Top 20 Eateries Near Jamia Millia Islamia


1. Carnatic Cafe

This laidback eatery located in the affordable lanes of Community Centre is the perfect place to go to when you want to eat dosas, vada, and other such vegetarian South Indian delicacies! Their “Malleswaram 18th Cross” dosa is a must try as it is packed with exquisite flavours of gunpowder masala!


2. Al Bake

Everyone knows this famous joint located in Community Centre which offers Mughal and North Indian cuisine and is perfect for students on a budget who want to satisfy their stomachs! They are most famous for their shawarmas which melt like butter in your mouth and also for their tangri chicken!


3. Chaska

Almost every student from JMI has been to this place at least once; it is in fact quite a well-known adda at Tikona Park to hang out at when you want to eat some scrumptious rolls! They used to serve hookah earlier as well but now they are best known for their food. Chaska means obsession and you will literally be obsessed with this place once you go there!


4. HBO

Hunger Break Out, also known as HBO is a tiny little eatery at Tikona Park that serves the best tandoori momos around Jamia Millia Islamia. Topped with a wholesome layer of perfect gravy and onions, these momos melt in your mouth and are so filling, you’ll be arriving at this nook everyday!


5. FKC

Faisal Kabab Company also is known as FKC were earlier a small eatery at Tikona Park but are now renovating in the same lane to open a bigger eatery! Their kebabs are to die for and are so affordable, it is perfect for people who want to eat on a budget!


6. Chiang

Located in the scurry lanes of Sukhdev Vihar, this place is paradise on Earth for people who love Chinese cuisine! Possibly the only place where you get good quality Chinese food at an affordable price, this eatery offers a menu of delicious items. You don’t need to think a lot about what you want to order, every dish on the menu will leave you amazed!


7. Chaayos

This eatery in Community Centre is the perfect chai adda for all the tea lovers out there. What is unique about them is that they allow customers to choose how they want their chai to be made which gives them about 12,000 options to choose from! Isn’t that crazy? They also serve snacks to go with your chai.


8. Halal Pizza Fun

This eatery serves delicious pizzas at a low budget and every one who has eaten here claims that their pizzas are way better than Dominos or Pizza Hut and are in fact cheaper too! They have many branches but the closest one to Jamia Millia Islamia is at Tikona Park.


9. Cafe Coffee Day

The CCD situated at Community Centre is pretty much the go-to place for people who want to enjoy their food and also take pictures of it to upload on their social media profiles. They offer a wide range of snacks and drinks to choose from and they have a chilled out vibe which attracts a lot of their customers!


10. Mcdonalds

Who doesn’t know McD right? The closest branch to Jamia Millia Islamia is located at Community Centre and they are almost always busy and bustling due to the large amounts of crowd they draw in. They serve a separate breakfast menu which ends at 10.30 AM.


11. Dominos

The community centre is home to their closest branch and they are best known for the variety of dishes and combinations they offer which allow students to have a wholesome meal at low costs.


12 Pizza Hut

Located in the community centre, they are one of the first pizza eateries to have opened up near Jamia Millia Islamia. They offer a variety of combo offers and boxes for an affordable meal that are quite filling.


13. Lucknowi Galawati Kabab

Situated in the murky lanes of Zakir Nagar, this place is very well known for their juicy, tender Lucknow style kebabs that melt in your mouth and diffuse a beautiful combination of flavours.


14. Purani Dilli Restaurant

This eatery is situated in Zakir Nagar and is very very famous for their nihari which has been reviewed by many newspapers as one of the best in town. Their dishes are also very affordable and hence serve best for students on a low budget.


15.Rampur Kitchen

Located in the community centre, this place serves exquisite Mughal cuisine dishes which will definitely leave your mouth watering as soon as you set your eyes on the dish! They have a royal ambience with standardised seating and plating. Their kebabs are a must try!


16. Yum Yum Tree

You are bound to go into a food coma at the Community centre at the Yum Yum Tree as soon as you try out their lip-smacking sushi and other such dishes from their Pan Asian menu.


17. HMS South Indian And Chinese

HMS South Indian and Chinese serve exactly what their name suggests – south Indian and Chinese cuisine! Their prices are very affordable which is why this place gets many customers from in and around Jamia.


18. Ego Thai

This lounge is located in Community Centre and was launched in 2002. They offer fine dining in Thai cuisine along with a bar and lounge. What is unique about this place is that they have decorated the interiors of this restaurant with Thai paintings and artefacts giving it an oriental look.


19. Nathu’s

Located at the Community Centre, they are very famous for the variety of dishes and sweets that they serve. They offer everything from chaat to fast food, main course to sweets, everything. Their chole bhature are to die for!


20. Subway

This eatery is located in many places all over India but the closest one to JMI is in the community centre. What attracts a lot of customers here is the fact that you can make your own sandwich by choosing each and every element of your sandwich right from the bread to the fillings and sauces!