Top 20 Famous And Tasty Street Foods In Patiala




Panipuri is almost everyone first love. It is a popular street food all over India. Panipuri consists of a crisp hollow puri which is filled with a mixture of boiled potatoes, channa, peas. No one can stop just by eating only one panipuri. Mouth starts watering just after listening to the name Pani Puri. It is the street food which is loved by people of almost all the ages. It is the most lovable street food.


Dahi Puri

Dahi puri, just wow! What a great combination of sweetened curd with the spicy chutneys in a crisp Puri filled with potatoes & other spices! Hope everyone had tried it once. Balance between sweetened curd and chutneys imparts it a delicious taste.


Cholle Bhature

It is a famous Punjabi dish. A plate of Cholle Bhature is enough to satisfy hunger of a very hungry person. The crispy fried Bhature along with pickle, chutney serves as best street food. People love to eat it as a breakfast.


Amritsari Kulcha

Amritsari Kulcha is a type of Prantha which is stuffed with boiled mashed potatoes, onions along with other vegetables cooked in Tandoor and served along with Channa. Sometimes it is also served with Chutney & Channa. It is a tasty stuffed street food cooked in Tandoor.


Tandoori Chicken

It is dish which people loves the most as street food. It is cooked in Tandoor over burning coil and then it is coated with butter, lemon juice. Various spices are added to it. Cooking in Tandoor and different spices imparts the food a delicious taste. For non-vegetarian people it is the most loveable dish.



Tea with samosa is a good combination. In it the dough is filled with spicy mashed potatoes and peas. It is served with Mint Chutney. The crispy layer imparts a great taste to it. People love to eat it with tea in the evening.


Papdi Chaat

Here it is a combination of Papdi, Boiled Potatoes, Chutney, Curd, Namkeen & various species. Many people love to eat it as an evening snack.


Puri Cholle

It is similar to Cholle Bhature. The difference is only in Puri flour. In it the puri is made up of whole wheat flour which provides it a different taste. Sometimes it is also served with Aloo Bhaji. It is taken as a breakfast.


Aloo Tiki

It is another famous mouth-watering street food. It contains fried potatoes along with chutney, curd with onions sprinkled on it. Both Mint and Tomato Chutney are added to it.


Kathi Roll

It consists of mixed vegetables and cheese mixture wrapped in a Prantha. It is served along with spicy chutneys. Panner Kathi roll goes well with Vegetable Kathi Roll as Paneer makes everything much more delicious.



On many festivals people mostly love to eat Jalebi as a sweet dish. It is made up of wheat flour in the form of orange coils soaked in sugar syrup.



It is similar to Jalebi. Difference is that it is bigger, stickier and more coiled form then Jalebi.



Another street food which people love to eat a lot .It is a delicious spicy food. It is crunchy from outside and filled with boiled potatoes, Moong Daal and other species. It is circular in shape.



A tea time snack and also a most loveable street food .It is made up of gram flour. People love to eat crispy pakora made up of different veggies like cabbage, onion, mushrooms etc. when it rains people love to have a cup of tea with pakoras.



It is a type of chaat. It is a mixture of puffed rice, sev, tomato, potato, onion and chutneys. It is loved by people of all ages. It is of two types. dry Bhelpuri and wet Bhelpuri. Bhelpuri sprinkled with lemon is very much tasty. Veggies and fruits added provide a sensation of freshness.


Pav Bhaji

It is basically a dish from Maharashtra but also loved by the Punjabi people. It consists of buttered Pav which is a soft bread and Bhaji which is mashed vegetables cooked in special blend of species along with butter. It is also provided with onion and lemon which imparts sour taste to it.



Though Momos a street food from Nepal, Japan and Eastern India, our North Indians also love it a lot. Momos are both of vegetarian and non-vegetarian types. Vegetarian momos contain filling of vegetables balanced in taste while the sauce served with it is spicy. These are prepared by giving proper steam to them.


Stuffed Kulcha

It is delicious street food which we all love to eat. It is made up of double bread or we can say double roti stuffed with mixture of boiled potatoes, channa, tomatoes, onion, green chilli. The mixture is fried first and then stuffed into the double bread.


Bread Pakora

Bread Pakora is a favourite breakfast or a tea time snack of most of the people. It contains bread stuffed with mixture of boiled potatoes, peas and other species and then deep fried in oil. It is usually served with green chilli sauce and tomato sauce. It is one of the favourite spicy street food of various people.


Paneer Pakora

Anything containing Paneer attracts the people most. It enhances the taste of every dish. Panner Pakora is crunchy from outside and soft from within. These are coated from within sometimes with mint chutney or sometimes with boiled potatoes. They gave a spicy taste. Almost everyone loves this street food.