Fabulous Faloodas For Food Fanatics


Here is another sweet dessert whose origin is Iran (Persia), where a similar dessert faloodeh was familiar. The dessert came to Medieval India with the many Central Asian traders and administrations were established in the Indian subcontinent in the 16th to 18th century. The present form of falooda was originated in the Mughal Empire and spread with its triumphs. The Persian rulers who succeeded from the Mughals snubbed the dessert with their own modifications, specifically in Hyderabad Deccan and the Carnatic areas of present-day India. This dessert is now a prominent part of Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Sri Lankan modern culture has become a special dish in Muslim’s wedding and vacation parties.

Falooda is an iconic frozen dessert that you’ll find at every restaurant, ice cream bar /parlours & food joint in the Indian subcontinent.  Also, you can always customize it to your flavour with your favourite ingredients & toppings. And refills are always free!!!This super good dessert is great to enjoy on a bright summer day when you desire something cold.

Falooda is a famous Ice cream delicacy made with falooda sev, rose syrup. sabja seeds, condensed milk and ice cream, dry fruits, tutty fruity and jam. Similar versions of this dessert are popular across Asian countries and are known by different names.

To make falooda with several ingredients are added in numerous layers. And then excelled with ice cream and dry fruits, shiny cherries etc. This is like an Ice cream blast.

1.Rabdi Falooda

Rabdi Falooda is a traditional Indian desert is served soaking with rabdi which gives out an outburst of taste. Each bite is studded with crushed nuts & basil seeds and is topped with a big scoop of ice cream. Chilled rabri falooda is a portion of delicacy full of textural bites and sweet-smelling rose and cardamom. This is a perfectly energizing drink. Basil seeds is the main ingredient in this dish. They have numerous health benefits.


2.Parsi Falooda

Falooda is assumed to be eaten on Navroz, the ancient Persian New Year’s Day. The most reliable place to spot Falooda in the streets is Mumbai’s Irani restaurants.


3.Kesar Pista Falooda

The Kesar Pista Falooda is a delightful multi-layered dessert made with saffron mixed milk, falooda sev. Sabja bulbs topped with ice cream & tutti frutti and crushed dry fruits. The pista flavour dominates the whole dessert, and is mouthwatering. Last but not least handsome of pistachios summer dessert that keeps you cool.


4.Mango Falooda

Mango falooda is a dessert with sabja grains, falooda sev, clean mango, which is a great summer treat for you and your household. Mango falooda tastes heavens with the sweet smell of mango. So the Mango Falooda is a heartrobber of all the mango lovers out there with its delicious mango bursts.


5.Blueberry Falooda

Summer trips are the best days for relaxing at beach spots, right? Enjoying lemonades and ice cream, and spend the whole day absolutely doing nothing. To add extra chillness to your sunny afternoon, go for a blueberry falooda. Blueberries are low in calories and high nutrients making itself an absoulutely perfect choice for the hot summer.


6.Kesar Badam Falooda

Falooda is one among the many popular desserts in Indian. Badham is the king of dry fruits that make it flavoursome. Culturally it is made from mixing rose syrup. Falooda sev, basil seeds and flavoured condensed milk. There are too many varieties of Falooda. Kesar Badam Falooda is always fab for its extra nutrients.

Kesar Badam Falooda 4

7.Butterscotch Falooda

Butterscotch falooda is an extraordinary flavour of butterscotch. So those who love the taste of butterscotch should definitely try butterscotch falooda and as one expects will thoroughly enjoy it. Rich and delicious butterscotch falooda can never be forgotten and wants to have again and again.


8.Rose Falooda

Faluda or Falooda is a famous dessert street food. It is generally served in tall glasses with multi-coloured layers. The mix of flavours and textures within a separate glass is simply yummy. The most popular falooda flavour is definitely ‘Rose’. This flavour is generally at the top of the list at restaurants and is the most ordered flavour. Flavoured milk, rose syrup and ice cream, other essential ingredients can easily be called a dessert, so the recipe works as a drink and a delicacy.


9.Fruit Falooda

Fruit Custard Falooda is a luscious and gratifying Summer delight! It is basically a layered dessert and a coalition dish that fuses two familiar recipes, Semiyan kheer and the fruit mix, tastes extraordinary on a Summer afternoon. Fruit custard falooda loaded with the wholesome goodness of fruits and sabja and with essences of rose syrup and ice cream makes a supreme treat. It is for both drinking and eating. An excellent coolant drink cum delicacy.



Royal Falooda

An unquestionably delicious dessert to beat this summer is Royal Falooda. While, it has loads of coolants by nature like sabja seeds, vanilla ice cream and rose syrup.


11.Strawberry Falooda

Strawberry Falooda is a variation of Rose flavoured falooda added with strawberry syrup is a twist to the rose falooda and make this strawberry falooda. Drink excellent for summer to diminishing the heat.


12.Firni Falooda Trifle

Firini is a rice powder milk custard that is most famous in northern Indian, and falooda is another favourite street food beverage. Blending both and creating a fusion delicacy. It will make a classic dessert that we can customize this dessert and present as our choice.


13.Orange Strawberry Falooda

The popular falooda with fresh strawberry syrup and sweet-tangy orange jelly. Layered with the usual basil seeds, falooda sev and ice cream to make a luscious and enticing delicacy. The orange-strawberry falooda is the classic delicious treat for your summer.


14.Chocolate Falooda

Chocolate is frequently connected with positive impacts on our mood, right? Chocolate comprises essences that excite the brain too low to produce an antidepressant effect. Chocolate was a trendy drink if such refreshing chocolate is added to a falooda is an absolutely perfect summer coolant blast.


15.Kesar Kulfi Ice Cream Falooda

obviously, falooda is a street dessert but do you know about Kesar (saffron, costliest spice. Kesar is known to be warm in nature and gives immunity to various allergies and colds. Its exquisite aroma, colour and flavour to your food and drinks, so not necessary to use any artificial colours here. A purely natural healthy coolant we can enjoy good health as well as a tastiest drink and delicacy.


16.Malai Kulfi Falooda

Malai Kulfi Falooda that’s somewhere between a sundae and a milkshake. Kulfi is everyone’s favourite flavour, right? Layered rose-flavoured milk drink of freakish textures and flavours loved by everyone. The absolute summer overindulgence!


17.Mixed Fruit Milk Falooda

Falooda is a famous multi-layered dessert that is quite popular in the Indian subcontinent. It is for drinking and eating. This Summer coolant drink cum delicacy. Traditionally falooda is prepared by mixing rose syrup, condensed milk, falooda sev, falooda seeds, fruit custard. The dessert is topped with nicely chopped fruits, nuts, and ice cream. There are many variations to it. Falooda can be made using pulpy fruits like mangoes, papaya and seasonal berries and seasonal fruits.


18.Pista Falooda

Refreshing, easy falooda recipe made in pista flavour. It is very delightful and excellent as summer squash. Rich green in colour added ice cream, and its tempting taste and a healthy drink for your summer to chill.


19.Sapota Chocolate Falooda

Sapota is a delicious calorie-rich fruit like mango and banana. It has a smooth and grainy texture with a sweet and musky flavour. It is also known as “chikoo” in Hindu, “sapota” in Telugu, “sapotta” in Tamil and “sapodilla” in English. Adds condensed milk for more sweetness and more flavour. Good for health and healthy and tasty drink for summer.


20.Carrot And Coconut Falooda

Faloodas is the absolute favourite of its flavour and goodness. Luscious fruit creams filled with fresh and dry fruits with vanilla ice cream is a real indulgence. Here the blend of special carrot cream with thick coconut cream is a great combo with all the dry fruits, ice cream, and all other goodness combined!