How To Make Carrot Halwa – Quick One Minute Video


It is a sweet dessert pudding associated mainly with North India and Pakistan. It was introduced during the Mughal period and the name origin from the Arabic word “halwa” meaning “sweet”.

They are called by the name ‘Gajar ka halwa’. Carrot has a high nutritional value of Vitamin A that is essential for vision. It prevents Cancer and a best antioxidant vegetable with carotenoids that has plenty of health benefits. The carrot halwa is a simple dish that is not time consuming and can be made within few minutes if you are eager to have a dessert immediately.

The ingredients are
The milk, sugar, cashew, ghee, elachi powder (optional) and grated carrot. These are ingredients are sure to be available in the kitchen. So, why do you wait, just try the dessert and crave your sweet tooth.

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