Best Breakfast Spots in Bandra


1 Salt Water Cafe

If a heavy breakfast is what the doctor ordered, a heavy breakfast is what you’ll get at Salt Water Cafe. With a breakfast that’s gonna keep you full for most of the day, SWC is ideal. Their omelettes here are the fluffiest ones you’ll find and will keep you wondering where you’re going wrong with your homemade omelettes.

What they have:  cornflakes, oats, homemade granola, pancakes, waffles, exotic egg options, breakfast sandwiches.

What you shouldn’t miss: cheesy scrambled eggs, served all day.


2 Suzette Creperie and Café

Must thank the owners of Suzette for bringing this French Cafe in Mumbai and in our lives. These French chefs have bought France to us, and along with it, the art of fine breadmaking.

What they have: savoury, sweet, French, energetic all day breakfast options. French breads like croissants, pain au chocolat, baguettes. Also on the menu, some homemade granola, oven-baked eggs, omelettes, croque matin, great coffees and an unmissable hot chocolate.

What you shouldn’t miss: butter croissant, hot chocolate.


3. Candies

A place that’s hard to get bored of, Candies has been a regular spot for Mumbai residents in particular. The gigantic space looks like a beautiful villa with winding steps and interesting mosaics. Whether you want breakfast or lunch, or just coffee or maybe craving some dessert; even if you simply want a place to hang out at for hours, Candies delivers on all fronts.

What they have: sandwiches, breads, coffees, juices, eggs, rolls and wraps, cakes.

What you shouldn’t miss: coffee, chicken roll, croissants. Salads and desserts if you’re there for too long and it’s lunch time.


4 145

Proving everyone who thinks hip pubs can’t serve breakfast wrong, 145 has a surprisingly nice breakfast menu. Bopping to the latest music, the cute decor and their breakfast selection will keep your spirits up for the rest of the day. As expected, they also have cocktails if you’re planning a brunch with the girls.

What they have: protein platter, kickstarter breakfast, customizable eggs, keema ghotala, poha, waffles, pancakes, berry bowls and smoothies, french toast, juices.

What you shouldn’t miss: eggs florentine, mint milk chocolate chip eatshake, holy guacamole.


5 Bombay Coffee House

Redefining the meaning of King’s breakfast to no-need-to-eat-for-the-rest-of-the-day meal. Even between two, the King’s breakfast was quite hard to finish. The most value for your money breakfast on this list.

What they have: King’s breakfast, English breakfast, BCH special eggs benedict, muesli, poha, porridge, fruit bowl, with some interesting tea and coffee options as well.

What you shouldn’t miss: King’s breakfast wins, hands down!


6 The Bagel Shop

Satisfying the early morning carbohydrate requirement with a selection of bagels – plain, poppy, oats, multigrain, whole grain, cinnamon raisin, what have you! You can enjoy your bagel not just with regular cream cheese but flavored cream cheese, jam, butter, honey, peanut butter, nutella, bananas.

What they have: bagels, teas, coffees, eggs, sausages, sandwiches, scrambled oats, fruit salad.

What you shouldn’t miss: bagels with a schmear of Philly cream cheese, obviously.


7 Tea Villa Cafe

An all vegetarian cafe that doesn’t make meat lovers sad. Their beverages are inadequate but the food pretty much makes up for it. The waffles are to die for, must try!

What they have: poha, oats, salad wrap, crepes, pancakes, toast, hashbrowns.

What you shouldn’t miss: waffles, waffles, waffles!!


8 Coffee by Di Bella

Their service can be ridiculously slow sometimes but it’s a popular hangout spot for a good reason. They have an amazing variety in coffees and waffles, even hot chocolate comes with 9 options.

What they have: croissants, wraps, sandwiches, waffles, teas, coffees. All day breakfast includes cheese omelette, potato wedges, buttered veggies, and toast.

What you shouldn’t miss: coffees, hot chocolates, waffles.


9 Eat Around The Corner

With a gigantic counter filled with an assortment of breads, pastries, yogurts, fresh fruits, desserts, EATC is happiness at first sight. The most appealing breakfast counter with everything you could imagine.

What they have: English breakfast, juices, breads, sausages, waffles, pancakes, fresh fruits.

What you shouldn’t miss: freshly squeezed juices, waffles.


10 SodaBottleOpenerWala

The Irani restaurant you won’t have to travel to Fort for. Located at BKC, SodaBottleOpenerWala is an easy dining spot for the office going crowd that has no time for breakfast in the morning.

What they have: daaruwala coffees, Irani chais, biscuits, eggs kejriwal, keema pav.

What you shouldn’t miss: eggs kejriwal.


11 Le Pain Quotidien

Another one of BKC’s jewels, LPQ is a European and French all day diner with some pretty healthy food options. As it is not very crowded in the morning, the service is prompt.

What they have: croissants, muffins, protein bowl, eggs your way, French toast, breads, parfait, tartines. They also have 4 set breakfasts – the Desi, the farmer, the angler, the botanist.

What you shouldn’t miss: Idli, hot chocolate


12 The Taj Mahal Tea House

Can’t do without the morning tea and bored of the regular chai? The Taj Mahal tea house has you covered with its great variety – winter chais, spiced teas, dessert chai, green tea refreshers, single origin, organic teas, handcrafted teas, iced teas are just some of the options on their menu.

What they have: lots and lots of tea options, filter coffee, dhokla, idli burger, waffles, eggs, upma, brun maska.

What you shouldn’t miss: masala toast, brun maska, teas to suit your taste.


13 Theobroma

Dessert for breakfast? Bring it on! Amazing selection of pastries, brownies, cakes and yet in no way do they disappoint when it comes to savoury.

What they have: eggs benedict, pancakes, french toast, English breakfast, eggs kejriwal.

What you shouldn’t miss: pancakes, and do take that dense loaf to go.


14 Fat Man’s Cafe

Quaint cafe at Reclamation that has managed to not get overshadowed by all the bars in the vicinity. The food isn’t extraordinary but pretty good for a casual day and another check on a foodie’s bucket list.

What they have: eggs, sausages, milkshakes, breakfast bowls, pancakes, waffles.

What you shouldn’t miss: the baked breakfast bowls.


15 Hearsch Bakery

Bandra’s very own legend, at par with Leopold and Mondegar; but unlike them, this one is hard to find. Hearsch Bakery is almost a century old and was started by a German baker who felt it safe to leave and return to Germany during the troubling times of the World War. An interesting history is not all you get from this tiny bakery hidden, literally, in the niches of Bandra’s streets. The food has been a hit all these years and still continues to bring a crowd here even at 7am.

What they have: croissants, samosas, burgers, breads, biscuits, muffins, puffs, sandwiches, pastries.

What you shouldn’t miss: burgers, chicken puff, chicken lollipop.


16 Smoke House Deli

Simple, sophisticated, and comfortably familiar should be the official tagline of Smoke House Deli.

What they have: bagels, muffins, croissants, french toast, cereal, granola and fruits, coffees, eggs.

What you shouldn’t miss: breakfast bacon, eggs benedict, coffees.


17 The Yoga House

Part café, part yoga studio, TYH focuses on enriching the body and soul. Healthy options on the menu ensure that

What they have: ten grains toast, oat porridge, quinoa upma, poha with sprouts, yogurt, smoothies, juices, superpower shots.

What you shouldn’t miss: hashbrowns


18 It happened in New York

Bringing the feels of a city that never sleeps, It happened in New York is the kind of Mumbai cafe that you’d find Serena Van Der Woodsen brunching at. The little bit of westernization of Bandra streets is fulfilled by the steep prices and hipster food.

What they have: granola, sweet and savoury oats, eggs, pancakes, waffles, steak and eggs, NYC skillet, breakfast bruschettas.

What you shouldn’t miss: rainbow bagels, because how can you not?


19 McDonald’s

Underrated as it is for breakfast, you can count on McDonald’s to provide the fatty goodness that makes you keep coming back for more. McCafe has gone from inadequate to surprisingly decent and that has made McDonald’s a not-so-bad-when-you’re-running-late breakfast option.

What they have: hotcakes, coffees, McEgg, sausage muffins, croissants, cookies, hot chocolate.

What you shouldn’t miss: hashbrowns, hot chocolate


20 Birdsong – The Organic Cafe

Whoever said healthy can’t be delicious has never been to Birdsong. Providing spacious interiors and organic ingredients since before it was ‘cool’ Birdsong is a lovely place to grab a cup and clear your head, maybe even get some work done.

What they have: eggs, couscous upma, banana fritters, granola bowl, pancakes, healthy smoothies.

What you shouldn’t miss: hot chocolate, keema pav, muffins.