21 Places In Bhubaneswar You Will Love To Eat!


1.Tyre Patty

Tyre Patty is one of the most modern destinations in Bhubaneswar to enjoy a great meal. You must try the sizzlers here!


Silver Streak

With a couple of outlets in the city, Silver Streak, is already a famous Chinese restaurant in the city. The ultimate stop for all Chinese cravings! In fact, this restaurant in BMC mall is always packed on the weekends. Do not forget to try the Pan Fried momos here.



In the mood for some great Kolkata biryani? Worry not! Coz Shiraz brings you the best Biryani in the city. The combination of potato and mutton and of course the Biryani works wonder for all Biryani lovers!


Mamma Mia

This cafe in the Mayfair resort is famous for being a hangout spot for teenagers. Not only do they have the best bakery items in town they also have some great continental dishes. To top it all, their quirky interiors works wonders if you’re in the mood for a photo session. The experience here will be worth your time.


Chill Umm

Chill Umm in KIIT Square is the ultimate student destination offering food on the menu. You’ll hardly ever find a table on weekends here. Offering a new age food destination, Chill Umm has become a quick favourite for students in the city.



Another restaurant lounge in KIIT Square this is one of the best places to enjoy a great meal with your friends. Because of its location, it is mostly frequented by students and is full of young crowds.


Brew bakes

Brew Bakes gives you the ultimate coffee experience with your friends. You can enjoy food with coffee here while playing some tune on the guitar. You will be eager to visit this place again for its sandwiches, masala fries and a range of bakery items.



A cafe popularised by students, Frespresso is another coffee destination of the city. Visit Frespresso for some great coffee, and lots of gossip with your friends.


Food Trucks At Ram Mandir

The food trucks in Ram Mandir are famous for serving a variety of snacks for you. You get a range of food at minimal prices! There are several food trucks which are available during the evening to put an end to your food temptations.



Dalma is the most famous dish in Odisha, which is a lentil dish with vegetables and a tiny bit of sourness and similar in taste with sambhar but not just as sour. So they named a restaurant after it. So to taste the best dalma in town, visit Dalma!


Mutton Dhabas At Doordarshan Kendra

The lane beside Apollo Hospital leads to quite a few dhabas just beside the Doordarshan Kendra. These dhabas are famous for serving one dish only- Handi mutton. You cannot resist the temptation of having mutton here if you cross this lane. They get sold out before three o clock in the afternoon.


Nakli Dhaba

Nakli Dhaba is a fine dining restaurant in Mayfair, which gives you the luxury of dhaba-like food at the luxury of a fine dining restaurant. The food here is phenomenal and doesn’t leave scope for you to complain!


Jugaad Junction

Jugaad Junction is a cafe in the city, where everything is by jugaad. From the glasses to the tables to the decor, everything has just barely been managed to fit in. They take their theme very seriously so do not be surprised if they serve you water in different glasses to everyone.


Jalazza The Urban Dhaba

Jalazza is an urban dhaba which has tried to replicate the feel of a dhaba but with an urban intent. It is one of the newest places in town but has already become famous due to its prime location. So what are you waiting for?


Mainland China

What’s Chinese without Mainland China? So, if you by far want the best Chinese in town, go for their unlimited buffet! The food here is exquisite and this place competes to be one of the best dining places in town.


Hotel Priya

Everyone in Bhubaneswar knows that Sunday morning breakfast means Chole Bhature at Hotel Priya! You would be underestimating the popularity of this place, so if you don’t take it seriously ask any resident in the city if they have had Chole Bhature from Priya, and you won’t hear no for an answer! So legendary this place is.


Lingraj Lassi

Another legendary place on the list, Lingraj Lassi at Ram Mandir is a classic lassi shop; no one has not heard about! Inarguably, they have the best lassi in town. Their flavoured lassi is so tasty and fulfilling that one glass of this will be difficult for one person to finish. Do not miss to try this if you’re in town.


Sai Bhog

The Sai Bhog at Master Canteen is famous for serving unlimited food at only a minimal cost. Not only is the food healthy but incredibly tasty, so much so that you won’t realise until you’ve had food of two people all by yourself.


Biryani House

The Biryani House opposite to the BMC Mall is a small restaurant/Biryani place which serve classic Biryani combos. You get a couple of Biryani meal options to choose from r here. Also, the prices are quite minimal.


Adda Unplugged

Adda Unplugged is another new young generation favourite food destination in the city. You get a variety of food options from finger food to meal. So for some great ‘adda’, do visit Adda Unplugged.



No list involving Bhubaneswar is complete without the mention of Rasgullas from Pahala. Although the origin of Rasgullas hasn’t been identified as of yet, the Odissan Rasgullas are different from the Bengali ones. At Pahala, you’ll find a long queue of shops selling these famous Odissan Rasgullas on either side of the highway. It is simply a crime to not try these!