Best 20 French Foods In Pondicherry : Paradise For French Cuisine

Best 20 French Foods In Pondicherry

1.Salad Nicoise

It is the French salad originates from the French city called Nice. It includes fruits, and some flavoring ingredients like tomato, boiled eggs, olives, potatoes, shallots, and tuna. The healthy salad can accompany with lettuce according to the taste of the persons. It is more colorful and has the delectable taste.


2.Poisson Du Jour

It is one of the famous French foods served in all the French restaurants in Pondicherry. The price o the food in the number one restaurant of Pondicherry is 350. Since Pondicherry is the seashore place, they used to prepare seafoods in their daily routine. Poisson du jour is the dish which consists of grilled fish. It accompanies with the tomato spaghetti pasta.


3.Pate De Foie Gras

The liver of the geese is the foremost ingredient in making this French dish. It is the mixture of ground meat that cooks well and minced fat which forms into the paste. Vegetables, spices are the additions in the dish. The food can take in either hot form or cold.



It is one of the best starters available in Satsanga French restaurant. It is also a pate and meat is the raw material for making the food. Mostly pork plays the key role in the preparation. The meat is chopped and cooked in the fat. It gets cooled to form the paste which can spread over the bread.


5.Bisque De Crevettes

It is the dish which has a lot of flavors. As Pondicherry has the abundance of sea foods, this dish is made from the shrimp. It originates from the Charente region of western France. The preparation procedure is easy and can be prepared in the home.


6.Poulet Aux Champignons A La Crème

It is the French type chicken gravy which has the creamy texture. The creamy preparation forms by the mushroom and its form as a sauce in which the chicken gets immersed. It is 100% French cuisine. It is more famous in Bistro restaurant in Pondicherry than other restaurants.



Quiche is the trendiest French flavorful food. It serves at all the Cafés, bakeries in Pondicherry. A savory egg custard filling along with the tart get baked and the process done in the open. Some other additives like cheese, meat, vegetables, and fishes can use. There are several varieties of Quiche. Some of them are quiche aux champignons and it consists of mushroom, quiche Lorraine and quiche aux Fromage where cheese is the main ingredient.


8.Beef Steak With French Fries

The beef get cooked very deeply, and the addition of some spices makes the beef steak. For making the steak tomatoes and sliced garlic cooked for 3 minutes separately. Then soy sauce and vinegar is spread over the streak to complete the process. The fries make the best companion to the beef steak.



The bowl full of cassoulet can make the hungry man fresh The name cassoulet origin is from the usage of the vessel cassole for cooking these French groceries. Cassole is nothing but the earthen pot in which the sides are slanting. It is the pork sausages and can make of goose, mutton, etc.


10.Sole Meuniere

Sole means a type of fish and the Tamil name for the sole is Naaku meen. In the preparation procedure first, the fish gets dredged in the mixture of flour and milk. The butter instead of oil helps in the frying process of the fish. The garnishing segment consists of the nuts and butter sauce. The lemon poured upon the dish makes it sour and tangy.



The dish has the aroma of garlic, chives, and several homes grew herbs. It is mostly available in all the restaurants and homes of Pondicherry. It originates from the city of Nice. It best accompanies with the bread, pasta, and can serve with the rice. Onions, eggplant, bell peppers, and several varieties of herbs adds to the dish makes the food delectable.


12.CrèMe Caramel

The other name of crème caramel is flan. The caramel custard is the dessert available in all the restaurants in Pondicherry. It has the caramel on the top layer of the desert. The Burnt cream is the other custard dessert, and this variety has the hard caramel on the top layer. The flavor of the desert enhances by the Vanilla.


13.Coq Au Vin

Among several non-vegetarian dishes available this is the one in which only meet written all over the food. Casserole, it is the classic French chicken, and the chicken braise with the red wine, and it has the flavors of mushrooms. The garlic and the pieces of pork or bacon can use to add more flavor to the dish.



It is taken as the breakfast and is the staple food in France. When the French stay in Pondicherry the croissant became the famous dish in Pondicherry. Since 1938 the preparation of the fluffy crescent-shaped croissant is being prepared by the bakers. The butter best accompanies with the baked croissant. Some of the fillings like ham and the cheese give the taste to the dish.



It is the fish stew and originates in the southern region Marseille in France. It is now available in Pondicherry. The fresh fish available locally can use to make the stew. The additional items add the flavor, and the ingredients are potatoes, fennel, onions, and garlic. The saffron can also add the flavor to the stew.


16.Crepes-Sweet And Savory

The crepes are similar to the paper resembling pancakes. The sweetness to the crepes is due to the fillings of chocolate. It is the street food and available everywhere. It is also available is all the restaurants as a favorite of Pondicherry. The savory crepes have the fillings like the egg, mushrooms, and cheese instead of sweet jam and cream.


17.Croque Monsieur

It is the French dish available from 1900 in the Parisian café and bars. It is the form of sandwich, in which the egg, cheese is used as the fillings. It is the grilled sandwich and the bread used for this is of excellent quality and the toppings have the delicious sauce.


18.Cheese Fondue

Cheese Fondue serve in the different form on the wooden board. It is mostly associated in Switzerland. It is also the populist dish in France and Italy. The dish accompanies with the bread chunks, picked onions, potatoes, etc. The cheeses get melted in the white wine, and the dish can serve in the pot.


19.French Pastries

French pastries consist of several varieties of desserts in various shapes and have several flavors. Mostly all the tartlet item consists of jam, fruits, nuts, and cream. Cheese plays the chief role in the formation of pastry items. They are more delicious than other pastries available in Pondicherry.


20.Jumbo Pizza

It is the variety of Pizza available in French restaurants in Pondicherry. The size of the Pizza is big and has more delectable ingredients in the pizza. The person visiting Pondicherry should try the large pizza.