Don’t Miss These 20 Food Items When In Manali

Don’t Miss These 20 Food Items When In Manali

Manali is a favorite tourist place among Indians as well as foreigners. It is famous for its snow and mountains. You can experience snowfall in India if you are in Manali. In winter, this hill station place looks beautiful. Along with various breathtaking views, it also offers some tasty food. Manali has different dishes that will satisfy your tastebuds. You need a great location and great food for vacation. Check out the following delicious dishes in Manali.

1.Tibetan Thukpa

Himachal Pradesh influences Tibetan cuisine. One of the Tibetan dishes famous in Manali is Tibetan Thukpa. Tibetan Thukpa is a comfort food for you when you are in Manali. Spicy and hot thukpa is perfect for cold weather in Manali. This dish is available in veg and non-veg as well. So, vegetarian people won’t miss out on this delicious dish. It is a noodle soup loaded with vegetables or meat. In the vegetarian version, Thukpa has vegetable broth, noodles, and vegetables like beans, cabbage, carrot, and capsicum. Nonveg thukpa has noodles, chicken, meat, and vegetables. You enjoy authentic Tibetan thukpa ar Dharamshala or McLeod Ganj.



Siddu is a famous street food in Manali. You might find it similar to Momos at first glance. It is one of the most favorite traditional dishes in Manali. Siddu has two components: the outer covering and stuffing. The outer covering is of dough of wheat flour. The filling has peas, potato, urad dal, rajma, walnut, and peanuts. You can have the best siddu on the streets of Manali, especially on Mall Road.



Recently, Momos have become the go-to comfort food for many of us. This dish made of dough and stuffing will uplift your mood instantly. Momos are available in veg and nonveg as well. You must try Momos when in Manali. Juicy chicken momos are mouth-watering. Momos has two components, dough and stuffing. The dough is of wheat or all-purpose flour. The filling can be of chicken or vegetables like cabbage, onion, and carrot. People serve momos with a spicy red chutney or dip. It adds more flavors to momos.



Khatta is another food item found on the streets of Manali. You can get authentic Khatta only in Manali. Khatta is a savory dish prepared with pumpkin, Boondi, and dry mango powder. This sweet and sour dish is famous in Manali and other parts of Himachal Pradesh. You can try Khatta on the streets or any café serving Himachal food in Manali.


5.Chha Gosht

If you are a non-veg lover, then you must try Chaa Gosht in Manali. This dish, prepared with mutton, is savory. The meat marinated in yogurt, besan, and aromatic Indian spices has all the flavors. This dish introduces you to the spices of India. Chaa Gosht is available on the streets of Manali and cafes serve the traditional food of Manali. This dish is served with steamed rice.



Babru is a variation of the famous Kachori in India Like kachoris, Babru is available at sweet shops. This favorite street food of Manali is a savory dish. This is a fried Puri which is stuffed with feeling. the feeling is of black gram. You get tamarind chutney and green chutney with Babru. Tamarind chutney contains tamarind, jaggery, and dates. Green chutney has Mint and coriander leaves.



Bhey is another traditional food of Manali. People in Manali serve Bhey as a main course. Lotus stem is the main ingredient for preparing Bhey. Lotus stems are sliced into thin slices and then steamed. These steamed slices are then sauteed or stir-fried in spices and gram flour. It is also called a spicy lotus stem. Lotus stems have nutritious values. So you can eat them without guilt.


8.Tudkiya Bhat

As the name tells us, it is a rice dish. This dish is a burst of flavors in itself. The rice cooked with lentils, ground spices, and some Indian spices is flavourful. It also has some rare spices that make this dish more tasty. Piping hot Tudkiya Bhat is perfect for cold weather in Manali. You can enjoy this famous dish while watching snow-clad regions. Tudkiya Bhat is just like your comforting Rajma Chawal.



The name Aktori may sound strange to you, but it is the most delicious dish in Manali. Aktori is a perfect choice if you are looking for some dessert. Aktori is a sweet dish prepared during festivals in Manali. It contains buckwheat, sugar, milk, and water. Aktori will surely win your heart. You must try aktori if you want to devour on traditional food of Manali.


10.Chana Madra

Another Pahadi dish in Manali is Chana Madra. Chana means chickpeas. It is a savory dish. This dish prepared with white chickpeas, is a must-try. Chickpeas cooked in yogurt and tamarind gets its flavor from other spices. It has a bit of a tangy taste. You can enjoy Chana Madra with a plate of hot steaming rice. This dish also has some nutrients in it.



If you want to eat traditional breakfast in Manali, then you must try Patande. Patande served for breakfast is the best choice. It is a kind of Indian version of crepes. Patande is made with wheat flour, milk, sugar, and baking powder. Spices like cardamom and cinnamon are also added to it as it is a sweet dish.


12.Masala Omelet

Are you a fan of eggs? If yes, then you shouldn’t miss the masala omelet. This Omelet full of flavors will treat your tastebuds. Masala omelet prepared with eggs and spices like turmeric, red chili powder, etc. tastes delicious. Coriander and green chillis are also added. People serve it with roasted slices of bread. You can enjoy it for breakfast. You can get a masala omelet on the streets of Manali.


13.Trout Fish

A seafood lover in you won’t be disappointed in Manali. Trout Fish is a famous dish in Manali. If you want to eat seafood in Manali, then Trout Fish is the perfect choice. This dish has low calories and high flavors. A health freak cab also devours some trout fish. Perfectly cooked Trout Fish simmered on low flame, tastes amazing. It has a spicy and tangy flavor. It is fried or served as a curry. You can enjoy it with rice.


14.Gulab Jamun

Another dish found on the streets of Manali is Gulab Jamun. Many street vendors in Manali sell small-sized gulab Jamun on the streets of Manali. Gulab jamun is one of the favorite desserts of Indians. They are balls made of khoya and maida. These balls are deep-fried and then soaked in sugar syrup. The distinguishing factor of Gulab Jamun in Manali is its size. Gulabjamuns in Manali are bite-sized sweet balls.



Another rice dish that you must try is Mithha. This food item is also available on the streets of Manali. Mittha is a dish prepared with rice and raisins. It is topped with some dry fruits to enhance its taste and beauty. This dish not only tastes good but also smells good. It has a beautiful aroma because of the spices added to it.



Laphing is a cold dish. It is a dish of Tibetan cuisine. Laphing is popular in northern India. Laphing is a cold noodle made of moong dal, potato, or wheat flour. The spicy mix added for flavors makes it delicious. This mix has soya sauce, soybean chunks, and some spices. You can get this spicy dish on the streets of Manali.


17.Pizzas At Café 1947

If you like Italian food, then you must visit Café 1947. Tourists visiting Manali like this café a lot. Their pizzas are very famous. You can enjoy other food options as well. Try their delicious pizzas. You can enjoy your meal with a great view.


18.Chicken Kyiv

Another famous dish in Manali is Chicken kyiv. You get the best Chicken Kyiv in Johnson café. Chicken Kyiv is a chicken breast stuffed with some filling. The filling has herbs, lots of butter, and some spices. If you love non-veg food, then you must try chicken Kyiv. You can enjoy your food in the beautiful ambiance of Johnson’s café.



Samosa is not only famous in Manali but also in the rest of India. It is a tea-time snack enjoyed by all the Indians. Samosa is a savory dish fried in oil. The samosa contains an outer covering and stuffing. The covering made of maida or all-purpose flour is crispy. The filling is of potato and peas. The filling has different Indian spices. It is must-try street food in Manali.


20.Bombay Bhel

As the name tells you, this dish is popular in Mumbai, Maharashtra. But it has become a favorite among people in Manali as well. Bombay bhel is a mixture of puffed rice, farsan, onion, chickpeas, and tomatoes. It also has chutneys for extra flavors. Chutneys include tamarind chutney and mint chutney. It is a light snack. You can have it along with your evening tea. It is available on streets and cafes of Manali.