Best of Navi Mumbai’s Cafés/Restaurants

Best of Navi Mumbai s Cafes Restaurants

1. Pesto Creamy Tomato Pasta, Walnut Café

If you are a pasta lover and love the cheese dipping from your mouth then you must surely try this creamy pasta at Walnut café, situated in Vashi near Inorbit mall. They have very nice atmosphere. The quality of food they provide is very good and taste is also excellent. The pasta is made with lots of Italian spices and extra cheese and cream. They serve the pasta with two garlic breads, which is topped with some spices and more cheese and hence they make a great combination. The pasta mainly contains basil flavor which makes it taste good. They are very famous for their penny pasta.


2. Red Velvet Cheese Cake, Starbucks

All you cake lovers out there, you are going to love this cake! Starbucks has branches all over the world and is also very popular among youngsters. This particular by them is made from red velvet flavor, strawberries and lots of grated cheese. The cake has alternate layers of cheese and it just melts inside your mouth. Every bite just makes you go yuummm! The cake is fluffy has cream in between the layers as well.


3. Donuts, Mad Over Donuts

Donuts are one of the best things one can have when feeling low. They are made from dough’s and Mad-Over-Donuts make the best donuts, you will actually go mad for their donuts – trust us on this! They have many branches across Mumbai. They serve various types of donuts to their customers. Brownie, strawberry, chocolate, mocha, Connaught are some famous flavors among others. They serve different kinds of chocolates in their donuts. After eating the donut all you have is your mouth filled with chocolate and heart filled with happiness because the chocolate bursts out like a fountain in your mouth. They have many offers too – like buy 6 donuts and get 6 free!!


4. Cucca Crush, Café Crème

Cucca Crush is one of the specialties of Café Crème, which is located in Koparkhairne and Nerul. Cucca Crush is made from Coffee Milk and Chocolate. Choco Chips are then dipped into it and the taste is well, obviously EXCELLENT! The crush is very thick and is served with a crispy chocolate roll. A huge glass filled with crush, coffee, milk, cream, chocolate and crispy roll is served. That makes it a very tasty and thick shake.


5. Corn Cheese Balls and Fries, Mojo’s Bistro

Mojo’s bistro is an Italian lounge. They have a great ambience and they provide many facilities. Corn Cheese balls are famous from Mojo’s. The balls are first deep fried. The coating is of corn and the balls are filled with cheese. The cheese drops are the best thing while you eat it. The fries dipped in cheese are also very famous from Mojo’s. The fries are dipped in cheese and some Italian spices over it.


6. Devil’s Own, Cafe Coffee Day

Devil’s Own is a cold-shake from Café Coffee Day. The place has branches all over India. Here in Navi-Mumbai it is located in Inorbit mall. Just look the picture. How can you NOT fall in love with something that looks so tasty and is so tasty! It is just yuummm! It is made with scoops of choco-chip ice cream and lots of liquid chocolate. The shake contains dry fruits and is topped with cream and choco-chips in it.


7. Long Sandwiches, Café Coffee Day

CCD has a wide range of sandwiches to offer to their customers. This particular sandwich is made from long hotdog buns and contains cubes of paneer, chicken and has mayonnaise and cheese, some lettuce leaves with onion and to give it an Indian touch it is garnished with clove pepper. It also contains capsicum. Paneer and Chicken are first fried in sauces and then added to the sandwich. They are sure to linger on your taste buds for a very long time.


8. Golden Fried Prawns, Zazie Bistro and Grill

This is for the non-veg lovers especially fish. This restaurant in Vashi is famous for its non-veg food. The prawns are first boiled and then dipped into the batter and fried in the oil. The prawns are fried till they are golden and then they are served with chutney and mayo.


9. Pizza, The Food Studio

The Food Studio is located in Vashi.  They have a wide range of delicious dishes for their customers. The BBQ Pizza is particularly famous from this place. The chicken cubes are tossed in garlic sauce and with lots of cheese, some red pepperika and black jalapenos and basil leaves which make it perfect dish. The dough is very crunchy and thin. They have cheesy garlic sticks too. The pizza is so huge you just can’t finish it off alone


10. Cupcakes, Bake and Brew

How many of you like those cute little things called cupcakes? Well, almost everybody. The cupcakes here also have lavender essence in them and that makes it even more special. They are so fluffy and are made up of such a good batter that the chocolate flows out of it like a fountain when you cut it. Small thin chocolate chips are used to decorate the cupcakes. Topped with whipped vanilla cream they are every dessert lovers desire!


11. Chicken Rolls, Zazie Bistro and Grill

As mentioned earlier, the café is famous for its non-veg food and this is just another one of their famous dishes.  Chicken rolls are made from the covering that is the roti (chapatti) and the chicken is then stuffed inside it and then it is deep fried. The chicken stuff is boiled and then tossed with black soya sauce and spices. The rolls are served with salad.


12. Caffe Mocha, The Koffee Works

All the coffee lovers, you have a great deal waiting for you if you are in Navi-Mumbai. The places’ name is Koffee Works and the picture below says the rest of it. The coffee here is made with the best possible ingredients. The place has a wide range of coffees available for their customers among which café mocha is very famous. (I mean look at the presentation *heart eyes*). The decorations of the coffee is done with Swiss chocolate.


13. Eggs Benedict, Zazie Bistro and Grill

I’m sure this place has become a common name for you by now! 3 of the dishes mentioned above are from this café only. The next this place has is what they call Eggs Benedict and its magic, like you can make such a nice thing from egg. The coating of the egg is made from dough and boiled eggs are put into it and then served with some rose salad and chutney. And trust us, it tastes brilliant. Well now you know that eggs can be different too!


14. Chocolate Sandwich, Café Bake and Brew

Café Bake and Brew is located in Nerul and it’s famous for its chocolate sandwich. Normal sandwiches are tasty but boring but when you add chocolate to it, it becomes exciting! (Adding chocolate to anything is exciting, tbh!) They are made with brown bread, Nutella, Oreo biscuits and are topped with crushed chocolate and then they are grilled. They have many new ranges of sandwiches like sandwich with mayo and with noodles. Go and try them once, you won’t regret!


15. Oreo Shake, Café Bake and Brew

This café is very famous for their chocolate dishes and shakes. Oreo shake is one of those. It is made from milk, chocolate, Oreo biscuits and with some coffee topped with choco-chips and whipped cream. It also contains crushed dry fruits.


16. Sizzling Brownie, Café Monza

Café Monza is located in Kharghar, Navi-Mumbai. They are famous for their sizzling Brownie. The Brownie is made with chocolate, ice cream scoops and then hot chocolate is poured onto it. It also contains dry fruits and whipped cream


17. Burger, Brew House Café

The brew house café is located in Juinagar and Belapur. Their range of burgers is very famous, especially the chicken burger.  The quality of bun they provide is very nice, as in they are very fluffy. The chicken is roasted and grilled with chilly pepper and green chillies and the burger is filled with fried onions in Lebanese sauce and lettuce leaves, roasted cabbage and with cheese slices and mustard mayonnaise.


18. Waffle, Café Bake and Brew

Waffle cones are also very much in demand in this café. The hot waffle cones are dipped in cold melted chocolate and the waffle cones are made from sugar syrup and flour. They taste best with choco-fudge or choco-vanilla ice cream.


19. Custard, Hotel Varishtha

Hotel Varishtha is located in Koparkhairne, Navi-Mumbai.  They are very famous for their caramel custard among others. The custard is first made and then caramel is poured on it with some basil leaves.


20. Virgin Mojito

This is very common drink and you can get this in almost every café the only difference is in the quality. The best quality of Mojito can be enjoyed at Walnut Café, Mojo’s Bistro, Tunga. Virgin mojito is made with fresh lemons, basil leaves and Tulsi leaves, with a pinch of mint in it. It is a very refreshing drink.


So foodies, experience each and every type of food mentioned above, at least once and we are sure that you won’t regret spending your money.