Best Pubs In Kolkata


Xrong Place

A fresh addition to the list of pubs, in the last few years, Xrong Place (Read Wrong Place), has been a favourite, and risen up on the popularity charts for the youngsters. This pub is usually visited by the newer generation and is packed up on the weekends. With wooden barn- like interiors, this pub has tried to gather all the attention they can. Most days, there are live DJ sessions for people who love to dance. In fact, if you’re in the mood for a game of drunken pool, this is the place to be!


The Junction

The Junction provides you with the classic bar experience in Kolkata. This theme based bar is located in the Taj Bengal itself. The bar inspired by the railway junction theme truly give that quintessential old- Kolkata charm to its customers.


The Great Booze Story

The Great Booze Story doesn’t disappoint the customers with its name. It is just the place to visit if you’re interested in a great booze story to share. A newer addition to the list of pubs in Kolkata, it has soon become quite a popular choice for the city’s party-goers for its ambience, happy hours and extensive spatial arrangements.


Shisha BSE

One of the most popular bars in Kolkata, Shisha Bar Stock Exchange, earlier known as only Shisha has been re-modeled physically and principally. Located on Camac Street, although earlier on a fixed price menu, this bar now serves drinks according to Bar Stock Exchange! So all those alcohol thirsty economists, this is your place!



One of the elitist nightclubs in the city, Tantra is a part of the ‘The Park Hotel’ on Park Street. It has been a favourite for people who love to dance and has been known to have one of the best dance floors! They have a lot of themed parties as well, especially on Wednesdays and Saturdays. It is known for its parties during Christmas and the New Years for many years now.


Someplace Else

Another pub from The Park, Someplace Else is also located on Park Street. Inspired by a British pub theme, it is the known to be the only pub in India as well as Asia, which hosts live music performances every single day. With various days dedicated to different shows, they attract a lot of music-loving crowd of Kolkata and is known as one of the heritage spots of the city. The pub has seen a lot of international crowds perform over the years and often has open mic sessions for any stage performer like comedians, singers, etc. So for all those music maestros new in the city, do not forget to visit this one!



Roxy, another night club in the city that is a part of The Park Hotel. It is quite the hit amongst the party animals of the city and is redeemed as the perfect place for a great night out partying with your friends. In under 3000, it provides great liquor choices, a dance floor and an amazing ambience! What more do we want?



As a part of Hotel Hindusthan International, Underground has been another popular nightclub in the city. With a well-stacked bar, it serves an array of cuisines. With a perfect ambience with dim lights, Underground gives you a good drinking experience.


The Basement

The Basement, literally in the basement of The Samilton, is one of its kind. It provides a modern yet classic experience with live music. It has been a popular spot for people looking to share a good bottle of whisky with good music to listen to and relax and enjoy the quintessential very Bengali intellectual conversations, the city’s residents are famous for.


Privy Ultra Lounge

Located in the Forum Mall on Elgin Road, Privy has one of the most well-equipped bars of the city. With a happening dance floor, it has a loyal set of customers who are regulars. The bar is a perfect destination for a drink after a long day of shopping at the mall.



Aqua, a poolside lounge bar, is another bar in the Park Hotel. A dinner for two would cost almost around Rs. 3000, and is a lovely choice for a romantic evening by the pool. With a not-so- expensive liquor menu, this place along with its ambience and pleasant music is the perfect place to enjoy a good drink with a friend.



The name speaks out what’s on most of our minds on an approaching weekend, Thank God it’s Friday! No wonder it is visited b y the young working crowd of Kolkata, for its happy hours, some amazing cocktails and a great time spent.



The franchise Kolkata was waiting on for! Hoppipola, a restaurant from the Specialty Restaurants Limited (owner of Mainland China and Oh! Calcutta) although popularised all over Maharashtra has quickly risen to become a favourite in Kolkata already.



Blue And Beyond

Although Blue And Beyond is practically a restaurant, it is one of the most happening places to drink in the city. With an open air rooftop zone with chic blue lighting, this bar located in Lindsay Street provides a unique ambience to enjoy the remarkable skyline of the city. This restaurant is frequented by a lot of foreigners.


Wilson’s Pub

Wilson’s Pub is one of the most high-end luxury pubs in the city. It is a part of The Lalit Great Eastern, near Dalhousie. The translucent glass ruff supported by a truss provides an enormous amount of natural lighting during daytime. Plus, wouldn’t it be great to drink a glass of good wine while gazing at the stars?



The decor of Bakstage, a part of The Kenilworth Hotel, is based on a music theme with vinyl discs on the wall as well as iconic pop star images printed on the seats. The bar provides a huge collection of music for its customers who can choose and play their favourite.


The Irish House

The Irish House has sparked up the young crowd with its 12 to 4 pm INR 400 + Tax with unlimited beer sessions. The place provides lip- smacking delicious food for non- drinkers too. And even if you’re tempted by the unlimited beer offer, do try one of their amazing cocktails too.


The Drunken Monkey

Other than being famous for the presence of Abish Mathews and other renowned personalities, this new pub- The Drunken Monkey of the 02 Hotel has been the talk of the town for the great food and amazing alcohol experience. Oh, and they have foosball too! Up for some monkey business?


Monkey Bar

Another well-known franchise already established in Bangalore and Delhi, Monkey Bar is a great place to enjoy a drink with friends and family. The best part about this Monkey Bar is that it provides a remarkable view of the Victoria Memorial. It misses a couple of elements from the other Monkey Bars but nevertheless is a great experience altogether.



It is located in the Park Plaza, in Ballygunge. You won’t attain Nirvana here, but you sure will have a good time! And just like its name, the decor here is dedicated to inducing peace, and they have a huge Buddha statue indoors.