How to Make Chole Bhature – Quick One minute Video


The Chole Bhature has its origin from the state of Punjab, well known for their spicy food. The preparation of Chole bhature is time consuming because of the chickpea that needs time for soaking overnight, as well as to pressure cook.

Like the proverb No pain No gain, just you need to plan a day before getting the dish ready. Once you prepare the Chole, it is sure to excite you with its puffy texture that is round with very slight brown layer on the top. The dish goes about well with the Chana Masala.

The aroma of the Chana Masala is sure to make you feel good with the spices used and the chickpea has plenty of proteins and fiber content that helps in the healthy functioning of the body. So, just try out the recipe and have a healthy food.

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