Flavors Of Punjab- 20 Delicious Dishes To Satisfy Your Cravings

Flavors Of Punjab- 20 Delicious Dishes To Satisfy Your Cravings

The most impressive thing about Punjab, the land of five rivers is indeed their food which is rich, authentic and has always ruled everyone’s heart. From Sarson da saag to tandoori chicken, Punjabi food has a plethora of varieties already. Punjabi food is wholesome and efficiently delicious. The cuisine of Punjabi food is relished and celebrated by people of all communities. Here are 20 Punjabi delicacies that will put an end to your cravings –

1. Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken is one of the favorite dishes among Punjab. In fact, no celebrations or festival is complete without this finger-licking delicacy. This creamy, gravy dish is full of flavors and perfectly goes well with naan or roti. The memorable taste of butter chicken will make you swallow every single bite of it to the last drop!


2. Chole-bhature

Spicy, mouth-watering, full of exotic spices- Chole Bhature has it all. This main-core Punjabi dish is healthy which is served at breakfast or lunch. The crispy puffed Bhature and the appealing masala and spices in Chole will tempt you to have more of it!


3. Dal Makhani

Another favorite restaurant dish that originated from Punjab, Dal Makhani is yummy and full of flavors. It is prepared with the heavenly ingredients of black lentil, kidney beans, butter, and cream. This food item is loved by everyone so much that it attracts all when dine outside.


4. Paneer Tikka

When it comes to prominent Indian starter, Paneer Tikka tops the list. It is a vegetarian alternative for those who don’t opt for chicken tikka and other meat items. This authentic Punjabi food can also be made easily at home.


5. Rajma Chawal

This Punjabi cuisine needs no introduction at all. Kidney beans cooked with luscious onion tomato gravy makes for a complete dish for lunch or dinner. Served best with steamed rice, Rajma Chawal is everyone’s most favorite food at home.


6. Lassi

The pride and delight of Punjab- Lassi is exactly what we need during extremely humid weather. This traditional yogurt-based beverage is creamy, sweet, delicious and sometimes savory too. Lassi which hails from Punjab is exactly what you need on summers to cool down. This fresh and soft drink will make your days even better during the scorching Indian summers.


7. Sarson Ka Saag With Makki Ki Roti

Another reason why a Punjab household is heaven on earth! In the mood for a typical Punjabi cuisine? Then go for Sarson Ka Saag with Makki Ki Roti. The delicate little taste of spinach and mustard leaves makes this dish a whole lot healthier and appealing.


8. Punjabi Pakoda Kadhi

A pleasant and enticing made with besan, curd, and tasteful besan pakoras. This Punjabi specialty is different from others as this Kadhi is a lot thicker, spicier and creamier. This healthy Kadhi is what you need on a chilly afternoon.


9. Karah Prashad

Karah Prashad is been served as a religious offering at Gurudwaras in Punjab. This 3-ingredients dish is easy and simple to make. All you need is butter, sugar, and flour for this indulgent halwa! This scrumptious halwa is also served at The Golden Temple and is famous among Punjab households. Karah Prashad is a pure delight to have in winters.


10. Punjabi Samosa

Nothing better than a hot samosa with sweet or spicy chutneys on them for your taste-buds! Punjabi Samosas usually have a filing of potatoes and peas. You can also add raisins, cashew and amchur powder for that extra zing. This famous delicious snack will make your mouth water instantly!


11. Gajar Ka Halwa

Gajar Ka Halwa is one of the most popular and delicious dessert, originated from Punjab. Made from juicy carrots and grated with sugar, milk, nuts, almonds and saffron, this dessert is a treat during winters.


12. Amritsari Fish

Amritsari Fish is the perfect starter for any party. This batter fried crispy fish dish is a famous street food in Amritsar. Amritsari Fish is indeed an impressive dish served with a naan, lassi or just like that.


13. Alootikki

Crispy, Spicy and full of flavors, Alootikki will satisfy all your taste buds and cravings. Prepared with potatoes, peas and various spices this dish has become a favorite snack all over the country.


14. Aloo Ka Paratha

Is there anything better than an Aloo Ka Paratha served with dollops of pickles, butter or ghee? Aloo Ka Paratha is the pivotal food of Punjab, and the delectable combination of fresh yogurt with Aloo Ka Paratha is a match made in heaven. This dish is the most preferred item at a Dhaba or even at home! People love having it, no matter the huge amount of calories it has!


15. Gobhi- Shalgam -aloo- Achaar

Because pickles are a way to every Indian’s heart. We all adore different types of a pickle, but Punjab’s love for achaar is a notch higher than the rest. Most loved achaar in Punjab among all has to be the cauliflower-turnip-carrot pickle.


16. Palak- Paneer

Because Punjab is love to have their green veggies with a lot of paneers. Paneer cubes are put in rich and creamy gravy of spinach with finely aromatic spices in desi ghee. Serve Palak-Paneer with a garlic naan for a perfect option for lunch or dinner.


17. Aloo- Gobhi

Aloo Gobhi is another mainstream Punjabi dish made with spicy aloo and cauliflower. Apart from it peas, garam masala, red chilli powder, a ginger paste is also added for a spicy flavor. Have this dry vegetarian sabji with rotis, chapatis, daal-rice or even bread!


18. Pinni

A delicious Punjabi mithai which is generally prepared in winter. This absolute delight is made with gram flour, urad dal, and whole wheat flour and is cooked in sugar syrup. It is healthy, nutritious and something you must have during winters!


19. Punjabi Egg Curry

Cooked with boiled eggs, spices, onion and tomato gravy, Egg Curry goes well with steamed rice and paratha or roti. Egg Curry is an exceptionally good dish especially when you’re in a mood to make some delicious and quick brunch which is easy to make.


20. Chicken Tikka

The word “tikka” means pieces or chunks. Chicken chunks marinated in spicy and tasty gravy full of spices, ginger paste, red chilli and yoghurt is a treat for all chicken-lovers.