Kolkata Street Food: 10 Best Lips Smacking Street Food Delights One Can Find In The City Of Joy

KOLKATA STREET FOOD 10 Best Lips Smacking Street Food Delights One Can Find In the City of Joy

The following are the list of 10 amazing food hogging places where one can find some succulent mouth-watering Street Food in Kolkata: –

1. Dacre Lane

For all kinds of scrumptious Street Food one can crave for!

Right from authentic Rajasthani and desi Punjabi to our favorite Chinese cuisine, not to forget some bona fide signature Bengali dishes, this place is absolutely a must visit. Also known as the Decker’s Lane, some of the amazing dishes would include Ghugni, Jhal Muri, Schezwan Chicken, Dragon Chicken, Tandoor items and many more. The WHO has marked the dish here to be one of the stupendous in the street.


2. China Town, Tiretti Bazaar

Fond of Chinese cuisine and keen on trying something beyond the stereotypical Chowmein and Chilli Chicken? Well known for its rice dumplings and heavenly soups, this place is the most sought authentic Chinese food destination across the streets of Kolkata.


3. Balaram Mullick and Radharam Mullick,Bhawanipore

Have a sweet tooth and don’t mind trying out some famous Bengali Rosh (sweet syrup) saturated Sandesh and Roshogollas (Kolkata’s forte), Balaram Mullick and Radharam Mullick are the ones that will make everyone ineluctable. Finger-licking Mishti Doi, Mouthful of Rasmalai, Noler Gurer Sandesh are the few must try traditional sweets here besides the fusion sweets for all the sweet-toothed food hoggers out there!

Balaram Mullick and Radharam Mullick,Bhawanipore

4. Vivekananda Park- the King of Street Food

For all the souls who crave for mouth-watering Phuchkas, you would want to visit this place, as the variety in Phuchkas here would spice up your life! Churmur, a cousin hailing from the phuchka family is another irresistible delicacy. Union of tangy lip-smacking masalas, tetul gola( tamarind pulp), crushed papris and boiled potato, churmur is simply predacious.

Vivekananda Park- the King of Street Food

5. Tiwari Brothers, Burrabazaar

Do you prefer tea over coffee? Even if you don’t, this place is worth paying a visit. Famous for the “Special chai” with Gorom Shingaras (piping hot Samosas) Tiwari Brothers would uplift your mood and perk up your inner god/goddess.


6. Anadi Cabin, Jawaharlal Nehru Road

Wanna add a different flavor to your taste buds on your tour to Kolkata? Also, looking for a budget friendly place? Allow Anadi Cabin to be your host for the night. Rotis amalgamated in butter with rich chunks of chicken /mutton and cutlets dipped in egg and served with fresh cream and tangy sauce, is the speciality here- Mughlai Parathas.


7. Rabindra Sadan, Metro Exit

Nothing can warm you up and lure your taste buds at the same time in a winter evening more than a few plates of momos coupled with hot piping soup and some spiced up sauce. Famous for its Tibetan cuisine, don’t forget to stop by Rabindra Sadan and give the budget friendly dishes a shot!

Rabindra Sadan,Metro Exit

8. Kalika Mukhorochok Telebhaja, College Street

An almost half a century old, the shop is renowned for selling the best Telebhajas in the city. Some of the all-time favorite Telebhaja (a Bengali fried preparation rolled in batter) found here ranges from brinjal fries and pumpkin fries to chicken and fish fries and you would not want to miss out on the mutton chops!


9. Ghoti Ghorom,Princep Ghat

A tasteful union of chanachur, cucumber, onion and lemon juice with a few pinches of masalas to add the right, should be on your food chart during your visit to Princep Ghat.

ghoti goram

10. New Market

Food hopping is incomplete without a visit to New Market. The street food here is ideal for both the vegetarians and the non-vegetarians. Wow Momos, Cream and Fudge Factory, KFC and Dominoes are present on either side. The confectionery shops here would make your tongue salivate. Don’t forget to try Nahoum’s for a glimpse of heaven by taking a few bites of the baked delicacies here. Last on the list, but most definitely not the least, New Market is a haven for budget friendly food and mouthful of joy!

new market