Splendid Dhoklas Of Gujarat

Splendid Dhoklas Of Gujarat

Gujarat is a glorious place which has many things famous; even Gujaratis are said to be very sweet and cute but its time to explore more about Gujarat and Gujaratis. There is one special dish of Gujarat which is quite famous in Bollywood so guess which dish we are talking about? Yes we are talking about the same dish Dhokla which Kareena Kapoor Khan described about in the movie “3 Idiots”. Dhokla is a very prominent dish of Gujarat which makes it notable. Although it has simple recipe but it tastes like heaven. There are many varieties of Gujarati Dhokla few are described below.

1. Steamed Dhokla

It is a nice dish to have for snacks and breakfast. Steamed Dhokla is a healthy dish to serve with green coriander chutney. It is a special dish of Gujarat which people offers in events. It can be prepared by using gram flour, citric acid, sugar, turmeric and curry leaves. It is prepared by steaming it on low flame.


2. Suji Dhokla

Suji Dhokla is a delicious and soft salver which can also be taken with drink. It has an awesome off-white color with spongy texture. Suji Dhokla is a traditional dish of Gujaratis offered in parties. Suji is considered to be a healthy grain and it becomes healthier after getting merged with flour and veggies.


3. Channa Dal Dhokla

Pulses are the most powerful vitamin containing food. Its benefits leads to a healthy lifestyle. Channa dal Dhokla has quite different taste from other Dhokla’s. It holds the goodness of pulse, flour, green leaves and sugar syrups. Many people make it a bit sweeter with rose flavor syrups which gives it a tempting smell to go crazy on.


4. Rice Dhokla

Rice Dhokla is an exclusive invention of Gujaratis which makes every foodie’s stomach happy and excited. Rice is a healthy food consumed by everyone no wonder it can be used in other forms to make tasty and healthy dishes. It has similar recipe like other Dhokla’s but has huge difference in taste.


5. Microwave Dhokla

Microwave is an electronic device which is used to make crispy and delectable dish. Dhokla, a heavy dish with soft and spongy texture. Microwaving a dish makes it crispy and grill. Have you ever tried a crispy Dhokla? If not then you are missing such an amazing savour.


6. Vratwala Dhokla

Vratwala Dhokla is specifically meant for the people who are fond of eating during the fast. In Indian tradition their every next day is kept as fast, variations are heavily required so here and there with the purpose of food is very essential for variety.


7. Khatta Dhokla

Khatta Dhokla is a special type of Dhokla in Gujarat which has sour taste. It refreshes humans tongue and provides happiness to stomach. Khatta Dhokla has different flavors which increases its demand in restaurant. Though it is liked by every age group people but still it holds the craze in young age people.


8. Rasai Dhokla

The traditional type of Dhokla’s are inherently sweet in nature but this type of Dhokla inhibits artificial sweetness which is poured over the Dhokla’s in the form of sugar syrup.


9. Khandhavi Dhokla

Khandavi is a well known dish of Gujarat which has a unusual call over huge number. It is in the form of roll consisting of yellow color and veggies inside. It is made up of gram flour and yogurt. It is widely available in very corner of Gujarat.


10. Cheese Dhokla

Cheese Dhokla is an outstanding variety of Dhokla which can also be consumed with drink or coffee. A happy guest is an blessed guest, so for making your guest happy one can serve cheese Dhokla.


11. Sandwich Dhokla

This rice and Urad dal Dhokla is a perfect blend of South Indian and Gujarati texture. This healthy combination is a very low budget preparation of the batter sandwiched by a coriander and pea nut chutney {according to your taste} is the next big meal you should consider for breakfast.


12. Rava Dhokla

It is made up of batter rava, sour curd, water, Eno fruit salt etc. It is a perfect combination of idly and Dhokla. It can be made using two processes; either by using traditional method or by using Eno. It is no less than a magic that one dish can have so many of varieties.


13. Mixed Dal Dhokla

Mixed Dal Dhokla is a mixture of all types of dal which adds to its high content of pulses and proteins. This makes it an ideal combination for those wanting a bulk in their physical appearance. The best part about this Dhokla is it requires very less amount of sodium which makes it a very healthy variety of Dhokla.


14. Green Peas Dhokla

Green Peas is an exotic vegetable which gives an awesome color to Dhokla. A green pea is a winter vegetable which fills mouth with water when mixed in any dish. This Dhokla is an exclusive combination of Pea, coriander, gram flour and sugar syrup. It is good for heart patients as it is a non-fried dish which makes it different from other Dhoklas.


15. Moong Dal Dhokla

Moong Dal Dhokla is a complimentary dish to be consumed by every age group people. Moong Dal is a healthy pulse which is good in every disease. Moong Dal Dhokla is a delectable dish prepared from Moong dal, yogurt, and fruit salt and gram flour.


16.Mango Dhokla

Mango Dhokla is a brand new type in a different variety of Dhokla’s. This Dhokla has a fruit syrup with sour taste. It has a blend of happiness with satisfaction one can serve this on occasions to make their guests happy and cheerful. Though mango is a hot favorite fruit of summers it still compliments Dhokla’s the best.


17. Khaman Dhokla

Khaman Dhokla is the most common variant of Dhokla’s on the list. It is that Dhokla which we prefer eating during any get-together. It has sweet-tangy flavour with some spicy chilling syrup.


18. Poha Dhokla

For people who love to experiment with food must try this brand new poha Dhokla as it is a beautiful pair of Indian snack item poha blended with the tradition gram flour. It proves to be a heavy snack on stomach which sticks for a complete day.


19. Rajma Dhokla

Although Rajma is used in many dishes but it has a special compatibility with Urad dal. Rajma gives an amazing taste when combines in Dhokla. It tastes best with green mint chutney. It has simple recipe of gram flour, green leaves, ghee and other spices.


20. Oats Rava Palak Dhokla

Have you ever heard of diet Dhokla? No, then this is a Dhokla you should try. It is a zero oil wonder land recipe which when prepared might astonish everybody who tastes it. It is a different combination of spinach which is high in fiber, protein and many vitamins and oats which is the healthiest cereal available in the market. So whatz stopping you now go hurry.