Top 20 Mouthwatering Indian Desserts You Should Try On This Diwali

Top 20 Mouthwatering Indian Desserts You Should Try On This Diwali
Top 20 Mouthwatering Indian Desserts You Should Try On This Diwali

Diwali is a festival of love, joy, and prosperity. Diwali is the festival where the time we spend time with friends and family over snacks, desserts, and food. During Diwali, boxes of Sweets and Namkeen exchange as a symbol of love and a respectful relationship. Apart from fairy lights and candles, what attracts us most is food and especially desserts. Diwali preparation takes place before Diwali, and everybody starts thinking about what to make, what to gift and what to send to relatives? So, to solve your problem, here we have twenty mouthwatering desserts that you should make on this Diwali and impress your loved ones. Here we go!

1.Kaju Katli

Oh my god! Who can say no to Kaju Katli? I can eat more than seven without a break. Every Indian family likes Kaju Katli, because it is assembled with lots of Kaju, means a lot of fibre and it’s healthy too. Katli is low in sugar. And this combination is just perfect.

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2.Coconut Ladoo

Coconut Ladoo can be of two types – with condensed milk and without condensed milk. Make your Ladoos as you like but don’t forget to add cardamom powder, as it adds a lot of flavour to Ladoos. You can also gift someone a box of Coconut Ladoo.

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Rasgulla is heaven for some people. These cute little cottage cheese balls are dipped in sugar syrup and served with love. Rasgulla is all you need at the end of your meal. Try making these amazing Rasgulla at home and surprise your family.

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Jalebi is an emotion for some people. Make this at home and gift this in a box to your loved ones. Jalebi is a treat to your sweet tooth. Jalebi can be served with rabri, kheer, or sometimes just with sugar syrup.

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Rasmalai is originated from Bengal and is now famous all over India. Rasmalai is creamy and rich in sweetness. Rasmalai is not fried and has low sugar, low salt. It is high in calcium, high protein, and mineral.

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Malpua is deep-fried and dipped in sugar syrup. Children to older everybody loves to have a bite of malpua with sweet rabri. You can serve it hot as well as chilled and it tastes incredible in both conditions.

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7.Shahi Tukda

This dessert is effortless yet delicious. Shallow fry the pieces of bread, dip in sugar and pour rabri over it. Shahi Tukda is a straightforward dessert, and everyone can make this easily at home. Try this on Diwali and impress your relatives.


8.Boondi Ladoo

Boondi Ladoo is a traditional sweet for Indian festivals. These boondi ladoos are made of graham flour, sugar, dried fruits, ghee, and Cardamom. Boondi Ladoo is a good gifting idea for your relatives. Boondi ladoo is famous from ancient times still people love eating them.

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Kheer is a must-made dessert in Indian families, whether it is a small event or a big festival. Kheer is made with rice, milk, dried fruits, sugar, cardamom powder, and saffron. Kheer is also served with jalebi. Kheer tastes good when served hot, but it tastes best when it is chilled.

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10.Milk Cake

Milk Cake is a ‘mava chakki’ but called milk cake because of its grained texture. Milk Cake super soft yet super sweet, and served with a sprinkle of crushed dried fruits. Two shades of milk cake give us a reason to fell in love with this. Excellent gift option and if somebody comes to your house you can serve it with tea and nankeen.

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11.Gajar Ka Halwa

Gajar ka halwa is a carrot-based dessert. Gajar is halwa is made of a lot of grated carrots, milk, sugar, and dry fruits. Besides being too tasty, this halwa is very nutritious. Gajar is halwa is famous in north India as well as all over the world. North Indians doesn’t seek reasons to make Gajar ka halwa. Readers! You should try this on Diwali.

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12.Gulab Jamun

Gulabjamun itself is a mouthwatering name. These small khoya balls are dipped in divinely sugar syrup and served hot. Gulabjamun is also great for gift purposes. Gulabjamun is of different types. Some are made with semolina, some are made with milk, and some are made with milk powder. But they all taste almost similar.

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Peda is a sweet dish and is originated from Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India. These small balls are rolled semi-thick and made of khoya, sugar, and cardamom powder. Peda is made to offer god/goddess. Khoya balls taste very royal in just one bite.


14.Soan Papdi

Soan papdi is a famous Indian dessert. Its shape is a cube that usually served as flakes. Soan papdi is low in sugar and has a crisp and flaky texture. During Diwali, Soan papdi boxes will sell the most because people show their love to their relatives and family members by sharing a box of Soan papdi.


15.Besan Ladoo

Besan ladoo is a very popular dessert made during festivals and occasions. Besan ladoo is made with graham flour, sugar, and ghee. This recipe will not take much time. This Diwali, try your hands on Besan ladoo and treat your family to something sweet and delicious.


16.Mysore Pak

This Royal dessert was invented in the kitchen of Mysore Maharaja. Mysore Pak is made with graham flour and a generous amount of ghee. It has a unique aroma and mouth-melting texture. Give a try to this Mysore Pak, and your family is going to love it.

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Gujiya is made with semolina, refined flour, and stuffed with khoya, sugar, and dried fruits. Then it is fried in ghee. These sweet dumplings are very famous during Holi and Diwali. You can gift your loved one a box of Gujiya. They will love it.



Rabri is a popular North Indian dessert made of milk. Rabri is thickened with sugar and has lots of cream and layers in it. You can eat Rabri alone as well as with jalebi and malpua to enhance their taste.

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19.Chocolate burfi

Who doesn’t love chocolates today? Let’s add chocolate flavour to the burfi. Chocolate burfi is the easiest and quickest recipe you can make this Diwali within 20 minutes. It is made with khoya, cocoa powder, sugar, and dried fruits. Perfect for the kids because kids love everything made out of chocolate. You should make chocolate burfi this Diwali and impress your kids.

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20.Chocolate Modak

Traditional desserts are love, but sometimes we should try some modern recipes. Chocolate Modak is one of them. It is made with milk, choco chips and condensed milk. And sometimes chocolate modak can be made with Oreo biscuit also and stuffed with dried fruits. This Diwali, try this modern concept of dessert, and everybody is going to love this dessert.