Ghansoli’s Top 20 Dhabas For Authentic Culinary Experiences

Top 20 Travel-Friendly Foods To Keep You Fuelled

Travelers always love to explore the food culture of new home. Food represents the history of a place. A cooking is born when a celebration takes place. There are stories about the cuisine. Moreover, these cuisines will come out as nutritional foods. The taste of such food brings out the joy in an eater. It is best to relish the authentic food of a particular place. These tastes will make you remember your experience of the sites you visit. The old stories attached to this food are amazing to hear. These stories go to the root of the culture of the area. Every area has its delicacies, which promote the place.

1.Shetkari Dhaba

This Dhaba is located in Sector 5 of Ghansoli. This Dhaba started in 2020. It opens from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. and then from 7 p.m. to 11.30 p.m. They serve North Indian and Maharashtra cuisines. The average bill for two will be Rs. 350. They even do deliveries. They accept both cash and digital payments. They also accept cash on delivery. They have an inner dining space for the customers.

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2.Baba Ka Dhaba

This dhaba is famous for its North Indian dishes. They operate from Monday–Sun from 12.30 p.m. to 11.15 p.m. The average amount is Rs. 350 for two. The Dhaba has a ground and first floor in Bhagwati Eleganza in Sector 11 of Ghansoli. They do not have dining options. They have a home delivery facility. They believe in customer satisfaction. They do have several payment modes. A customer can pay by any suitable method.

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3.Sarpanch Dhaba

They serve authentic Punjabi dishes. Tandoori Chicken , and Butter Chicken are must-try here. They have quality service and the ambience at the dhaba is excellent. It is a perfect dhaba to enjoy your dinner with your loved ones. They provide you with a great dining experience. Every dish has its taste , which makes them different from other dhabas. The flavour in all the dishes is mouth-watering.

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4.Paresh Dhaba

The dhaba is present in sector 30 of Ghansoli. It is perfect for casual dining. The average cost of two will be Rs 500. They serve all North Indian dishes. Dal Tadka and Paneer Bhurji are must-try dishes at the dhaba. They have their own dine-in space. They have quality service. It is well known for its delicious items. The dhaba has a rural vibe. The dhaba maintains hygiene in its kitchen and dine-in space.

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5.Patil Dhaba

It is well known for its quick bites. It operates from Monday to Sunday. It functions from 11.30 am to 4.30 pm and from 8.00 pm to 11.00 pm. They have all kinds of payment modes. The average cost of two is Rs 350. This dhaba is in sector 9 of Ghansoli. This restaurant began in 2018. They also provide parking space to all their customers.

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6.Om Sai Lunch Home

They are well known for their variety of cuisines. It is in Agree Ambika complex. It operates from 7 in the morning till midnight. North Indian and South Indian dishes are both served in the restaurant. It serves breakfast in the morning. There is always a rush of customers who go to the office. The average cost for two is Rs 250.

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7.Bandardev Dhaba

This dhaba is perfect for eating some authentic Indian dishes. The comfortable atmosphere will let you enjoy your food with ease. It functions from Sunday to Monday. It starts from noon till midnight. It is in Ghansoli. They have an excellent service and serve the dishes within time. They are famous for their Chinese items. Customers are treated very happily.

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8.Biryani House

It is a perfect place for casual dining. The average cost of two is Rs 500. It severs flavourful biryani , which will leave you licking your fingers. They have a wide range of biryanis. The interiors are beautiful. It is a must-visit place. The price range is very much affordable. Customers enjoy the biryani here with their family and friends.

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9.Delhi Zaika

It is the perfect dhaba to relish delicious cuisine with friends and family. The average cost of two will be Rs 300. It serves all north Indian dishes. It is in sector 19 of Ghansoli. It functions from 9 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon. Then it again starts at 7 pm till 11 in the night. They serve both veg and non-veg options.

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10.Aappa Cha Dhaba

It is the most suitable dhaba to dine in with your family. They serve both during lunch and dinner time. Breakfast options are unavailable. The atmosphere of the dhaba is pleasant. The price range for two will start from Rs 200. They have excellent service. The food is served within a significantly short time. The restaurant also serves a wide range of cuisines.

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11.Aai Ekvira Dhaba

This place is in the heart of Ghansoli. It serves delicious food varieties. It has both non-veg and veg options. The food served here is mouth-watering. They also have their catering service. It is a perfect place to enjoy delicious food with friends and family. The quality of the food is good. The ambiance of the dhaba is very comfortable.

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12.Hotel Mahalaxmi

This hotel lies near the Ghansoli railway station. It serves north Indian and Chinese cuisines. The average bill amount for two will be Rs 400. Chicken and fish thali is trendy. Customers highly recommend trying the thalis at the hotel. It becomes crowded during the lunch hours. There is a huge rush. They do offer home delivery.

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13.Hotel Zam Zam

This dhaba is very popular for its wide range of cuisines. They do all types of Chinese items, North Indian items, and Mughlai. They also serve Lebanese and breakfast options. They function from morning nine till 11.30 at night. They are open from Monday to Sunday. They are located on Ghansoli station road. The average bill amount of two is Rs 450.

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14.Om Sairam Lunch Home

This restaurant is famous for casual dining restaurants. They take care of customer demand till 11.30 in the night. They are praised for their food presentations and mouth-watering taste. It is highly recommended in Ghansoli. They maintain the hygiene of their hotel. Quality service to their customers is the top priority.

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They are located in sector 1 of Ghansoli. The price of the two will be Rs 450. They serve fast food, Chinese, north Indian, and dessert options. This dhaba was started in 2016. They do a home delivery option. The dishes served here have a mouth-watering taste. Customers are pleased with their service. Hygiene is their top priority. This hotel was established in 2016.

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16.New Kulsum Hotel

This place is located in the heart of the city. The bill amount for two will be around Rs 600. They serve quality food. The ambiance of the hotel is very satisfying. It is a perfect place during lunch and dinner time. They also have their catering service. They also offer catering services during special occasions. Customers enjoy their food with family and friends.

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17.Om Sai Agri Dhaba

They offer north Indian, Chinese, and Sichuan dishes. The dishes make the customer mouth-watering. It has been highly recommended by their long-term customers. They do not have any dining space. The average cost for two is Rs 200. They have their delivery options. They are located in sector 16 of Ghansoli. The food served is very tasty and will bring you back to the restaurant.

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18.Hotel Prithika

They are situated in Mahape in Ghansoli. It serves North Indian and Chinese food items. They fit very delicious delicacies. The ambiance is charming. The average bill amount for two will be Rs 600. They do not serve alcohol. They take all kinds of payments. Chicken tikka is the most recommended item by customers.

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19.Sparsh Leela

This hotel offers all North Indian, Chinese, and seafood items. It opens at 6 in the evening. The food items served here are delicious. The delicacies are mouth-watering. The popular dishes are chicken lollipop masala dry, chicken tikka, chicken biryani, and kebabs. The average cost for two will be Rs 500.

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20.Hotel Bhushan

It is situated on Thane Belapur Road in Ghansoli. The average cost of two will be Rs 650. They serve all types of Chinese, North Indian, and biryani. The hotel atmosphere is very comfortable. The food items are purely hygienic. The hotel provides high-quality service. The hotel is in a very posh location.

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