Places to Get the Best Hot Chocolate in Mumbai


If you got amazing hot chocolate in every nook and corner of Mumbai, there would be no best. Luckily for us, a few places have genuinely mastered the art of decadent hot chocolate that sets the regular cup of hot cocoa apart. Here are the 5 best hot chocolates in the city.

1. Birdsong – The Organic Cafe

With a menu that focuses on healthy food and organic ingredients, the hot chocolate here is a pleasant surprise. The hot chocolate is rich, creamy, decadent. This cup of hot chocolate is heaven squared twice. With 90% chocolate and 10% milk, this one is hard not to love.


2. Suzette Creperie and Café

Hidden in the bylanes of Bandra, this French Bistro doesn’t disappoint. Just like the French, they know how to beautifully articulate the fine art of bread and chocolate. Don’t be surprised if you find your favourite Instagram bloggers or even low-key celebrities grabbing a cuppa Joe here. Grab a book and order some butter croissant and hot chocolate for some royal me-time.


3. McDonald’s McCafe

Expect McDonald’s to get every fattening item just right. Just like their burgers and fries, the double hot chocolate at McCafe is tempting. Some hash browns and a glass of hot chocolate is a perfect soul warming breakfast essential.


4. La Folie

If there’s one thing Sanjana doesn’t take lightly, it’s chocolate. A bit on the higher side, but never compromising on taste is the mantra at La Folie. Their signature hot chocolate comes with 70% Venezuelan chocolate and home blend spices.


5. Coffee by Di Bella

Not as rich as the others on this list, but still a tasty delight. They also have some variety of hot chocolate beverages – traditional, Danish toffee, mint, caramel, Irish, hazelnut, vanilla, peanut butter, Nutella. The traditional and mint are excellent choices.