Top 20 Side Dishes To Be Tasted In Tamil Nadu

Top 20 Side Dishes To Be Tasted In Tamil Nadu

1.Beans Parupu Usili

It is the traditional side dish mostly taken by the Brahmins. They used to serve the side dish during marriage celebration. There are several beans available for the preparation of Beans Parupu Usili. Some of the varieties are Cluster beans, French beans, and broad beans. Bengal gram dal and Red lentils add the taste to the side dish, which makes it unique.


2.Vazhaipoo Usili

Banana flower is the foremost ingredient of this side dish. The bitter taste of the flower makes some people enjoy the dish. It is the healthy side dish used as a medicine for reducing depression, blood sugar, and it can increase the hemoglobin count. The preparation of the dish is easy but to clean the flower is the risky job to the people in cities. The cleaning process can be done during the rest time and can cook after some time.


3.Bitter Guard Masala Fry

This is the good side dish for rice and sambar. The bitter taste of the fry can use as a medicine. The bitterness gets reduced while frying. It consists of the lot of vitamins, anti-oxidant, and minerals which make the person consuming it healthy.  It has the unique feature of adding the coconut masala to the bitter guard which makes the side dish delectable.


4.Bottle Ground Korma

The korma has the creamy texture in the curry. In Tamilnadu, the creamy texture obtains by the usage of coconut paste, and cashews. It can also accompany well with Chapattis and rice. The Fresh coconut and ground sesame seeds make the dish tangy. Ginger garlic paste, chopped onion, and coriander powder mixture make the dish spicier.


5.Manthakkali Vathal Curry

Vatha Kulambu is more famous in Tamilnadu than other places. It means using the sun dried vegetables for making the curry. The vegetables can be stored after drying under the sun. These vegetables give the unique taste to the curry. Manathakkali is the vegetable which looks like the small tomato. Tamarind juice adds the thickness to the curry.


6.Brinjal Fry

It is the vegetarian dish accompanies sambar and rasam. The flavor of the brinjal can enhance by the addition of light spices. Garam masala, turmeric powder, and chili powder are the flavor enhancers which increase the taste of the dish. The brinjal roast gives extra taste by adding lemon.


7.Keerai Paruppu Masiyal

Spinach is the main ingredient for making this Masiyal which accompanies best with the white rice. For preparing this dish, one should temper the ingredients like mustard seeds, split black gram, and red chili. After cooking the spinach add the tempered dal and others to the spinach. The spinach can blend and can use as such while making the masiyal.


8.Eral Thokku

Eral is the Tamil word for Prawn. Many of us have heard about prawn fry, thokku is the unique thing prepared in the homes of Tamilnadu. Several spicy ingredients use to make the dish tasty and tangy. Several spices like ginger, garlic, turmeric powder, red chili powder, and mustard seeds have been used. The flavor of the dish increases by tomato and garam masala.


9.Chettinad Vellai Kurma

It is the vegetable gravy, and the preparation procedure from the Chettinadu is more famous among Tamilnadu. It is the creamy curry and has the mixture of 9 vegetables. It has mild spices and flavor adds mild taste to the dish. The vegetables used for the gravy is potato, carrot, beans, peas, cauliflower, pumpkin, capsicum, and Knoll Khol.



It is the well-known side dish throughout Tamilnadu, and it serves as a side dish for lunch during marriage festivals. Aviyal means mixture from this one can guess the dish. The dish has the mixture of the vegetables. Healthy vegetables like carrot, drumstick, beans, tomato, cucumber, raw mango, and pumpkin can give the delectable aviyal. Coconut makes the mixture spicier.


11.Egg Masala

We have tried varieties of egg dishes. Egg masala is the side dish, which can prepare within few minutes and one can have delectable lunch with this simple side dish. The boiled eggs get deep dried along some spicy ingredients. Sliced onion is the next major thing for making egg masala. Cumin, urad dal, chili powder, and the salt fulfill the taste of egg masala.


12.Crab Fry

It is the side dish for non-vegetarian lovers. They can take it along with rice or can taste it as such to enjoy the spiciness. The crab is first cooked deeply with the salt, and turmeric powder. Then prepare the masala for the fry separately. The masala contains tomato, ginger garlic paste, salt, coriander leaves, and red chili powder. Then both the masala and the cooked crab get well mixed and cooked.


13.Capsicum Goji

Capsicum goji is the vegetarian side dish made of bell peppers. The preparation procedure consists of adding the seasonings to the oil. Asafoetieda, cumin, mustard seeds are the seasonings used. After deep frying add the capsicum, and tomato and the vegetables should be cooked to turn soft. Finally to increase the spiciness, and flavor turmeric powder, sambar powder and chili powder can be used.


14.Banana Stem Mor Kootu

It is the dish which consists a lot of goodness. Persons wishing to maintain their health through food habits can take this in their diet. Banana stem is the key ingredient in Tamilnadu and can bring many varieties of dishes like soup, juice, and pickle. One other special dish made of this banana stem is Mot kootu which consists of thick curd along with the stem of banana.


15.Curry Leaves Chicken

It is one of the varieties of chicken gravy. The flavor of curry leaves adds the unique taste to the chicken. Curry leaves perform the major role in the preparation of South-Indian dishes. It is the dish which uses curry leaves as the star ingredient. The paste of curry leaves adds to the chicken while cooking gives the delectable curry leaves chicken to eat.


16.Sura Puttu

It is the non-vegetarian dish, and it is the favorite for the fish lovers in Tamilnadu. The Shark is the fish used to make this puttu. The preparation is similar to the vegetable thokku. The fish should Scrabble before cooking into the puttu. It is important that addition of some of the spices and curry leaves increase the flavor to the dish.


17.Medhu Vada

It is the side dish for the famous Pongal. Pongal is the foremost and special breakfast in Tamilnadu. It best accompanies with the Medhu Vada. The chutney or sambar can be the good combination for the Medhu Vada.


18.Coconut Chutney

Tamilnadu is famous for the coconut curries. Tamilnadu dishes consist of coconut gravy or coconut milk in the dish. And one special side dish in Tamilnadu is coconut chutney. It can serve along with the dosa or idly. The ingredients for the coconut chutney consist of green chilies or dried red chilies.


19.Kale Poriyal

Kale is the name given for the leaves of the cabbage. Not only the cabbage can use to make poriyal, the leaves too have the crunchiness of the poriyal. Kale is the queen of greens and has several nutritional values.


20.Maasi Chambal

It is the side dish of appam, dosa, and idlis. It is the one made of processed fish. The fish get smoked and dried by adding salt. Chopped onion, coconut, and curry leaves paste are used along with the dried fish to make the maasi Chambal.