Best Places To Get South Indian Food In Mumbai

Best Places To Get South Indian Food In Mumbai

Indian food has always been tasty, delicious and lip smacking. Each state has its own Cuisine and specialty. Mumbai being the city of dreams, people from the whole country come here to fulfill their dreams. To make everyone feel at home Mumbai doesn’t stay behind, here in Mumbai, we can see some or the other dish from every Cuisine. Especially the South Indian food is famous as a breakfast. People here in Mumbai love to munch on these South Indian delicacies. So here we have a list of restaurants one must definitely try to satisfy the South Indian food cravings. Go; get ready to get a ride of South Indian in Mumbai itself.


Ram Ashraya

Matunga is a home of most of the famous South Indian restaurants in Mumbai. The Ram Ashraya Hotel is located near to Matunga Central Station, so it’s easy to reach. They serve amazing food at the quickest time. This place is mostly famous for its unique variety of Sheera They serve. They have Pineapple Sheera, Chocolate Sheera and a lot others. Ram Ashraya is crowded most of the time during the day, but the wait is worth it.


Mani’s Lunch Home

Mani’s Lunch Home is other South Indian restaurant located in Matunga. They have authentic South Indian food with delicious Chutney and Sambhar. They have had to shut their Matunga Branch but are soon to relocate in Chembur. So the famous eatery is all set for a new start and not bidding us goodbye. Good news for us.



This is another restaurant in Matunga serving mouth-licking South Indian food.Arya Bhavan is air conditioned and serves good food. The must try on their menu is Filter Coffee, That Idli and Mysore Rava Sada Dosa.


Banana Leaf

Banana Leaf is a famous food chain serving a variety of dishes. It is extensively famous for its South Indian food. The must try on their menu is the Idli platter and Idli Chilly Andhra style. The price is average and they have scenic ambience with nice service.


Café Madras

Café Madras is located in Mumbai’s Mylapore that is none other than Matunga. Passing through Café Madras as a child I always enjoyed the aroma of their filter coffee. The famous dishes on their list are Upma Podi, Pineapple Sheera, Mysore Pak, Ragi Dosa, Medu Vada and Filter coffee. This restaurant changed my mind about the Vadas.



Gongura – the name is definitely attractive. Gongura is quintessentially Telugu Cuisine delicacy. This restaurant is the only in the suburbs serving Andhra Cuisine. This restaurant is based in Andheri near Juhu Versova link road. This restaurant will provide you with instant seats other than waiting in a long queue.



This is a very special place to curb your South Indian craving located in the vicinity of Juhu. The Chutney and Sambhar served here are famous because of their wide variety. The rasam is a perfect combination of tangy and sweet taste. The speciality of Dakshinayan is the Rava Masala Dosa.



As the name goes it is a restaurant serving just Southern food and its various variations. This unique restaurant chain has various outlets in Mumbai. The Kanchipuram Idli, Khotto Sambhar and Oondi Sambhar are worth a try.


Dakshin Coastal – Itc Maratha

Dakshin Coastal is located near to the International Airport. It wins every visitor’s heart regarding ambience, service and food quality. This place truly brings South India in Mumbai with the staff dressed in dhotis and Carnatic music playing in the background.


Narayan’s Dosa

As the name suggests, this place is specially famous for the different Dosa they provide. The Dosa served here are very crunchy and tasty. The Chutney and Sambhar served are commendable.


Café Mysore

Café Mysore like most of the famous South Indian restaurants is located in Matunga; it is just a few steps away from Café Madras. This place is super crowded during the lunch hours. The Medu Vada served here is better than most of the other city restaurants. Other dishes to try here are the NeerDosa, Khotto and IdliGadbad.

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Simply South

Sticking to its name Simply South serves simply awesome food. Located in Vile Parle this place is famous for its Gun powder Idli, Garlic Masala Dosa among the many. The food is so delicious that one craves for more even if the stomach is full.


Juhu Hindu Restaurant House

Located in Juhu, this place serves extremely appetising food in the locality. Even though the menu is quite simple and elegant, the food here is finger-licking. They serve South Indian food to die for.


Ramanayak Udipi

It is a well-known food chain which serves food on Banana leaves, giving the food the South Indian punch. The all-time favourite of the customers here are the Medu Vada, Butter and Mysore Sada Dosa. Even though the place is not quite big the food pays for it.




AnandBhavan is another old restaurant serving South Indian Cuisine in Matunga. This restaurant serves some yummy dishes like Upma, Rava Adai, NeerDosa and many more. But the marvellous of all the dishes is the Ginger Lemon and NeerDosa.


Shiv Sagar Restaurant

Located near to the most buzzing place in Mumbai, full of tourists and youngsters, this place is slightly overpriced. Shiv Sagar resides near to Marine Drive. Along with the South Indian Cuisine, this restaurant is famous for its yummilicious Pav-Bhaji.


Sharda Bhavan

Another restaurant located in Mumbai ka Mylapore –Matunga. The tables here are marble clad and the waiters serving us food are draped in South Indian lungi. The most attractive thing about this restaurant is its ambience and food. The top on the list of customers are their super fluffy Idli.


Deluxe Fort

Deluxe restaurant situated at Fort has a king size menu listing. They serve the awesome menu with the listing of various Dosa, Idli and not very famous but finger-licking delicacies.


Sneha Restaurant

This is the best Keralite place located in the suburbs of Mahim. They serve the best South Indian food in Mahim region. The beef dish here has been voted as the best in Asia. Sneha restaurant is a must try for everyone visiting Mahim.


Bharat Café

Located just opposite the Ghatkopar station, Bharat Café serves the best South Indian food in this region. The Masala Dosa and Medu Vada served here are the favourite on everyone’s list. It is highly crowded during the morning glory hours.