Top 20 Delicacies of Park Street, Kolkata

Deli Park, Kolk

Park street can be genuinely renamed as the Food Street of the city, Kolkata. It is a place in Kolkata buzzing with a lot of activity every evening. You can come to this place to party at some of the famous clubs in the town or just walk in and try some of the famous dishes this place has to provide. Check out this list of famous park street food, so that you don’t miss any of them, the next time you visit this place-

1.Chelo Kabab

Peter Cat is the name when you think of Chelo Kabab in Kolkata. When you visit this restaurant, make sure to have sufficient time with you because, there is always a big queue. Don’t think of booking a place because this facility is not available. But, when you get to enter and eat at this restaurant, you will forget all about the waiting time. Chelo Kabab includes rice with butter, salad, mutton and chicken Kabab served with poached eggs. It will definitely take you to a different world.


2.Kathi rolls

This dish was invented in Kolkata and if you haven’t tried this lip-smacking dish ever, just stop at the shop named zaika in Park Street.


3.ATS Samosa

The samosa at Arun Tea stall is famous in this office area. Even, top executives of MNC companies don’t go anywhere else for snacks other than ATS. The samosa are priced at Rs12 per piece. If you go there to eat Samosa, don’t miss the jalebis as well!


4.Dudh Cola

One cannot even imagine that mixing of Milk and Coca Cola can form something so delicious. Visit the Balwant Singh’s Dhaba for Dudh Cola @120 RS for one litre.


5.Pastries and Cakes

The one stop destination for delicious cakes in Park Street is Flurys. It is an ancient bakery offering a wide range of cakes and pastries along with other breakfast dishes. Though, it has opened up a few branches in the city, eating at Park Street branch of Flurys is a unique experience specially because of the architecture of the restaurant.


6.Pav Bhaji

Agarwal’s Pav Bhaji will take you to a short tour of Bombay, where Pav Bhaji has originated. The Bhaji(a mixture of vegetables) is the best you can get in this city. They are priced Rs50-70 per plate. You may also try the sandwich here, especially the cheese corn sandwich.


7.Soda Shikanji

It is a mix of Soda and Lemon Juice. It is served with cubes of ice. Priced at Rs30 per clay cup, this will refresh you if you are very tired.


8.Moong Dal vada

There is no specific stall where you will get this. The whole place is full of carts selling these vadas, and to my amazement, all of them taste the same and equally delicious too! P.S- probably they have a secret recipe for the same


9.Fruit Chat

If you see any fruit seller in Park Street area, ask him to make fruit chat. It is a perfect combination of taste and health. It is customized as well, you can select the fruits of your choices, and the seller will make a tasty chat of the selected fruits.


10.Masala Cheese Dosa

This masala Cheese Dosa shop opposite to Arun Tea Stall is the best destination for light, South Indian meal. There is always a rush of college students near this shop. Be sure to reach here before 4pm as it closes after that. The plates are priced at RS 60 each.


11.Cheese/Corn/Butter Maggi

The Maggi point opposite to St Xavier’s College has a wide range of  Maggi to offer. You may taste Maggi dishes which you couldn’t even imagined of ever. Also, the maggi sandwich is worth a mention.



There are a variety of Bagels available at Au Bon Pain, which is adjacent to Flurys. The best among them is the cream cheese bagels. You can also try out the delicious muffins here.



If you love this Mughal cuisine, Arsalan (Park Circus) is the appropriate place for trying it out. The biryani is reasonably price and has mild flavor.



After a heavy meal in Park street, you can come to Balaram Mullick Radharam Mullick for desserts. Their coated range of coated mango, coated chocolate and coated nolen gur sweets are very famous and have also been featured in many food shows in the television. You may also try the Jolbhora Sandesh i.e., a sandesh which has liquid filling inside. The sweets are in the range of Rs15-20 per piece.


15.Victoria Vada

Chauhan’s vada, close to Vardhan market, this shop is world famous because even David Cameron could not resist trying these out.


16.Channa Chips

Trace the men in white carrying bamboo baskets. They make amazing chana chips. These are good as a lite bite.



The famous outlets for momo, Wow, Momo also has its branch in this area. You will get many types of dishes related to Momo’s like Burger Momo(Moburg), Chocolate Momo, pan fried momo or steamed momo and all of them are delicious.



If you are planning to have a buffet lunch or dinner, you may go to Barbeque Nation located on Park Street. They serve buffet ranging in the price of Rs700-800 per plate. The menu is exhaustive and includes starters like chicken kabab, paneer, mushroom, corn, etc., main courses serve Chinese, Indian as well as continental, and the best part is the live kulfi counter.


19.Rajasthani Cuisine

If you are tired of eating Chinese, Indian and South Indian food and want to give a change to your taste buds, you can book a buffet at Rajdhani in Park Street. They serve buffet Rajasthani dishes like dal baati choorma, faluda and much more.



The kulfi shop near Vardhan Market offers natural flavoured kulfi like mango kulfi, custard apple kulfi, chikoo kulfi, etc. which will be a perfect dessert. The price is about Rs40 per piece of Kulfi.