Best Places to Hide Out in the Evening at Karnal

Best Places to Hide Out in the Evening at Karnal

1 Kalra Sweets

This restaurant lies in the market in the city where you can get all flavors under one roof. It serves multiple cuisines including North and south Indian and variety of other along with Italian and Chinese. One of its best recipes includes Pav Bhaji and varied recipes from cheese. The restaurant opens up at 10 o’clock in the morning, serving its last order and 11 pm. So, for delicious and exotic flavors, this place can be visited at any time. The place is nice at it sweet recipes also.

Location SCF-19, sector-13, Main Market, Karnal


2 Pizzicato

This place is best to hide out with your family and friends especially in the evening. They serve all snack items with delicious shakes and brownies. The place provides a seating space for around 10-15 members and provide you a good ambience. Pizzicato serves the best white sauce pasta in town. Another snack that is worth tasting is its cheesy burger. The place is ready to serve at 10 am till 11 pm in the evening.

Location Shop No.-11, Club Market, Karnal


3 Jumping Rats

This place serves snack items and serves one of the best quality drinks in the town. It lies next to pizzicato and holds a good seating capacity. The place can be visited with family and friends. The opening time is 10 am till late in the evening. Other dishes could be some in Chinese and Italian cuisine. The service takes some time but overall hospitality is fine.  

Location Shop No.-9, 10, Club Market, Karnal


4 Chaurasia

This place serves the best quality lemonades. Another special thing  that it holds is its exotic flavors of Pan. One major problem is that it doesn’t have  seating places, so hanging out with your family is not a good option. All you could do is, depend upon takeaway service. The lemonade it serves has multiple flavor options and its worth tasting.

Location Club Market, Near Bus Stand, Karnal


5 Kumar Cakes-n-Bakes

This place is a bakery located at the main market of the city. This serves best quality cakes and pastries. This place is just a shop that offers you eating tables but no such space to dine except from 4-5 chairs and a table. The place can be visited with family and friends but only when you are in a mood to take away your food. The bakery serves some ready to cook snacks that holds mouth-watering flavors which are worth taking.

Location Shop No. 77, Nehru Place, Karnal


6 Dana Paani

This place is a hub of multiple brands that you enjoy around the globe. From haldirams to subway, all of them are available under a single roof. The place holds a large seating capacity and it can be visited with friends and family. The place is established on a large scale and it holds a lavish parking space. The only trouble with this place is its location. Since, it lies on the outskirts of the city, so, you need to access the highway to reach the venue. But, the route is straight and simple. The quality of the interiors and food, will attract you and the place is worth visiting.

Location Opposite Oasis Resort, Near CHD City, Sector-45, NH-1, Karnal


7 Hotel Noor Mahal

When you are willing to get a royal treatment, this the best place to hide out. It’s a five star rated hotel with multiple restaurants for multiple cuisines. The place can be visited with family. There is no issue of parking and the grandeur interior will surely attract you. Also the royal food will be served with mouthwatering flavors.

Location Noormahal Crossing, Sector-32, NH-1, Karnal


8 Savoy Greens

This place lies on the outskirts of the city. The build is a blend of multiple brands including McDonalds, Dominos, Dosa Plaza and many more. The place has a good seating capacity comprising of both formal and informal. It’s a running hub so, all the food items you get is fresh and happy to eat. Inside, there are some good places to shop at, like books or show pieces. You can spend your evening with loved ones in the garden right in front of the build. Parking is not an issue.

Location 131 Kilometers Milestone, GT Road, Near Karan Lake, Karnal


9 Vintage Kitchen

This place is new in town whose atmosphere would be the first thing that would attract you. The European interior would certainly attract you and the food they serve is mouthwatering. The place has multiple visitors so you can meet the whole city under one roof. They serve all food items you would like for lunch or dinner. Some extra recipes include starters to make your evening foodie. Parking is not a trouble.

Location Sector-29, Alpha International City, Karnal


10 Hotel Jewels

This is one of the oldest starred hotels of the region. It has two main restaurants both for formal and informal seating. It also holds a bar and a disc along with it. The service and food both are of acknowledging quality. The best place to visit this is in the evening for both formal and informal gathering. Since, it is a starred hotel, so its price rate list is on the expensive side but the taste will help you forget its heavy rate list. Parking is not an issue.

Location Jewel Chowk, NH-1, Karnal


11 NDRI (National Dairy Research Institute)

For milk lovers, this place is best to hide out. Though it is a research institute, but at the entrance, there is a milk point which offers take away of various milk-based products like lassi, flavoured milk, vanilla ice-cream, etc. There are multiple gazebos next to it where people can sit and spend their evening along with their favorite drinks. Parking is sometimes an issue. The place can be visited with near and dear ones.

Location Near Jewels Hotel, GT Road, Karnal


12 Karnal Lake

This place is best to hide out, if you want to spend an evening around a lake. The restaurant faces the lake where you can enjoy good variety of flavors with your loved ones. You can get the best snacks or you can go for a complete dinner. They provide a huge space for parking. A ravishing bar is also found next to the restaurant. This restaurant provides you with a good ambience where you can reside close to the nature and spend your most precious evenings.

Location Near Oasis Resort, NH-1, Karnal


13 The Vivan

This is a new restaurant in town that holds a good amount of gathering. It is a complete package for food lovers as they serve chatpata snack items to mouthwatering dinners. The restaurant has a good ambience. It always faces good amount of footfall, so if you are planning to visit it, there is a fair chance that you have to join the waiting queue. The best time to visit is evening. Parking is available 24×7. The only trouble is its location. It lies a few kilometers away from the city but it’s easily accessible via the national highway.

Location 134 Milestone, NH-1, Karnal


14 Neel Kanth Star

This place is loved by a number of visitors which includes both the citizens of the city and the outsiders. They own a restaurant for special Indian flavors. Along with the main restaurant, you ca also hide out at Subway or catch-up on a Barista coffee. But, don’t miss the food and kheer they serve, which is the best in town. Parking capacity is good and is accessible by the national highway.

Location Near Radha Swami Satsang, GT Road, NH-1, Karnal


15 Karnal Club

This is one of the oldest places to hide out in the city. Though it is a membership club, but you can surely enjoy your snacks and dinner at this restaurant. This place serves good food and the place helps you celebrate your special festivals from Holi to Diwali. The club makes special arrangements for gatherings and parking is sufficient. The place can be visited with family and friends but in case of special evenings, make sure you have arranged a pass for the same.

Location Club Market, Karnal


16 Haveli

The Punjabi tadka is on with Karnal’s Punjabi Haveli where you will be blessed with all the Punjabi flavors. From all food items to various drinks, all of them you can get at one place. The place holds a central courtyard where you can see musical shows every evening. The place is full of residents as well as visitors. They have a good amount of parking space. They serve you in traditional Punjabi styles which increase your love for the place. Seating is also available for good amount of people.

Location 120 Milestone, NH-1, Karnal


17 Jhilmil Dhaba

The dhaba does not serve you a good and lavishing ambience, but the flavors they hold are delicious. You can get all food items, starting from Dal Makhni to any variety of Cheese. Seating is available and can be visited with family. You must not forget to taste the tea they serve which is as delicious as other food items. Fully secured parking is available. It lies on the outskirts of the city and is accessible by the national highways. It can be accessed 24×7.

Location Uchana, NH-1, Karnal


18 Divyanshu Chaap

This place is best for all the chaap lovers. It serves a rich variety of chaap items where you can have it or take away. It holds a seating capacity; but the surroundings are not good. It can be visited with family, but take away would be our suggestion. Parking is sometimes an issue as it lies in the middle of the main market. Tandoori Chaap is one of its best food items.

Location Sector-12, Main Market, Karnal


19 Gupta Ji Hot Dog Wale

This is just a kiosk that serves hot-dog and bhelpuri. The food they serve is good and is available at reasonable prices. It lies at the main market, so parking is always an issue. It offers the service of take away. This is the best place to have some snacks in the evening.

Location New Khurana Bakery Market, Sector-13, Karnal


20 Samosa Factory

This is a small café that serves a variety of samosas like, chowmein samosa, dal samosa, cheese samosa and many more. This holds a seating capacity of 20 people and parking is not available. It opens around ten in the morning, but the best time to visit is in the evening. The place can be visited with family and friends.

Location Officers Colony, Model Town, Karnal