20 Places to Enjoy Your Favorite Honey Chili Potato In Delhi


The perfect amount of honey combined with the impeccable amount of chili, prepared with all the goodness of fresh vegetables gives us a plate of pure bliss. Honey Chili Potato is one of the most popular street foods of Delhi and it is the favorite lunch for the entire college crowd in town. This spicy and delicious dish is being served at every corner of every street in Delhi and it is the most gratifying food available at cheap price.

1. QD’s Restaurant, Satyaniketan

Finely chopped potatoes covered with honey and mouthwatering spices are the specialty of QD’s restaurant. It is one dish that you have to order every single time you happen to drop by at this beautifully built place. The dish is best for snacks at dinner time with a great atmosphere and an experience that you will definitely cherish your entire life.


2. China Town, Ramphal Chowk 

China Town is a mini setup located in the middle of the market and one of the most famous joints in the neighbourhood. It is well known for its special Honey Chili Potato and vegetable noodles. The best part about this place is that you can have your Honey Chili made how you like them. Less honey, more chili, no vegetables or however you like to enjoy your beloved street food.

China Town, Ramphal Chowk’

3. Hawkers, Vasant Kunj 

Now, Hawkers in Vasant Kunj is one place that is crowded till ten at night and no one leaves without wanting to come back and try something new here. I remember when I went there I ordered myself Honey Chili Potato and Garlic Noodles. It was the best meal of my day and that too at very reasonable price.


4. Berco’s, Connaught Place 

Berco’s in Connaught Place is actually not at all easy to find but trust me, it is worth all the trouble because the food being served at this alluring restaurant is simply amazing and worth your every single rupee. The Honey Chili Potato is their best dish and they make sure their customers come back at least every week, craving another plate


5. Boombox Café, Khan Market 

The Boombox Café in Khan Market is undeniably a haven amongst the crowd and chaos. It has the tastiest Honey Chilli Potato, which will steal your hearts just by a single bite. This simple and sober place is celebrated for its fancy looking dishes.


6. Hauz Khas Social, Hauz Khas Village

There is not a single youngster who has not been visited this place. This place is really amazing. The place has upbeat music and amazing food. Even though the Honey Chili Potato is high-priced, it is undeniably worth the money.


7. Phonebooth Café, Vijay Nagar 

Phonebooth Café is one of the most stylish looking restaurants in the city and the food being served at the place is just as sophisticated as the infrastructure. Honey Chili Potato is among the best-selling dishes on the menu and the favorite of all the regular customers of the café. 


8. Farzi Café, Connaught Place

At Farzi Café, the food is nothing like the name of the restaurant. It is well presented, qualitative and not over-priced. The Honey Chili Potato on the menu is to die for and nothing beats the presentation of this dish on the plate, at this café. The potatoes are crispy and shiny with all the goodness of honey and chili.

farzi cafe, connaught place, new delhi9. My Bar Lounge, Connaught Place

My Bar is located at Connaught Place in Delhi and there are three branches of this restaurant at Connaught Place itself. The Honey Chili Potato is quite reasonable and enough in quantity to fill an entire stomach. It is saucy and one of the most delicious plates of Honey Chili Potato that I have ever tried in my life.

bar lounge

10. Chinese by Nature, Dwarka

Chinese by Nature in Dwarka is the first place I ever went to try Honey Chili Potato and this place made me fall in love with this auspicious treat. This place is amazing to go with your friends and enjoy your scrumptious food. The Honey Chili of this place is amazingly delicious.  

Crispy Honey Chilli Potatoes 1

11. Jungle Jumboree, Connaught Place 

Jungle Jumboree has one of the finest looking infrastructures and it is a vision to look at every time you visit this magical wonderland. It has a very peaceful vibe to it, which just compliments the beautiful food being offered at the place. The Honey Chili Potato is a dish that you should try at least once and you would fall in love with it immediately.

Jungle Jumboree,

12. Warehouse Café, Connaught Place

The Warehouse Café in Connaught Place is a very sophisticated bistro and it is very well known for its charming food. This place has a very soothing atmosphere for you to enjoy your plate of Honey Chili Potato accompanied by a chilled drink.  


13. Over The Top, Janakpuri

Over the Top is a gorgeous little restaurant located in Janakpuri and it certainly goes over the top with the quality and presentation of their food. The Honey Chili Potato is not only bliss to look at but it is the tastiest treat you would love to experience every single day.


14. Superstar Café, Satyaniketan

Superstar Café in Satyaniketan undoubtedly has a Superstar dish, which is their Honey Chili Potato. They are crunchy, spicy and the dream snack of every adolescent. So, if you are in the neighborhood then you have to stop by, order yourself a plate of Honey Chili Potato and get ready to fall in love.


15. Big Red Box, Kamla Nagar

The Big Red Box in Kamla Nagar is one of the cutest and most fancy restaurants I have ever been to and the food is just straight up lip smacking. You would want to order not only one but multiple dishes and numerous plates of Honey Chili Potato. Their food is gorgeous looking and even better, taste-wise.

big red box

16. The Hudson Café, Delhi University-GTB Nagar

The Hudson Café is my personal favorite as it has the best service in town and it is a cute little place where you can hang out with all your college friends and share secrets over a cup of coffee and Honey Chili Potato. The potatoes are fresh and crunchy vegetables are also added to the dish to make it even more flavorsome.


17. The Colony Bistro, Lajpat Nagar 

The Colony Bistro in Lajpat Nagar is the best place for a school reunion or any type of party with your friends as it has everything to amazing food. It consists of an exquisite bar accompanied by a delicious range of snacks. The Honey Chili Potato is beautifully prepared with fresh honey and is one dish you should positively try once in your life.


18. Kennedy’s, West Patel Nagar

Kennedy’s in West Patel Nagar is popular for their Honey Chili Potato and there is no one who has been there and not ordered the most enchanting dish. These wonderfully cooked potatoes are being served with all the goodness of vegetables and the customers just can’t get enough of it.


19. Drool Kitchen, Dwarka 

The Drool Kitchen in Dwarka prepares the most magically Honey Chili Potato that is really worth drooling for and they are not even that expensive. This is the place where you can take all your friends for a birthday treat and it won’t cause a hole in your pocket either.


20. Pinch Of Spice, Rajouri Garden

Now, Pinch of Spice in Rajouri Garden is a rather fancy restaurant and it sure serves the best-looking dishes in town. It definitely deserves ten out of ten for presentation and the taste of the food matches the looks. The Honey Chili Potato on the menu is something you can’t ignore and it would surely prove to be one of the best involvements ever.