Best 20 Restaurants in Nainital


1. Giannis Pure Veg

Giannis Restaurant is a pure-veg restaurant. They serve Asian and Indian Cuisines. They make food items for breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner. The average prices are around Rs.200. The food is delicious. The ambiance of the Restaurant is pleasant. The prices are reasonable.

Timings: Saturday – Sunday 9.30 am – 10.30 pm

Address: Hotel Channi Raja Mall Road, Nainital 263001, India


2. Machan Restaurant

Machan Restaurant serves Indian, Chinese, and Asian Cuisines. They make veg as well as non-veg delicacies. The ambiance of the restaurant is soothing. The interiors are innovative and the wall hangings, photo frames are beautiful. The staff members are kind They are helpful too. The food is delectable, and people love visiting the place every time. The prices are reasonable.

Address: The Mall Road, Mallital, Nainital 263001, India


3. Zooby’s Kitchen

Zooby’s Kitchen serves Indian Cuisines and Grilled food items. They are famous for their delicious grilled delicacies. The average price is around Rs.130. The service provided by the staff members is great. They prepare Brunch, Lunch, and Dinner. They make veg as well as non-veg items. Their Biryani is one of the mouth-watering dishes among the many.

Address: The Mall, Nainital, Nainital 263001, India


4. Nanak Restaurant

Nanak Restaurant is a multi-cuisine Restaurant. It is a pure veg Restaurant. The interiors are well decorated. The staff members and their service to their customers is classy. It is a treat for all the vegetable lovers. This Restaurant must be added in the list of places to have a wonderful meal.

Timings: 9 am – 10 pm

Address: Mall Rd, Nainital 263001, India


5. Simz Café

Simz Café is the best spot for couples, friends, and family members to spend a quality time together. They have innovative decorations inside the Café. They serve cakes, pastries, snack items, cookies, hot and cold beverages, pizzas, pasta, and much more. They take orders through call or from their website. They facilitate organizing parties and celebrations.

Address: 156, Anand Complex, Thandi Sarak, Tallital, Nainital 263002, India


6. Saraswati Restaurant

Saraswati Restaurant serves Indian and Chinese Cuisines. Their menu contains an extended list of food items that include North-Indian, South-Indian, snacks, fast foods like burgers and pizzas, sandwiches, lunch and dinner items, soup, Chinese items, Tandoori Roti’s, Rice dishes, Thali’s, desserts, and beverages.

Address: Bara Bazar Rd, Mallital, 4th Commercial Building, Nainital 263002, India


7. China Town

China Town is a Restaurant in Nainital which serves Indian, Chinese, and Asian Cuisines. They prepare food for Lunch and Dinner. They offer a sumptuous meal that will make you go crazy with the taste of the food. They make veg as well as non-veg food. Their momos are finger licking good.

Address: Tibetan Market, Mallital, Punjab National Bank, Opp. Naina Devi Temple, Nainital 263002, India


8. Chandani Chowk

Chandani Chowk is a restaurant in Nainital which serves Asian and Cuisines. The rates of the dishes are reasonable. The taste of the food is delectable, and is worth spending. They also facilitate arranging parties and celebrations for a large group. The ambiance and service of the restaurant are top class.

Address: The Mall Road, Tallital, Nainital, India


9. Sakley’s Restaurant & Pastry Shop

Sakley’s Restaurant & Pastry Shop serves Fast Foods and Desserts. They have a variety of options on their menu. They make food items for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner. They prepare Cakes, Pastries, Cupcakes, and all the bakery items for desserts. These delicacies are delicious.

Timings: 9.30 am – 10 pm

Address: Mallital, Off the Mall, Nainital 263001, India


10. Udupiwala Restaurant

Udupiwala Restaurant is a pure veg Restaurant. They prepare all the South-Indian Delicacies. They make idli, medu-vada, dosa, upma, Uthapam, and much more. People who love South-Indian foods or wish to taste these delicacies can come to this Restaurant at any time and relish the traditional South-Indian Cuisines. They beautifully maintain their outer area of the Restaurant.

Address: Rajabpur Police Station, NH 24, Rajabpur, Uttar Pradesh 244236


11. Café Chica

Café Chica is known for its adorable arrangements in the open space for their customers to enjoy their delicious meals. The Restaurant makes people feel cozy and luxurious. The food is delectable. They have an extensive list of items in their menu. The staff members are well trained and kind.

Address: Prasada Bhawan Mallital, Above High Court, ahead of Vikram Vintage Hotel, Above ATI, Nainital 263001, India


12. Honey Hut

Honey Hut is a house of Desserts, snacks, and beverages. They also preach the importance of honey for sound health. They sell homemade chocolates and cookies. They make sandwiches, cake, pastries, and other bakery items. The items are delicious and will tempt you to visit this place again and again.

Address: Mall Road, Under Punjab & Sind Bank, Nainital, India


13. Embassy

Embassy Restaurant in Nainital serves Asian and Indian Cuisines. They prepare food items for Brunch, Dinner, and Lunch. The meal here is lush with the mellow flavor. They provide great services, and their ambiance is pleasant.

Timings: 9 am – 10 pm (all days)

Address: The Mall, Mallital, Nainital 263001, India


14. Shiva Vegetarian Restaurant

Shiva Restaurant is a pure Vegetarian Restaurant. It is a paradise for the veg lovers as the food here is delicious. The rates of the food items are reasonable and worth spending. This Restaurant has been established since 1977. People know about the delectable dishes of this Restaurant, and thus makes it a must visit place for all. They maintain the hygienic conditions. The staff members are kind.

Address: 34 35 Bara Bazaar, Nainital 263002, India


15. Baker’s Hut

Baker’s Hut is a spot for having all the bakery items. It has outer seating arrangements too, for their customers to eat the food. They prepare cakes, pastries, snack items, sandwiches, and beverages. They have innovative interior designs. The staff members are trained and kind towards their customers. One can get an extensive option for the design of the cakes and can also get it customized.

Address: Near the High Court, Opposite Uttarakhand High Court, Nainital 263002, India


16. Anupam Restaurant

Anupam Restaurant in Nainital is famous among the local people as well as the tourist. They prepare veg as well as non-veg delicacies. Their menu includes a variety of Roti or Indian Bread, Tikka and Kebab’s, Biryani, Gravy, Chicken and Mutton dishes, Soups, Salads, and Chinese Cuisines. The Restaurant is medium sized and can accommodate around 50 people. The food is good.

Address: Shop No.99 Tallital, Nainital, Nainital 263001, India


17. Café de Mall

Café de Mall is a very popular café in Nainital. It is near the lake which attracts many visitors to this place. They provide Beverages, Chinese Cuisines, snack items, and breakfast. They make North-Indian as well as South-Indian Cuisines. The food is delightful. This Café is also near the Mall and the temple.

Address: The Mall, Tallital, Nainital 263002, India


18. Purohit

Purohit is a Pure Veg Restaurant. They serve Continental, Chinese, South-Indian, and North-Indian Cuisines. Their menu has an extensive list of food items that include Soup, Chapati, Roti, Ala-Cartes, Biryani, Salads, Beverages, Pizzas, Thalis, and Desserts. The delicacies are delicious and mouth-watering.

Address: Mall Road, Nainital, India


19. Moti Mahal Restaurant

Moti Mahal Restaurant serves Asian and Indian Cuisines. It is near the mall. The ambiance of the Restaurant is nice. One can get a sumptuous meal here. People can organize parties and celebrations with their friends and family members. They make veg as well non-veg dishes. They have an extensive list of food items in their menu.

Address: Mall Road, Nainital 263001, India


20. Sher-e-Punjab

Sher-e-Punjab is a famous Restaurant in Nainital. They serve Asian and Indian Cuisines. This Restaurant is since 1972. They prepare veg as well as non-veg delicacies. The food is sumptuous. They are operational from Monday to Sunday, and their timings are from 8 am to 10.30 pm. The ambiance of the Restaurant is pleasant and soothing.

Timings: 8 am – 10.30 pm

 Address: Lower Mall Road, Nainital 263002, India