Foods To Avoid From Now On

Foods To Avoid From Now On

1. Popcorns

The bag that contains popcorns is lined with a chemical called PFOA, or perfluorooctanoic acid. When this is heated, it tends to cause cancer. There are some ingredients that popcorns contain are highly dangerous like oil and the emulsifiers. Moreover, the butter flavor is made with the help of a chemical called diacetyl which is highly toxic.


2. Stick Margarine

It contains a large amount of trans-fats, that has the possibility to damage blood vessels and arteries. Besides tasting great (nothing like the real thing), butter is a major source of fat that will make you gain lots of calories in a short span of time. Stick margarine as per recent reports is highly unhealthy for kids which makes their hearts weak and hampers the proper functioning of their brain.


3. Pancakes

The American’s favorite pancake contains a lot of trans-fats because it’s a powder. pancakes with syrup is a plateful of refined carbohydrates that rapidly increases your blood sugar and harmful triglycerides to raise your risk of heart disease. Guys who binge on white-flour goods have a greater chance of sudden death from heart attack.


4. Anything with Artificial Sweeteners

These sweeteners can transform your body in a way that it will tend to make you crave for more sweets. There are tons of data that also shows that, for those with diabetes, aspartame worsens their insulin sensitivity even more than sugar does.


5. Tomato Sauce

Sounds bizarre, but yes tomato sauce can destroy your health. It is filled with redefined sugars. More than likely, you already have too much sugar in your diet, surely you don’t need it in your tomato sauce. Many tomato sauces also contain sodium.


6. Frosting

Not only does frosting contain an abundance of saturated fat, but many brands also contain the amount of trans- fat in one serving that is “allowed” for one full day. High coloring, and a variety of other preservatives may also be present, but will vary brand to brand.


7. Packaged Sandwiches

One sandwich alone contains more than 400 calories. Knowing mayonnaise is unhealthy, a packaged sandwich contains more than 4 table spoons of mayonnaise.


8. Non-Organic Strawberries

There are dozens of pesticides that the strawberries are exposed to when in the field. Washing the strawberries alone is not going to solve the purpose. It’s a high time, that we should start buying only organic ones.


9. Coleslaw

We know that it contains cabbage and carrots, which is good for health but along with that it also contains many calories, sugar, and humungous amount of fat. This makes it unfit for eating.


10. Sprouts

When I first looked at sprouts, my reaction was probably the same. “How can sprouts be unhealthy? ” the reason is that sprouts can be highly unhealthy if they are eaten raw or light cooked. Because sprouts grow in humid environment where bacteria grow but properly cooked sprouts make those bacteria die.


11. Packaged Cookies

If you read the label carefully, you will see that they contain white flour, tons of sugar, artificial flavors, colors, and simply tons of preservatives. All these things are highly dangerous for health.


12. Frozen Pizza

Pizza contains a large amount of salt and MSG, which includes cheese and dough. All these things are highly dangerous and causes chronic diseases in the body. Pizza is also unbelievably high in Most of that comes from the cheese, that’s true, but many pizza sauces also contain palm oil or corn oil as well as sugar.


13. Sodas

The over consumption of sugar can lead to an insulin reaction in your body that can, in the long run, lead to diabetes as well as weight gain. Most soda makers use high fructose corn syrupas their sweetener, which means it’s GMO corn.


14. Salty Snacks

Besides the high salt content, almost all salty snacks are fried with partially hydrogenated oils (again, read GMO oil) which make them loaded with trans-fats. All these things are really unfit for consumption.


15. Ketchup

It contains a lot of salt and preservatives. Ketchup can increase the blood pressure. Ketchup can be eaten when it is homemade and made with the ingredients which are fit for consumption. For every single tablespoon of sugar, we are consuming a teaspoon of sugar which is again unhealthy to eat. Little consumption is still fine but consuming in lots can lead you to be a patient of chronic diseases. Hence, depends on how much you consume it.


16. Packaged Cereals

Anything which is packaged turns out to be toxic. It uses a lot of artificial colors, preservatives, flavors, and other things which makes it unfit for consumption.


17. Ranch Dressing

Although it tastes great but its highly unhealthy for consumption. Calories being the first consideration, each tablespoon contains as much as 75 calories which should be at the top of your list to avoid things.


18. Mechanically Produced Hamburgers

A single hamburger is not just from one animal, it comes out from 100 of cows. It contains a fat called pink slime, now it is doused with ammonia. Previously, which is used to be sold only as a dog food. Now, as a filler it starts getting grounded with the meat.


19. Packaged Diet Snacks

To enhance the taste, they blend it with artificial sweeteners or plain old sugar. What they call it as diet snacks, is no more going to make your diet stable. My mother always used to say that we should not consume packaged material but as a kid, you will listen only to your tongue but now I actually realized how toxic these packaged snacks are.


20. Anything From Fast Food Chains

As we grow up, we often hear it from our parents and dear ones that fast foods are highly unhealthy, which is true. These fast foods contain a lot of trans-fats, salt and chemicals( like sugar and MSG). all these things makes it highly unfit for consumption.