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Tag: Rasmalai

20 Indian Milk-Based Sweet Dishes You Must Try

20 Indian Milk-Based Sweet Dishes You Must Try

Food lovers are not only main course fanatics but crazy droolers for desserts too. Yummy desserts attract all our love. The main course food does not authenticate its completion without sweet dishes being served...
20 Sweet Dishes To Enjoy In This Holi Festival

20 Sweet Dishes To Enjoy In This Holi Festival

1 KaranjiKaranji is a dish that makes the festival complete. The ingredient necessary for the outer cover includes Maida flour and salt. It has stuffing which vary according to different states. Some stuff it...

Top 20 Sweet Dishes Of Diwali

1 Kaju KathliThis is a type of barfi, which is made from cashew nuts paste and very attractive thing, that I personally like about this sweet dish is, the silver paper covering on it....
70 Indian Sweets And Desserts

70 Indian Sweets And Desserts

India is known for its rich culture and the food that it offers. The country provides with beautiful delicacies that leave everyone hungry for more. As much as we are known for the spicy...

Top 20 Sweets To Gift Your Loved Ones This Diwali!

1Kaju KatliIf you love sweets, you can’t deny your love for this one. Gift it to your loved ones and bring a smile to their faces.2RosogollaRosogolla is a sweet dish that tests your resistance....
Top 20 Easy Recipes For Preparing Bengali Sweets

Top 20 Easy Recipes For Preparing Bengali Sweets

Hearing the word ‘Bengali Sweets’, our mouth starts watering as they are tasty. Made from milk, cream, paneer and lot of other things, these sweets are a real treat to your taste buds! Here...

Top 20 Must Try Indian Desserts

Well many people think that India is famous for its spices. But many of us do not realise that India is also famous for more than 1000 mouth-watering Desserts.In any lunch or dinner, Dessert...
Here Are 20 Sweets You Can Include In Your List

Diwali Treats? Here Are 20 Sweets You Can Include In Your List

Diwali or Deepavali as the South Indians likes to call it…. It is the most colourful time of the year. It is called the festival of lights. But for food lovers like me and...

Top 20 Indian Desserts To Complete Your Meal In Style

India, the ‘Land of Spices’. Why? Because it is famous for all its spicy foods. But many of us do not recognise that India is home for over more than 2000 desserts. Mouth watering,...

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