Best 20 Noida Street Food Spots That Have Everything From Mutton Rolls To Chatpati Chaats

Best 20 Noida Street Food Spots That Have Everything From Mutton Rolls To Chatpati Chaats
Best 20 Noida Street Food Spots That Have Everything From Mutton Rolls To Chatpati Chaats

There is nothing that we love more than street food, from the spicy Golgappas and Papdi Chaat to the wholesome momos, sandwich, roll, and kebabs, the list keeps going and going. You’ll be glad you went to these spots in Noida if you suddenly became hungry after reading this. Noida is increasingly offering so many options/varieties of food today.

Here is the list of top 20 mouth-watering delicacies.

1. Jain Tikki Wala

Chaat” dishes such as tikki with chutney are highly sought-after. Furthermore, not eating chaats while hailing from Delhi is an act of serious misconduct on our part. Then check out this food kiosk in Sector 27 that serves crispy, crunchy, and spicy chole tikkis, as well as Pipit’s a sure bet that as soon as you visit Jain Tikki Wala, you’ll want more! Chaat, Bhalla Paapdi, Dahi Bhalla, and others!

Where to try: Jain Tikki Wala – G Block, Pocket G, Parsvanatha Plaza, Sector 27.

Jain Tikki Wala

2. Street Food Vendors Street Food Vendors At Sector 18

In Noida’s Sector 18, street food lovers won’t be disappointed by the wide array of stalls lining the streets around every corner. The menu has everything from litti-chokha to Indore ke pohe to chole kulcha, but since momos are omnipresent in Delhi, we recommend trying their chicken and vegetable momos.

Where to try: J-24, Near the Rear Exit Gate of Wave Mall, Sector 18.

Street Food Vendors Street Food Vendors At Sector 18

3. Atta Market

Noida residents call it a shopaholic’s paradise because they get loads of cheap & affordable merchandise, but what makes it unique is the number of street food vendors that provide a spicy break in between shopping. You will definitely beat the summer heat with the scrummy golgappas and papdi chaat!

Where to try:  Sector 27.

Atta Market

4. Kapoors Balle Balle

You can enjoy the best North Indian delights at Kapoors Balle Balle if you are always on the lookout for a yummy in the tummy kind of meal! There are many popular chicken dishes here, such as Chicken Malai Tikka, Butter Chicken, Tawa Chicken, Chicken Shawarma, Afghan Chicken and Kadhai Murgh. Also, make sure not to leave without trying their Shawarma, as it’s a local favorite!

Where to try:  Kapoors Balle Balle – K2, Brahmaputra Shopping Complex, Sector 29.

Kapoors Balle Balle

5. Goli Vada Pav No.1

It is crucial that you check out Goli Vada Pav No. 1 if you find yourself in Noida Sector 18, which offers many renditions of Vada Pav with an unbeatable level of deliciousness! They also serve a mean Paneer Tikka Sandwich & Paneer Roll on their menu, in addition to offering this popular street food dish.

Where to try: Goli Vada Pav No.1 –  G-15, Krishna Apra Plaza, Plot 3, Block P, Sector 18.

Goli Vada Pav No.1

6. Lakshmi Coffee House

You can get piping hot masala dosas, mini idlis, idiyappam, Vada, and much more at Lakshmi Coffee House, which serves filter coffee too!

Where to try: Brahmaputra Shopping Complex, Sector 29, Noida.

Lakshmi Coffee House

7. Teasta- The Tea Shop

Are you in need of a cold cup of coffee? It is not hard to find the Godavari complex where the young people gather to enjoy freshly prepared cold drinks, often laced with hazelnut or caramel, and pair with burgers, sandwiches, cookies, or muffins from Teasta!

Where to try:  16, Godavari Complex, Sector 37, Noida.

Teasta The Tea Shop

8. Khan’s Roll- Sector 18

Khan’s Kathi Rolls has whichever roll you want – juicy meats, chunks of paneer, or well-seasoned soya chaap. It may be exhausting to choose from more than a dozen options, but this place continues to offer more than enough.

Where to try: G-24-26, Savitri Market, Sector 18, Noida.

Khans Roll Sector 18

9. Chanda Food

Every Noida-Wasi needs to try the Momos from Chanda. Besides Chilli Paneer and Tandoori Momos, there’s also Kurkure Momos and other mouth-watering “Chinjabi” delicacies on the menu! You can find their customers, mostly youths, flocked around the area on two-wheelers, plates of momos in hand. We’ve got all kinds of quick bites here for you and your gang so come on over and help yourself!

Where to try: Chanda Food – Shop No. 140, Jaipuria Plaza, D-Block, Sector 26.

Chanda Food

10. Gardenia Glory

Several street joints and eateries are lined up here, making it immensely popular with the youth of Noida. A number of eateries around here offer a wide variety of food options, ranging from noodles to momos to burgers and garlic bread. Most of them only offer takeaway, so you can warm up your engines and tummies before you head out.

Where to try: Gardenia Glory – Sector 46.

Gardenia Glory

11. Godavari Complex

Cafés, music, and good vibes are what make this café one of Noida’s favorite hangout spots. The Godavari Complex, popularly known as “Tea Shop” among the locals, is a one-stop location for munching on food and drinks from the many eateries there! Some of our recommendations are SoHo, Teasta, and Bistro 37.

Where to try: Godavari Complex – Captain Shashi Kant Sharma Marg, Arun Vihar, Sector 37.

Godavari Complex

12. Tikhi Gali

It’s a no-brainer among Momo-maniacs to get Tikhi Gali! You can find this shop right next to IndusInd Bank ATM on B-Block Market for its wide range of momos. As Tikhi Gali’s specialty is Tandoori Momos, they have a loyal clientele who come over in hordes to enjoy this pure delight! The gravy in their dishes is what gives this place its true essence based on word-of-mouth popularity.

Where to try: Tikhi Gali – 1, Mother Dairy Market, B Block Market, Sector 34.

Tikhi Gali

13. Dasaprakash

Various Dasaprakash outlets offer mouth-watering north and south Indian cuisine, including gunpowder Idli, ghee Pongal, and puri bhaji, among other delights. This place is must to visit with your friends and family and enjoy their unique taste.

Where to try: HA 106, Sector 104, Near Pathway School, Hajipur, Noida.


14. Khidmat

There is no better place in the world to eat chicken and mutton than Khidmat! You’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to tandoori chicken, Rogan josh, or shahi korma.

Where to try:  Shop B-1/56, Sector 50, Noida.


15. Chacha Food Street

A small delivery outlet serving both snacks and main course dishes, Chacha Food Street serves a wide variety of foods. If you are craving momos, rolls, or tandoori chaaps, stop by here. Everyone loves the dish, meat eaters and vegetarians alike, this place is must.

Where to try: Chacha Food Street – Shop 32, Kanchanjunga Market, Sector 53.

Chacha Food Street

16. Kishan Maggi Point

Maggi is the only thing that no one can ever hate. What better way to  eat Maggi than with your college gang? Students hang out at Kishan Maggi Point, located opposite Gate No. 2 of Amity University. It is the Maggi Cheese Paratha, not their butter masala Maggi that really draws attention. You read it correctly. Are you still confused? Click here immediately to find out more!

Where to try: Kishan Maggi Point – Opp. Gate No. 2, Amity University, Sector 126, Noida.

Kishan Maggi Point

17. Pirates Of Grill

Would you like to enjoy a sumptuous buffet spread? Are you looking for a place to gorge on unlimited food without breaking the bank? A good buffet restaurant in Noida is Pirates of Grill. We welcome you with a perfect blend of relaxed ambiance and great taste. In addition to Continental, Mughlai, Asian, and North Indian specialties, this casual dining restaurant offers an elaborate menu. It is the perfect place to visit with an empty stomach and leave fully satisfied.

Location: C-417, 3rd Floor, DLF Mall of India, Sector 18, Noida.

Pirates Of Grill

18. Mamagoto

The outlet’s fun fusion pan Asian theme lends itself to dishes like the spicy sambal tossed bohemia noodles and the 1990’s chili chicken! Fans of dumplings need not despair! If you’re on the lookout for Old School Gyoza or Hot Chili Vinegar Chicken Dumplings, you’re in luck. Also, Mama’s special combos are a good choice for enjoying an express meal at a reasonable price.

Location: DLF Mall Of India, Sector 18, Noida.


19. Chaayos

It’s as good as the poha I make at home, nutritious, delicious, and it’s not too expensive. You can get it for 99 bucks all day long. There are a lot of great dishes under 100 dollars here, like Bun Maska, Bun Bhujia and Vada Pav!

Location: Alpha 2, Greater Noida.

Chaayos 1

20. Burger Point

At Burger Point, you can enjoy a Chicken Cheese Burger. As it comes for only 80 bucks, it is very filling. In addition, they offer a variety of comfort food dishes.

Location: AM-01, Below Indian Bank, Ansal Golf Link 1, Sector P 2, Omega 1, Greater Noida.

Burger Point