How to Count the Calories in Home-Cooked Food

Almost everyone in the world is health conscious. But, most of the time, taste overtakes health consciousness. Everyone wants to eat delicious food, but making the diet healthy is much more important. While eating packed food, one could easily find out the calories, fat content, etc., as it is mentioned in the package. But what about the food we make at home? Is there any way to find the calories in the food we eat? Yes, some methods exist to know the calories in our home-cooked food.

Before we discuss the methods, let’s discuss what a calorie is. A calorie is nothing but the energy amount needed to make 1 kg of water by one degree Celsius. We use to find the calories present in food to find out its energy. Calories depend on the volume of the food we consume. Proteins and carbohydrates have nearly 4 calories/gm. and fats have 9 calories/gm.

It is essential to track the weight and volume of the ingredients you use while cooking your meal. Most people use measuring cups, spoons, and kitchen scales to find out the volume & weight of the ingredient.

Manual Calculation

While checking all the ingredients’ calorie values manually, you can sum them up. It is better to count the calorie for a single serving and then multiply it by the number of serving one have. For instance, if one had a slice of a cake that has 2000 calories, if the cake is cut into 8 pieces, then a piece has 250 cl. In this way, one has to calculate the calories taken.

Though one can use measuring equipment to calculate the calories, in this latest technological world, there are a lot of methods available to find the calories found in food. One can easily find the calorie content in any food material using some apps.

When these apps are not accessible due to a geo-block, one can use a VPN to access the content they wish. You can look at here for further details about the calorie finder.

Here are some Calorie Finder Apps available Online


MyFitnessPal is one of the top calorie finder apps. It is free, and the premium option is also available if one wants to have some additional features. By tracking a person’s height and weight, this app suggests the calories to be consumed.


MyNetDiary is a paid app. This app has a premium option to scan the food’s barcode and reveal the calories in a fraction of a second. It is exciting to hear that this app has 988,000+ foods in its database. Though it is a paid app, it is one of the leading apps than free apps, as it calculates the calories instantly with millions of food data.

Calorie Counter+

Calorie Counter+ is one of the decent calorie counter apps that has 250,000 food products with images. It is a paid app, but the trial version is available for a week. This app helps track sugar, carbs, protein, saturated fat, fat, salt, and fiber.

Control My Weight

Control My Weight is one of the best free apps with a barcode scanner option to check the calories of pre-made food. This fitness app suggests dietary methods and has become one of the most preferred calorie finder apps.

If you are a health-conscious foodie, try one of these leading apps to get the right amount of calories you should intake.