20 Best Dishes To Cook In Ramadan For Iftaar


Ramadan is the ninth month in the Urdu calendar. It is also considered a holy month, as Muslims fast for 30 days. Muslims fast for around 14-16 hours per day. It starts before sunrise, after fajr azaan, and ends in the evening around sunset with Maghrib azaan. That meal is known as Iftar. In that, a whole feast is prepared—some of those dishes we will discuss here as food and drink play a vital role.

1.French Fries

A ubiquitous dish for Iftar is French Fries with salt and red chili powder. It is easy to make a dish, and we all love to eat potatoes, especially if it comes to French Fries.


2.Cheese Balls

Be it young or old; everyone loves snacks. If that snack contains cheese, then that snack becomes more delicious. One of those dishes is cheese balls. So for Iftaar, you can make two kinds of cheese balls. One can be potato cheese balls, and the other is chicken cheese balls. Both are equally delicious and very easy to make.



Samosa is one of the most famous and delicious dishes made in Iftaar. Samosas can be made in three different styles. It can be made with potatoes, but potato samosa is only sometimes. Then it can be made of minced mutton, often made for Iftaar. At last, samosas are also made of diced chicken. People often make minced mutton or chicken samosa for iftaar and enjoy the samosa with green chutney.


4.Eggplant Pakora

we all know eggplant is so healthy. But when they are fried with a crispy coating and spongy inside, they are very delicious and everyone’s favorite snack. Eggplant fries are like French Fries but more healthy with fewer calories.


5.Onion And Potato Pakora

Pakora is one of the famous dishes that are made for Iftaar. One of those pakoras is an onion and potato pakora. Chopped onion and potatoes with green chili and besan flour are deep-fried in oil. They are very delicious and are enjoyed with green chutney and tamarind chutney.


6.Chicken Nuggets

chicken nuggets are a dish that kids most love. One of the benefits of having chicken nuggets in Iftaar is that you can either buy frozen nuggets from the market or you can make the nuggets and home and can freeze it. Then you can use the nuggets whenever you want to.


7.Crispy Chicken Fingers

chicken fingers are made up of chicken tenders. The chicken finger is an easy dish to make. You coat the chicken tenders in cornflakes for crunchy outside and then deep fry it. It is a delicious dish, and you can have it with a sauce of your choice.


8.Chicken 65

For this dish, you cut boneless chicken into diced form. Then you add the required spices to it with some all-purpose flour. Then you deep fry the chicken. You can add to your chicken before frying and get a tastier flavor. This dish is so spicy, juicy, and aromatic. It is also easy to make recipes.


9.Chicken Stick

If you want something Chinese in Iftaar, you can make chicken stick. In a skewer, you can put a piece of diced chicken with the marination of your choice, and then you can add bell pepper and onion to it. Once that is done, you can deep fry it. It is easy to make a dish and can be enjoyed with sauce.


10.Seekh Kabab

seekh kabab is one of the most loved and crowd-pleasing dishes made for Iftaar. This dish can be made on Eid and after Eid as well. These kababs can be made with either minced chicken or minced mutton. First of all, to these diced chicken or mutton, some spices are added and are left for marinating. After that, they are put on skewers in a long shape. Then, roast them on a tandoor or shallow fry the kababs in a pan. You can enjoy the kababs with green chutney and sliced onions. You can also put the non-cooked kababs in the freezer and then cook them when you want to eat.


11.Shami Kabab

These kababs are made of boneless meat and Bengal gram. They are first cooked, then you grind them, roll them into kabab, and then shallowly fry them in a pan. You can store these kababs in a freezer and can fry them at the time of Iftaar.


12.Fried Chicken

this dish is something that everyone loves. It is also straightforward to make. You can marinate the chicken with some spices. Then you can fry them at the time of iftar.


13.Tikki Chaat

Chaats are made of many varieties. Aloo chaat is one of the famous chaat. Some spices are added to boiled potatoes; then small tikkis are made and shallow fried in a pan. After that, you put some white chana on top of the tikkis. After that, you add some curd, green chutney, and tamarind chutney on top of that. After that, you add some sev or papad on top of that. Your chaat is ready.


14.Spring Roll

it is one of the other Chinese dishes you can enjoy in your Iftaar. Spring Roll is easy to make the dish. You can either make a veg spring roll or a chicken spring roll. Add boiled minced chicken to your spring roll filling, which will become tastier. Then you can add that filling to your spring roll sheet then deep-fried it in a pan. You can make a spring roll beforehand and freeze it. Then you can fry it whenever you want.


15.Paneer Pakora

Paneer Pakora is easy to make a dish. You can cut some paneer in a long rectangular shape. After that, you can dip that in some besan and deep fry it. You can then enjoy paneer pakora with green or tamarind chutney.


16.Tomato And Cream Pasta

This pasta is a blend of tangy and creamy tastes. You can make your regular tomato pasta and add some cream. Voila! Your pasta is ready.


17.Chickpea Salad

it is a healthy, tasty, quick snack that can be made in less than 10 minutes. Add chopped onion, tomatoes, corn, and chilies with some chickpeas. Then you can add some spices like salt and pepper to your taste. Your salad is ready.


18.Chicken Sandwich

if you are a sandwich lover, then this sandwich is for you. You can make some chicken patty. After that, you can keep that patty on bread with some cheese and mayonnaise. Then you grill your sandwich, and it is ready. It is an easy and light dish that you can enjoy with some tomato ketchup.


19.Bread Roll

it is a trendy dish for Iftaar. This bread roll is stuffed with potato and paneer fillings and deep-fried in a pan. Once fried, it gets a crispy outer layer with some hot stuffing. It is a must-try dish. This dish is also enjoyed with some tea or coffee.


20.Gol Gape

gol gape is not only the most famous street food but is also enjoyed by Iftaar. You can want gol gappa with spicy water, dahi, and tamarind chutney. You can fill your gol gappa with boiled chickpea, potato, or both. It is the most loved food by all.