Top 20 Indian Sweets That Has Their Origin From Rajasthan

Top 20 Indian Sweets That Has Their Origin From Rajasthan
Top 20 Indian Sweets That Has Their Origin From Rajasthan

Isn’t it true that sweet dishes are the most popular dishes among Indians? No doubt, the variety of sweet dishes available in India is huge. Whether it be mishit dhoi from Bengal or basundi from Gujarat, everything is loved by Indians. Rajasthan is one of those states that is famous for its spicy food, but did you know that they are also well-specialized when it comes to sweets? We have collected 20 such sweet dishes that have their origins in the Indian state of Rajasthan and are famous mainly in North India and a few other parts of the country. Please have a look at them.


This sweet dish is similar to a glazed doughnut in terms of ingredients but differs in taste and appearance. The ingredients used to make this are flour, sugar, ghee. They have a soft and flaxy structure with having crisp textures from the outside. It is very healthy also, as they are fried in ghee.


2.Besan Chakki

Besan chakki also called as’ Besan Barfi’, also has its origin in Rajasthan. It is made by using simple and easily accessible ingredients like besan, condensed milk, and sugar. To prepare them, one needs to blend sugar into a creamy texture with khoya and heating it with milk and besan until it solidifies.

Besan Chakki


Churma is a very renowned Rajasthani sweet as it is also served along with the very famous dish of dal baati. It is basically prepared by cooking a mixture of wheat, ghee, and sugar and then crushing them coarsely. Though there can be slight variations in ingredients, like using bajra wheat instead of Gehu and using shakkar or khaand instead of white sugar. In Punjab, this dish is called “Churi.”



It is also known as ‘Dal badaambarfi’ and is a sweet dish of Marwari cuisine, which is popularly made and sold in Jodphur, Rajasthan. The main ingredients used in its preparation are almonds, mogar[gram flour], mawa, ghee, and sugar. It is soft yet crunchy due to nuts and delightful.



It is a white color sweet dish, which is usually scented with rose water or screw pine. It can also be coloured or flavored by using saffron, which gives it a good texture. It is made by roasting wheat in ghee and blending with melted sugar powder. You can top it with chopped almonds and pistachio. To add flavour, you can also use powdered cardamom.

sutarfeni 1


This dish is almost everyone’s favorite in North India, especially having high demand in the month of Shravan on teej festival. It is a disc-shaped sweet dish made using ghee, flour, and sugar syrup, and mawa. You can add dry fruits to it as toppings to add crunch. They are available in multiple variations like plain ghevar, malai ghevar, or mawa ghevar.



Gujia, also known as Gughara, Pedakiya, Karanji in different states of India, originally has ts origin from Rajasthan. It is made with sooji or maida, which is stuffed with mawa and dry fruits, further deep frying them in ghee. Initially, it was prepared by using wheat flour, covering it with a jaggery-honey mixture.



It is a sweet dish, which is similar to halwa having a smooth texture. The ingredients used are whole milk, sugar, nuts, cardamom powder, saffron strands, ghee, sooji, nutmeg. It can be easily prepared by mixing these ingredients and cooking them in ghee for a few min, and finally chopping it with dry fruits.



Imarti is an Indian sweet dish, which is similar to jalebi or cheena jalebi. It is also known as Omritti, Jahangir, Amitti in other parts of the country. It is made by using black gram flour, saffron, ghee, and sugar. It is like a circular flower shape in appearance.



Jhajariya is a delicious Indian sweet dish made by using corn, milk, ghee, sugar, and garnishing them with nuts. To prepare it, the coarsely ground sweet corn is roasted with ghee for a few hours until it loses its moisture.



It is basically a smooth texture sweet dish, which is prepared by roasting and stirring the flour with ghee for eight to ten minutes until it turns red. After roasting water is added, and let it cook until it becomes thick. At last, to make sweet, sugar is added to it.


12.Milk Cake

It is a sweet dish popular in Alwar, Rajasthan. The ingredients used are milk, sugar, lemon, and cardamom powder to add flavour. It is made by boiling milk till it reduces to one-third of its original quantity, followed by adding lemon resulting in the separation of milk. Then by adding sugar, cook it for a few minutes and then give them the shape of your choice.

Milk Cake

13.Makkhan Bada

It is a Rajasthani sweet dish that is in high demand during the Diwali festive season. It is prepared by deep-frying dough balls of flour in ghee and then soaking in sugar syrup. It is an easy recipe prepared within 30-40 minutes.

Makkhan Bada

14.Doodhiya Kheech

Doodhiya kheech is a popular dish of Rajasthan, which is originated from Udaipur. It is a wheat porridge that tastes best when prepared on Sigdi. The ingredients used are cream milk, wheat, cardamom powder, saffron, sugar, and nuts.

Doodhiya Kheech

15.Mawa Kachori

It is a simple and easy recipe basically, a sweeter version of the famous Indian snack kachori. It is made by using flour, water, sugar, saffron, and khoya. You can use almonds and pistachio to garnish it. It is prepared by stuffing the dough of flour and ghee with mawa and then deep-frying them in ghee.

Mawa Kachori


This sweet dish is not only famous in India, but other countries as well. Though, surprisingly having its origin from Rajasthan; it is known famous all over the country. The ingredients used in its preparation are flour, saffron, ghee, sugar.



Rasmalai, originally originating from Rajasthan, is also known as Rossomalai in Bengali and Rasa Malei in Odia. It is prepared by using chenna, malai or milk, and sugar.


18.Gulab Halwa

It is a kind of halwa made by using ingredients like mawa, desi ghee, sugar, cardamom, silver leaves. You can even give it the shape of a barfi. It is most famous in Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

gulab halwa 500x500 1

19.Tilli Patti

This dish is very similar to Gajak in appearance. It is made by using til, Jaggery, Ghee, and pistachio. The preparation method is just like gajak and even taste pretty similar to ‘til ki gajak.’

Tilli Patti


This dish belongs to Udaipur, a city in Rajasthan. It is made from small boondis. Also, what makes it different from normal boondi is addition of Orange Juice. Other ingredients used are gram flour, rice flour, saffron, ghee, cardamom.

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