20 Types Of Pakora You Should Try This Rainy Season

20 Types of Pakora You Should Try This Rainy Season

Rainy seasons are filled with people who crave for hot food to eat with a cup of tea on the side. Well, that’s what all the movies show. The water flowing down the window and you sitting by the window and drinking a cup of tea or coffee with a hot dish in your hand. You can make it happen and enjoy your day. While some sophisticated people like to have a book while they are sitting on the side of the window. The most common food you eat while you’re sitting on the side is PAKORA. This is the national food during the rainy season, and the prices even get high during the rainy season at the stalls all around India.

Let me list down some great pakora dishes that will make you wish to eat all different types of pakora, and guess what you can as it is easy to make, and the result is delicious. The list contains vegetarians and non-vegetarian dishes, so if you want to try any of those, you can, may be even both.

1. Paneer Pakora

The general batter for making pakora include gram flour, turmeric powder, chili powder, asafetida, carom seeds, and garam masala. The batter prepared is used in almost every pakora prepared. You can call it the standard batter. The paneer is dipped into the batter and deep fried in oil until they are brown and crisp.


2. Prawns Pakora

Prawns should be marinated before using it. Instead of using the gram flour, we can use cornstarch. The egg yolk and the cornstarch form an adhesion, and the flavors will give you the wanted taste. The prawns when deep fried, it gets crispiness from outside and when you bite it, the prawns give you the flavors.


3. Soybean Pakora

Soak the soybean before using it to make the pakoras. The soaking will increase the size and make it more soft and spongy. When you take out pieces through the batter and fry it, the crispiness is not new but the softness will make you eat more. But do control yourself.


4. Moong Dal Pakora

I still want to know where did Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif used to eat those moong dal ka pakora in ‘AJAB PREM KI GHAZAB KAHANI’ movie. Till I search that place, you can try making this at home when you and your loved ones are cravings to eat some moong dal ka pakora. Served mostly in Delhi with flavorful mint chutney.


5. Spinach Pakora

I got to eat this amazing snack when my college friend brought it during our break. I tried one and fell in love with it, and it was the rainy season. She also brought schezwan sauce to dip that pakora in it. I’ll tell you the crisp and the taste made me eat more and more. Before that, I never ate spinach. If Popeye was real, he must have fallen in love with it too.


6. Chicken Pakora

I am a big fan of chicken and I always try to make something new with chicken, and I always fail. I don’t understand those people who order chicken wings and chicken popcorn from KFC. I know you have money, but why waste it. Instead, make it yourself at your place and may be call your friends over. Sorry, your non-vegetarian friends.


7. Gobi Pakora

We’ve all tried the famous dishes made from Gobi and some like to eat it, while some don’t. I still remember my mom used to force me to eat Gobi during dinner, and when she used to give me gobi ki sabzi and roti, the tiffin used to be full back home too. But she never made me gobi pakora until recently and I started eating the sabzi.


8. Bread Pakora With Potato Stuffed

This is a very famous street snack in Mumbai. The bread is cut into two triangles and potato mix is stuffed in between them. It is then dipped in gram flour batter and deep fried till brown and served with Kolhapuri masala. It is really heavy to eat as two of them will fill you up.


9. Onion Pakora

The classic and the head of all the pakoras out there is this one. This is the traditional snack made when it’s raining outside. You’ll recognize that it’s being made in the house as the smell just spreads all over the house and you just go in the kitchen by saying you’ll try one, you eat a lot of them.


10. Corn Pakora

I came across this snack when I was in Lonavala on a trip. When we were on the top of the mountain and it was raining, there was stall serving corn pakora. The cost was triple than what it was supposed to be, but you really don’t think about lot of money when you’re on a trip, do you? They serve you with Kolhapuri masala and my mouth is watering now.


11. Cabbage Pakora

This snack started getting trendy after people used the Schezwan sauce and making pakora out of that. They call it Chinese Pakora. I wanted to tell them that it is not related to Chinese food at all, but when I tried it I just forgot to tell them and ate 2 plates of that pakora. It’s not my fault that I ate them all.


12. Sabudana Pakora

We’ve all tried the khichadi made from sabudana, but I’ll tell you the pakoras made from sabudana are out of this world. Sabudana khichadi is mostly made during a fast, but I used to cry as I wanted to eat it every day. That was not possible, but when I tried the pakora made from sabudana, I lost my mind. the crunch of peanuts, my god! It is served with sweet yogurt on the side during fast.


13. Rice Pakora

The left over rice of last night comes handy. This is a real food saver and a good breakfast may be. Many people throw away the rice left and that is a real wastage of food. Instead, make pakoras out of it or you can use the appropriate quantity to make rice. Choose one of them. I choose the pakora option.


14. Chili Pakora

Don’t worry, not the real red chillies are used. But the green ones which are long and broad are used. They are not so spicy, but make sure you remove the seeds from inside before using it. This is a snack you make for the people who love to add more spice to their dinner.


15. Raw Banana Pakora

Chips are made using that raw banana, but why not try something else other than the sabzi made from it. When the raw banana slices are fried using the gram flour batter it also makes the banana crispier and there is no sweetness of riped banana which will just ruin the whole thing.


16. Egg Plant Pakora

Before using the eggplant, we add seasoning to it so that it absorbs all the flavors and when we deep fry it, we get flavors from inside and crispiness from outside. Eggplant doesn’t really have its own taste, but you can always try new flavors on it. It is served mostly in traditional thalis.


17. Elephant Foot Yam Pakora

We actually don’t use elephant foot, but it is just an English name for suran. It is a vegetable which, when you eat raw or when kokum is not applied to it, it makes your tongue itchy and you feel like scratching your tongue. So make sure you apply kokum to it before use.


18. Bread Pakora

This is my secret dish which my grandmother taught me, and it is a new innovation. Don’t worry you can’t sell it by using your name as I’ve patented the idea. Yes, I know the law. This snack is made using bread and soaked into the mixture of liquid made from adding salt, chilli powder, and a secret ingredient in water. The soaked bread is squeezed and the liquid is removed and fried directly. No need to use the batter. Serve it hot with ketchup.


19. Chana Dal Pakora

Chana Dal Pakora is made using Bengal gram which is soaked in water overnight and then grind it with a little water to make a thick ground batter. The batter is then seasoned and small lumps are fried in the oil till they are brown and ready to eat with pudina chutney.


20. Mix Pakora

As the name suggests, Mix Pakora is a mixture of all the dry ingredients like potato, cauliflower, spinach, cabbage, and any other ingredient you want to add. These ingredients are mixed in the batter and lumps are fried to make pakora. Every pakora is a surprise as which ingredient is mixed with which another ingredient, we don’t really know.After looking at those dishes I’m sure you’re planning to go out in the rain, get wet and after coming home wet, get served with hot pakora and green chutney. This chutney is mandatory with all the pakoras or else it will be like eating idli without chutney. That is a violation of the unspoken law.