Best Restaurants of Mount Abu


Mount Abu is located near the Sirohi District. It is the only hill station that is situated in the desert state of Rajasthan. It is pinpointed in the scenery of Aravalli Hills with the approximate elevation of around 1220 meters above sea level. It is liked for being a retreat for the residents away from the scorching desert heat. It possesses a distinctive blend of the flavors of Rajasthan. Do you have any idea why Mount Abu attracts so many people? Mount Abu attracts umpteen tourists because of its pristine surroundings and pleasant climate. It has the world class tourist’s facilities which have never fallen short in serving. To make the visit memorable, there are a plethora of places to eat. So, here is the list of some fascinating places one must visit.

1.Hollywood Bollywood

It is a prevalent themed restaurant in Mount Abu which is a bit hard to find. For the one who is crazy about films, this is the restaurant that will offer you the best food with all the favorite lines written on the walls or the desks. It has a different style of serving that will definitely impress the movies lover.


2.Hookah Bar

It is the near the Nakki Lake in Mount Abu. It provides you the best enjoyment with the serene surroundings of hills and lake. The beautiful lights will mesmerize you indefinitely to the extent that you will be forced to come here again and again.


3.The Chocolate Room

It is located near Achal Gadh. It serves you the best quality of chocolate, and all the chocolates are naturally prepared. Best sizzling hot chocolates are waiting for you. Hurry up!


4.Café Cincini

Located on the main road with jaw-dropping interior work. With decent prizes, they offer warm services that are incomparable. From cheese-filled chicken breast to tandoori chicken, all varieties could be found here.


5.Café ShikiBo

It offers variety of coffee such as espresso, cappuccino, chai latte, and iced mocha made with fresh African beans.


6.Mulberry Tree Restaurant

Flora and fauna are the two main things that attracts tourists the most. It is well known for its Chinese and continental fare, housed in hill town.    


7.Dawat Restaurant

It is famous for its simple Rajasthan thali. One who would love to explore the natural beauty, should must visit this place covered with all greenery. It will satisfy your North Indian craving to a great extent.


8.Nature Stay At Ratan Villa

All of us have forgotten how it feels when there is no honking of vehicles. This is the place with the best food in the laps of nature which one should visit.


9.Hotel Hillock

Set in the Mountain view with the best interior decoration. Fancy chair and lightings make every single person ogling at it continuously. It has an experience of more than 50 years. Situated near Dilwara temple which is famous for its delicate work on marbles which will make you ogle at its wall repeatedly. It is located at a distance of 2.5 km from Mount Abu. It is one of the beautiful pilgrimage spots because of its flawless stone carving techniques. It consists of 5 temples which are unique to Jain culture in India. Those richly carved pillars and corridors with the lotus like engravings on the marble will surely leave you awestruck as you enter it.  So the benefit of Hillock should not ignore. I hope you got it?


10.Jaipur Palace

Located near the Sunset point and Nakki Lake. It serves the best food with the fascinating scenery around. One could easily enjoy the lake view while sitting on the terrace. It purely gives a serene look to the lake as they are covered with the hills around.


11.Honest Restaurant

For sunset lovers, it is a must place to visit. It has the breathtaking view as one can capture the picture of a perfect sunset at the horizon at this place. Situated near the Nakki Lake which gives its beautiful view.


12.Saraswati Dining

It is a pure vegetarian place, and the favorite place for all because of its facilities and library that attracts the tourists most.


13.Us Pizza

It will satiate your taste buds as it has chain of pizzas available for their guests. It is located near the Nakki lake of Mount Abu. It will give you pleasant perspective lasting throughout the year.



It is one of the excellent destinations because of its well-known dishes. It is the branch of a Gujarat restaurant opened up here to fill people’s heart with Gujarati flavor.   


15.Chacha Cafe

It offers spectacular food and lounge inside it. It is located in the main market in Mount Abu.


16.King’s Food

Just pack your bags and head to this marvelous place as it offers best street food. It is situated near Nakki Lake. It has a range of food from Chinese, Punjabi to South. Nakki Lake is one of the best visits in Mount Abu. Innumerable crowns are placed on the head of this intriguing Lake. It is the sacred lake for Garasia tribe. It is a quarter mile broad and a half mile long. It is heaven for nature lovers as it is surrounded by hills. Mahatma Gandhi’s ashes were immersed in it leading to the construction of Gandhi Ghat. Boating in this serene lake with a fountain in it will leave you rejuvenated and relaxed.


17.Kanak Dining Hall

It is an exotic place as it has Mount Abu’s best meal. Located near the bus stand, hence, convenient to satiate your appetite.


18.Arbuda Restaurant

It has an open terrace with chrome chairs filled in it. It is popular for its Gujarati, Punjabi and South Indian dishes.



It will leave you dumbfounded as it is a beautiful place to visit. It follows the traditional dress appearance of waiters and chefs to impress the guests. It has a plenty of curries both veg. and non-veg. types.