Top 20 Indian Sweets For Raksha Bandhan

Top 20 Indian Sweets For Raksha Bandhan
Top 20 Indian Sweets For Raksha Bandhan

Indian festivals aren’t only an extension of ideals in holy legends and ceremonial rituals but additionally of timeless faith, feelings, and of the path a melange of suitable food. Raksha Bandhan is a festival where sisters tie rakhi on their brother’s hand. Raksha Bandhan is a festival that celebrates brother and sister relationships. The competition is all approximately celebrating the hot and sour, bitter-sweet relationship among a brother and sister. When it’s festival time then, how can we forget Sweets?

1.Gulab Jamun

When we talk about sweets, the primary name that comes to mind is Gulab Jamun. Gulab Jamun is made from khoya and deeply fried afterwards dip within the sugar syrup. These are soft and delicious sweets in the shape of balls. From infants to grownups, each one enjoys it. The softballs and the sugar essence in every chunk will genuinely depart the tongue craving for more.

gulab jamun 1

2.Mango Barfi

Mango is the most-cherished fruit for everyone. When it involves sweets, then it turns into super-delicious. Mango barfi is soft and creamy melts within the mouth. Mango barfi includes mango, milk powder, dry fruit, and more.

mango barfi

3Kaju Katli

Kaju Katliis a popular Indian sweet dessert made with cashew powder and sugar.It is one of the most famous Indian sweets made for celebrations, occasions, and festival seasons. Kaju Katli does not contain much sugar. Kaju Katli is in the shape of a diamond, coated with silverpaper.

kaju katli4.Laddu

Laddu is the most common and deliciously sweet. Laddu is of many types like Besan Laddu, Motichur Laddu, Malai Laddu, Coconut Laddu, and more. Laddu is round in shape made with roasted gram flour with dry fruits and ghee.



Kalakand is also known as milk cake. It is a delicious milk-made dessert. Kalakand is a healthy and tasty sweet that can have by all age groups. Kalakand prepared with milk and dry fruit. Kalakand is a soft and delicious dessert.



Peda is a sweet dish that originated from Mathura, the place of Lord Krishna. Peda is a thick and semi-soft piece. Peda is sweet and usually served to God. It has a high consistency of sugar. The main ingredients for making Peda are sugar, khoya, pistachio nuts, saffron, and cardamom seeds. Cardamom seeds give it a different and tasty flavour.


7Pista Paan Barfi

Pista Paan barfi is the best combination of pista and paan. It is a thin rolled sheet in a cone shape, filled with dry fruits and Gulkand. The Pistapaan barfi is a mouth-watering sweet.

pista paan barfi


Rasgulla is a Bengali sweet dish known by the name of Rosogolla. It is a cheese ball dipped in sugar water. The water comes in the mouth after listening word Rasgulla. Rasgulla is soft and delicious that can have by aged people too as it melts in the mouth automatically.

rasgulla 1

9Soan Papdi

Soan Papdi is a South -Asian sweet. Soan Papdi is like a cotton candy that dissolves in the mouth. The main ingredients of Soan Papdi are gram flour, ghee, cardamom, and milk. Cardamom gives a delicious flavour to sweets.

soan papdi


There is something that comes close to the Taj Mahal from Agra. The delicious and famous Agra Ka Petha is a famous Indian sweet from the state. The main ingredients of petha are ash gourd vegetables. Petha is of square or cylindrical form and cherished with the aid of using children and adults alike.


11.Mysore Pak

From the name itself, it is from the Mysore city. The main ingredients of Mysore Pak are gram flour, sugar, cardamom, and ghee. The texture of this sweet is just like a buttery and dense cookie.

mysore pak


Rasmalai is also called Rossomalai in Bengali. Rasmalai is a delicious dessert that everybody wants to have. Rasmalai is a milky and creamy syrup that consists of cheese balls. The main ingredients of syrup are milk, saffron, and sugar.

rasmalai 2


Delicious N tasty Sandesh is also known as Shondesh in Bengali. It is a popular dessert of Bengal. If we have Sandesh, we stop until three to four in our stomachs. It creates from cottage cheese and sugar.



Balushahi is a popular dessert of South Bihar. Balushahi is like a soft doughnut mainly prepared by maida, fried in ghee and dipped in sugar syrup. Balushahi is a delicious sweet that one can ever have and has a high consistency of sugar.

balushahi 1

15.Cham Cham

Cham Cham is a Bengali sweet dessert that consists of curdling milk and shaping them into a cylindrical shape and deeply dipped in sugar syrup. Cham Cham looks like Rasgulla filled with barfi and dry fruit. Cham Cham is soft and deliciously sweet.

cham cham


Rabri is well famous in Banaras. The sweet dish gets ready by heating sweetened milk that contains Kesar and dry fruits. Rabri is a delicious sweet dish that everyone wants to eat.


17.Gajar Ka Halva

Gajar Ka Halva is a north Indian dessert made of grated fresh carrots and khoya. The main ingredients are carrot, sugar, milk, ghee, and dry fruits. Gajar Ka Halva is most popular in India.

gajar ka halwa 1


Burfi is a name extracted from the word Burf. Burfi are of different types like coconut burfi, dry fruit burfi, chocolate burfi, and more. It is mouth-watering sweet melts in the mouth. Barfi is a fudge made using milk, sugar, and ghee.



Malpua is like a pancake that serves as a dessert. Malpua is lightweight and delicious. Malpua has crispy ends and softens from inside. Malpua gets ready by mixing khoya, curd, milk, and dry fruits coated with sugar syrup. Malpua tastes yummy.



According to Hindu belief, Modak is a favourite sweet of Lord Ganesha. Modak is small dumplings shaped sweet, taste delicious. There are lots of varieties of Modak the most famous Modak is a steamed Modak. It has a mouth-watering filling.