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Tags Paneer Pakora

Tag: Paneer Pakora

top-20-instant-and-flavorful-snacks-for-a-lazy-day (1)

Top 20 Instant And Flavorful Snacks For A Lazy Day

So how does it feels when you are lazy and hungry at the same time; doesn't want to get up from your comfort zone, doesn't want to even think about cooking boring as well...
Types of Pakoras

20 Different Types of Pakoras

1 Sanna PakoraSanna Pakora is a Sindhi style of pakora made of assorted vegetables chopped and mixed in besan batter. This dish is double fried in oil so that it is crispier. Sanna means...

Top 20 Types of Pakore To Eat At Gandhi Pakora Gurgaon

1 Paneer PakoraPaneer Pakora is made by dipping the cottage cheese into thick paste of Besan. The cottage cheese is dipped in thick liquid of Besan and deep fried in the vegetable oil until it...

Top 20 Paneer Dishes To Make At Home

1 Shahi PaneerA very flavorful dish served with tandoori roti, bread, naan. Paneer dipped in the thick gravy of cream, cashew paste tomatoes, and spices. The gravy made of cashew nut paste, onion, cloves,...
20 Amazing Paneer Dishes

20 Amazing Paneer Dishes

Everyone loves eating Paneer, and for a vegetarian, it is something that can replace all non-vegetarian dishes. All paneer recipes are loved by vegetarians and are famous in the Indian subcontinent. You can prepare...

Top 20 Best Gram Flour Dishes (Besan) In India

Besan Recipes Or Gram Flour Recipes In India1KhandviThe Khandvi is a Gujju dish famous all over India. The Recipe is typically made with Besan and is one of the popular besan recipes of all...
20 Types of Pakora You Should Try This Rainy Season

20 Types of Pakora You Should Try This Rainy Season

Rainy seasons are filled with people who crave for hot food to eat with a cup of tea on the side. Well, that’s what all the movies show. The water flowing down the window...
pakoda (1)

Top 20 Tasty Pakoras To Try Today!

Pakoras or Indian Fritters are a common snack in any Indian household and a staple for the monsoons. Pakoras also form a major portion of the street food, which is the lifeline for many...

Top 20 Famous And Tasty Street Foods In Patiala

1PanipuriPanipuri is almost everyone first love. It is a popular street food all over India. Panipuri consists of a crisp hollow puri which is filled with a mixture of boiled potatoes, channa, peas. No...

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