot of entertainment.


11.JP’s Lunch Home

Where: Goregaon East

JP’s Lunch Home, known by quite a large portion of Mumbaikars, serves a homestyle, yet delicious fish thali. The fish thali includes a spicy fish curry as well as crispy fried fish. Head over here if you’re in the area and want to try some delicious fish curry!


12.Hotel Deluxe

Where: Fort

Even though this eatery is almost always crowded, it is worth eating the fish thali there. Waiting for a table feels like absolutely nothing, once you’ve tasted the Surmai fry thali there. Another plus point is the fact that the portions are large, so you don’t have to worry about getting hungry again for a while.


13.Saayba Hotel

Where: Bandra West

This simple restaurant is known to the locals of Bandra as a great place to get a satisfying fish thali. Saayba Hotel specializes in seafood and therefore churns out a mouth-watering fish thali.


14.Hotel Sunny

Where: Chembur

Hotel Sunny, an often overlooked eatery, is another great place for a delicious Malayali fish thali. The fish thali consists of a quite authentic Kerala-style fish curry, MalayaliPapad, Malabar Parotta and brown rice.



Where: Dadar West

Chaitanya is a favorite for a number of Mumbaikars because of its fabulous Malvani food. Even though the ambiance is quite simple, the food is fantastic. The fish thali over here is one of the restaurant’s best dishes and is a must-try.


16.Just Kerala

Where: Chakala

This is one more eatery that serves a good Kerala-style fish thali. The most popular fish thali here is the Meenu Masala thali that comes with a spicy fish curry, pappadum, appams/parottas, avial, rasam, boiled rice, and sambar. Is there is any other better way to satisfy your hunger?


17.Satkar Rice Plate House

Where: Goregaon East

This eatery is another favorite of seafood lovers as it serves a delicious, traditional Malvani-style fish thali. Right from the fish curry to the fish fry, the food is to die for and will leave you wanting more.


18.Hotel Fountain Plaza

Where: Fort

This Fort-based restaurant that has a very likeable ambience, is the perfect place to visit for lunch if you’re in South Bombay and are in the mood for a fish thali. The fish thali here has strong flavours that you will assuredly fall in love with.


19.Metro Fine Dining Family Restaurant & Bar

Where: Andheri East

Don’t let the simple-looking interiors of the restaurant distract you from the delicious food served here. The BombilRawa Fry thali is what you should most definitely eat here, as it’s served fresh, hot and crisp— everything you could possibly want in BombilRawa Fry.


20.Shri Datta Boarding

Where: Parel

This eatery, founded in 1920, is one of the best places in Mumbai to go to if you’re in the mood for a fresh, fragrant, Malvani fish thali. Over here, the Pomfretthali is a must-try as the fish is fresh, the curry is spicy, and you get the flavors of authentic Malvani-style cooking.