Top 20 Organic Food

top 20 organic food 1

Hola readers!! In this fast-moving world, our nutrients level are constantly dropping, and deep inside, you also agree with me on this point. So, would you mind changing your eating habits or prefer eating tasteless bitter medicine? I saw you choosing option one. Kudos! for taking the first step toward your healthier future! Organic foods are those, which grow in a natural care, with less or zero chemicals, and are a sea of nutrients. There were a few insights from our side. The universe has ample options open for you.

Today will put the limelight on the sea of nutrients that is organic foods. You must have heard this term, I bet. But what it means in-depth to your well-being will witness today. Let’s check out quickly how switching a little portion of food can change our lives in a better way.

Presenting the champion of our meal, “Top 20 Organic Foods.”

1. Apples

We all have read ‘An apple a day keeps a doctor away’. Indeed true, but a half-truth. “Organic apple keeps the doctor away and nutrients intact.” Yes, apples are costly. But why choose less when you can get more with little extra spending? No doubt why it comes first on our list.

2. Strawberries

Who’s heart beats for strawberries? The same strawberry keeps your heart protected too! It is second in the top 20 organic foods. Organically grown strawberries in good soil are rich in fiber and vitamins. It can cut down the chances of cancer. Additionally, recommended for people with high blood pressure.

3. Spinach

Ahh, spinach, all seems to be greeny now. Well most of us avoid leafy vegetables but let me tell you they are very high in iron, minerals & vitamins, an apt sea of nutrients. It will make your skin and bones glow. Many recipes can add heavenly taste to your buds.

4. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are the spinal cord of our food. From salad to the main course, all dishes crave red and juicy tomatoes, isn’t so? Make a lip-smacking gravy out of it or swallow its juice or crush it raw with your teeth. It molds the way you want.

5. Hot Peppers

If you love eating spicy, tearful food, this is for you. Next time, use organic hot pepper on the cooked food. It will be tempting spicy and fill you with Vitamin A, B, C, and E. A piece of advice, avoid eating in access after knowing its benefits. When grown organically, its taste can mesmerize you. But, always remember too much of anything is worst.

6. Cherries

Never underestimate cherries for their tiny size. It has ocean-like qualities hidden inside a drop-like body. Carry a handful of them and allow them to improve your digestion and immune system. It also has a positive impact on eyesight and the sleeping cycle. So the next time you are hunting for good sleep, hunt for cherries!

7. Bell Peppers

Green, yellow, and red colored peppers are appealing, just like their intense taste. Bell peppers are commonly known as capsicum. What dishes can you make from it? Ask me what not! From all-time favorite pizza-burger to starters like Manchurian, bell peppers are a key ingredient. Wrap it in a roll or toss it with your barbecue.

8. Grapes

We all know grapes possess a sea of nutrients and minerals. When you have an organic bite, it tastes ten times sweeter, a ball packed with antioxidants. Well Grown in soil free from any pesticides, organic grapes can be the best choice.

9. Sweet Corn

Sweet corn stands on our list. Be it road romance or drops of rain, Bhuta is a must. Every person has a unique way of expressing love for sweetcorn. Some like plain roasted, some dipped in lemon, salt, & spice, while some enjoy the chat. What’s your way?

10. Cabbage

Cabbage is available for almost 366 days, but if you want to take maximum advantage of its benefits, consume it during peak season, winters. It appears to be the tenth organic food item on the list. You will know the difference by its lip-smacking sweet taste on cold days. Try hot pakoras on breezy days, or try to create a saucy cabbage salad.

11. Onion

If onion makes you cry, it relishes your body too. We all know onions can reduce the impact of stroke and heart-related diseases. Many use it as a digestive & antiseptic agent apart from adding life to day-to-day food. It is more relishing when grown in a fully organic way.

12. Mango

Mango, the king of fruit!! It makes us crave a whole year, so why compromise on its taste & quality? From checking the quality of soil to its watering methods, organic farming of foods takes care of all the deficiencies. Also, if you are interested in testing its originality or if it is an organic mango, dip them in water. The study says pearls will sink into the ocean. Mango surely deserved to be at number twelve.

13. Kiwi

If you overhead Kiwi is only a fruit to brag about, it’s a complete myth. It’s not to showcase but to build. Kiwi is Powerhouse. Because it beats the fruits with their multitudinous nutrient value when grown organically. It is also the talk of the town due to its mood-lifting superpower.

14. Grains, Pulses, Cereal

It is part of our daily routine plus a peak source of energy in our veins. Nowadays, lots of pesticides help grow quicker and persuade consumers. But a jeweler knows the worth of a true gem. Same with grains, pulses, and cereals, beware.

15. Organic Honey

Honey strengthens us. I hope you are enlightened knowing how Honey is processed & if not, do spend a few moments on it. Why bet on any Honey for your Honey? Consume organically certified Honey which has antibacterial agents. It will add stars to your Honey pancake too.

16. Dry Organic Seeds

There are infinite options of dry seeds like pumpkin, awla, sunflower, flex, muskmelon, watermelon, and the list continues to go on. If you haven’t tried one, pick one now and savor it. Not necessary to spend an extra penny on it. If you have bought any organic foods, store seeds aside, dry them, and cook them. Moreover, you can use it as a mukhwas too!

17. Coriander, Parsley

Never get confused between their twin structure and color. Both act as herbs. One tastes refreshing and sweet, and another one is bitter. Coriander & Parsley are sprinkled in many dishes to enhance the look and the taste. Also, they prepare top- notch dishes like paratha.

18. Jaggery Powder

Sweet is our traditional sweet ritual. Remember those days when stepping for good work and mom used to put a small put of jaggery? The same jaggery works as a cleanser to our throat & respiratory system. Organic jaggery is extracted directly from sugarcane without mixing any chemicals.

19. Spices

Indian meals are always incomplete without spices. Be it turmeric giving attractive color, salt balancing the diet, or waking our senses with chili powder. Have you ever thought about what else these spices serve on your plate? Better Immune Power! If you have ever noticed the packet of spices, it’s mentioned added preservatives. While organic ones are fresh & with minimum pesticides.

20. Dairy Products

The journey of dairy products began with an animal that gives us fresh milk, ghee, cheese, butter, and yogurt. Have you thought if the prime source, the animal, is not healthy, how severely it may impact? Products have to pass a few criterias to wear the crown of organic dairy. If or if not you are willing to shift yourself to organic foods, that’s fine but think about dairy products.