A Quick Trip To Top 20 Affordable Lounge With Beautiful Ambiance In Mumbai

Top 20 Affordable Lounge With Beautiful Ambiance In Mumbai

Mumbai is the city which is always alive and working 24/7. Along with work comes some enjoyment and what better place than happening lounges with exquisite bar space and party mood ambience. People in Mumbai are always up for party and entertainment. The night clubs and lounges are the best place for it, in the same place one gets the benefit of dining and partying. Especially the surroundings are surreal. They give the feeling of being in 5 star hotels, but they are highly affordable.

1. Auriga restrobar

This excellent lounge is in Mahalaxmi, Mumbai. Auriga is known for its surreal interior. It make one awestruck when we lay our eyes on it. Auriga restrobar serves Asian, Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian, Chinese, and Japanese foods. It is very suitable for casual family dining and even parting. The wooden furnishings are just amazing. It is even very affordable when compared to its interior.


2. Galaxy of stars    

Galaxy of stars is the proper partying lounge without casual dining. They are specialized in Mughlai, Chinese and North Indian food. Galaxy of stars is located in Malad. It brings out the party mood in you with the dim florescent lights and the couches. The drinks served are very amazing. Galaxy of stars cost an average range. It is the best one can visit for a budgeted party.


3. Long and short- intercontinental

With a big name, this lounge is The Epitome of class. The surroundings are so classy the dining are the bar area every thing its just perfect. It looks like a film set with such perfection the couch placed in such proper position its cozy yet so spacious. The cushions of different colors, matching the interiors and the furniture. Long and short- intercontinental serves the best of European, Italian, North Indian, American, Mediterranean, continental food.


4. Cult

Cult is the classic lounge a dining place. Its in CBD Belapur. Its not that well known place, but the lounge is very well known and best known for its continental and Mughlai food. Cult has a very amazing bar area with radiant lighting and the booths are very unique and attractive. The interior in the bar area are very wonderful.


5.Adda Da Vida- Novotel

The place where this lounge is located is enough to prove its point of being one of the best. Novotel is located in Juhu. Its one in the richest areas of Mumbai, with many of the celebrities residing over there. And also due to the sea facing view over there makes another point. Novotel serves the best of continental food. They serve the variety of range of drinks.


6. Tonic

Tonic is the proper club and lounge in Mahalaxmi. With dim green lights giving the party vibe. And the wooden furnishings. The bar booth and the dining tables and couches all just give the wild party vibes and the atmosphere adds up to it. Tonic is best for its Asian and European cuisine. Its pretty much affordable and very enduring ambience.


7. Rockville bar and dining

Rockville is a lounge with an appropriate bar facility. Its mainly centered to bar facility more than to dining. But the dining area is absolutely beautiful. This amazing lounge is located in CBD Belapur. Its one of the well known bar and dining in Belapur. Rockville provides us with the fine Chinese, North Indian, continental food. Its cost average and is a wonderful place to visit with friends and family.


8. Play – The Lounge

‘Play’- the name is a bit weird. But it makes all sense when you visit the place and see its interiors. The lights play along all the time. There are these small colorful LED lights which are always glowing and it seems like they are dancing with the music. It’s more of a night club lounge than day time dining place. It looks beautiful when the lights are on. ‘Play’ serves with the amazing American, continental, Italian and finger foods. The interior is very well organized and there are private bar areas. The purple florescent lights make it more attractive and reeling.


9. Bora bora

Bora Bora is the Epitome of beauty. Its one of the best interiors one would have visited. The leather seats, couches. The wooden chairs for the drinking booth are just classy! The walls are carved in to pentagon shape with place grey color contrasting with brown and white, which makes it serine to be viewed. It gives a very peaceful feeling. Its not that  big lounge, but its very cozy and the service is very amazing. Bora Bora serves us with the best of Continental, Malaysian, Chinese, North Indian food.


10. Dome – Intercontinental

Dome is located in the Church gate, a busy area in Mumbai. What attracts people to Dome is, its open area view, and the sea facing. The dining area in dome is in the open terrace, with beautiful surroundings. There is no need for an interior work, as the nature does that itself. In day the sunlight and te cool breeze from the sea in front does its work and in night the moon light and the lights does its magic. Hence all the day and even the night is appropriate to visit The Dome Lounge. Its serves with the delicious North Indian, Sushi, and finger foods.


11. Hoppipola

Hoppipola is famous for its Mediterranean and continental food. Its located in Khar and its service is very commendable. The thing which will take the breath away is the interior décor. Hoppipola has small tables for four people and it has a garden dining area. The colorful chairs in the closed dining area are captivating. The plain white table and wooden seats in the garden area are simply blissful. It’s a huge place but, cozy at the same time. Its more of a simple dining lounge than a party club. It’s a very silent place appropriate for personal dinners.


12. The Angrezi Pub

One more pub in CBD Belapur. Belapur is the hub of lounges and pubs. With all the party lovers visiting there. The Angrezi Pub is very unique in its own. It has the British touch to its interiors. It serves North Indian, Asian, continental foods. Its cost are average, its highly recommended of cool night parties and dinners. The brown leather and fine wooden chairs and round  tables give the royal look. Feeling that takes you to the 90’s. It’s Epitome of class and beauty.


13. Thyme

Thyme is a fine lounge in Bhandup. The thing which attracts about thyme is the bar section of the lounge. The platform is designed in an unique manner. There is a  wooden table on which the marble platform is attached. The wooden art is carved in stereo design. It looks like a big speaker stereo system and the drinks that is  placed in the layers behind add to the view. The atmosphere is very welcoming. The lights are radiant. Thyme has always gained positive response from its customers about its service. Thyme provides us with North Indian, Italian, Mediterranean, European cuisines.


14. Escobar- Tapas Bar

Escobar lounge is in linking road, Bandra. It’s a very spacious lounge with chrome, white and yellow celling. And dim lights, with wooden white furnishing. The wooden flooring make it clean and attractive. Escobar serves with the Italian, Mexican, and Spanish cuisines. Its specialty is its Spanish food. No where in Mumbai one will find such Spanish food as in Escobar. The cost is average looking upon the fact that it is located in an expensive place like Bandra.


15. Asilo- The St. Regis, Mumbai      

Asilo is a beautiful place, appropriate for night dinners and candle light dinners. It’s a terrace lounge. With the couches and beautiful wooden round tables. The hanging lamps and the candles decorated in the night makes it a splendid location. The sky and night light surrounding makes it more serine and wonderful. Asilo is special for its finger foods and European cuisine. It is located in lower parel.


16. One too many- regenza by tunga

The name says it all “one too many” is basically for big family dining. This lounge has the big dining table with chandeliers hanging up, the celling is beauty and classy. With the brick designed walls. It also has small private dining tables. The service is very appreciated. Slow music in the surrounding makes it more peaceful. There are too many tables and it’s a spacious place, but in spite of that it feels cozy and private. Regenza is best known for its North Indian, continental, Italian, and Asian cuisine.


17. Zenzibu Da Sky Lounge

Zenzibu is a unique place. Its so colorful and nothing but perfectly beautiful. Each and every corner is different from one another. Every corner has different types and shapes of tables and chairs placed. With colorful cushions and the partitions between few table with small compartments decorated with flowers and decorative materials. The surroundings screams joy and happiness and it feels so good to see the white walls and colorful interior and furnishes. Zenzibu is located in Kopar Khairane. The cuisines served are Chinese, Italian, continental, and North Indian.


18. Aer- Four Seasons

Aer is this luxurious lounge and fine dining place. Its in the top of building. From where you can have the whole view of the city. There is the bar are designed in circular manner at the center and its surrounded by illuminated purple lightings and candles. The chairs has a unique shapes. They are cozy and personal space. The view of the city makes it more beautiful. Fine drink is served along with delicious Spanish, Italian, European, and Lebanese cuisine. Aer  gives the full time service all the four seasons, that’s what the name indicates. It’s in Worli, very close to the sea.


19. Sheesha sky lounge 

It’s a sky lounge, on the open area. Its more of gives the feeling of club. The platforms are designed precisely  with blue illuminated lights. The counters are very attractive with the perfect party ambiance. Sheesha sky lounge serves Chinese and North Indian cuisines. Its average on cost. Its perfect place for party. The lounge has a separate dining area, which is very beautiful. The area on the open terrace is basically for party and night dinings.


20. Opa! Bar & Café- the peninsula grand hotel

Opa is all in one place, it’s a restaurant, bar and café with lounge. It’s huge and spacious. Artificial coconut trees surrounding the celling is absolutely amazing, the ambiance is breathtaking. The surrounding screams luxury. But its quite affordable and costs average. The service is no less than the service of a five star hotel. Its very appropriate for business meeting dinners and professional dinners. Along with family dinners and celebrations will be success. Opa serves its best Lebanese, European, Mediterranean, Arabian cuisines. Opa is located in Sakinaka. Its highly recommended and the reviews by the customers are positive.