Top 20 Sweets You Can Try At Mishri Hub, Kolkata

Top 20 Sweets You can Try at Mishri Hub Kolkata
Top 20 Sweets You can Try at Mishri Hub Kolkata

Sweets are an intricate part of Bengali cuisine. Their food is also influenced by different cultures, so as their sweets. Mishti hub is a stunning concept where top dessert sellers sell their food under the same roof. This place is a treat for any dessert lover. It has gained tremendous popularity over the last few years and people love to come here. It is like a celebration to each one of them out there. Many eminent sweet sellers participate here and below are few top sweets that you must try.

1. Roshogolla

Every shop here sells roshogolla. Dumplings of chenna cooked in sugar syrup with varieties of flavors. It is one of the most popular desserts in Bengali cuisine. The soft, spongy texture and burst of sugar syrup when we chew into it is heaven in itself.


2. Rajbhog

Very similar to rasgulla but flavored with saffron, often stuffed with pistachios, sugar candy (mishri). It is generally larger than rasgullas. This dessert is also popular among the people here. The saffron tinge makes it both beautiful and tasty.Rajbhog

3. Baked Rasgulla

Traditional rasgullas coated with a mixture of condensed milk, jaggery baked to perfection. It is very succulent and very rich in texture and taste. It is sold by Balaram Mallick and Radharaman Mallick sweet shop. It is one of the signature dishes of this shop. It is something that has gained popularity in recent times.Baked-rosogolla-recipe-1

4. Mishti Doi

Sweet curd is also one of those sweets which need no introduction. Curd mixed with condensed milk and then left to set to get the desired texture and flavor. It is delightful, rich, and you can taste heaven in it. It is very famous in KC Das, Balaram Mallick and Radharaman Mallick sweet shop.Mishti_Doi

5. Rasmalai

Rasgullas are made in various shapes like circular, cylindrical, and then dipped in sugar syrup. It is further squeezed and then served with cooked milk, which is flavored with dry fruits, and saffron. It is not very sweet but has a perfect combination of sponginess and richness of slow-cooked milk.Rasmalai-Recipe

6. Ras Malancha

It is an exceptional dish sold by K.C.Das. It is a stuffed malpua. The crunchiness at the edges of the malpua and sweet, the soft stuffing inside makes it a must-try. It is one of the trademark dishes of this shop.screenshot_2017-12-08-21-56-40-620-500×500

7. Blueberry Mishti Doi

Balaram Mallick and Radharaman Mallick is famous for its sweet minor manipulations, which it does with traditional desserts. Blueberry curd is one of them. At the bottom, the syrup is poured, which is flavored with blueberry and then sweet curd on top.img88151

8. Gulab Patti Sondesh

Simple traditional sandesh flavored with rose syrup and served with the rose petal on top. It is very soft and smooth. It is sold by Nalin Chandra Das and Sons. The shop is very old and famous.gulab-patti-sandesh

9. Mango Mishti Doi

Sold by Bancharam, it is another variation of the traditional mishit doi. The flavor that mango provides is impeccable. It gives a new dimension to the mishit doi altogether. If you are a mishit doi lover, you cannot miss it.4f0c11d76ef3b834481f7a3e73ea0674

10. Cream Sandesh

It is sold by Hindustan Sweets. Sondesh is served with cream on top which, makes it even more delicious. The cream on top is generally unsweetened, but the sweetness of sondesh balances it. It is one of the hall-mark of this shop.psx_20200715_202919_1

11. Sita Bhog

It is one of the oldest sweets which is prepared in West Bengal. It is served with small gulab-jamuns. It looks like pulao. It is traditionally from Bardhaman district, but slowly, slowly, it is being prepared by various shops all overthe

12. Lyangcha

Another trademark sweet of Bardhaman district is Lyangcha. Very similar to Gulab jamun, but it is generally cylindrical in shape. Soft deep fried dipped in sugar syrup. Shaktigarh is the place where it is mainly sold but similar to sitabhog, it has gained popularity and is now sold all over Kolkata.Langcha_-_Saktigarh_2014-06-29_5576

13. Mihidana

It is very famous and generally made out of besan, maida. Soft, succulent drop-like structures with a burst of ghee and syrup when we chew into it is a different feeling altogether. It is sold alone or sometimes baked with condensed milk, known as baked mihi dana.Mihidana_bardwan-1

14. Joynogorer Mowa

It is sold by Hindustan Sweets. It mainly originated in Joynagar, in South 24 Parganas. It is made out of Khoi, dates, and jaggery. It is generally found in winters, but in recent times, it is cooked all-throughout the year.Tourisim-Moya-Joynagar

15. Butter Scotch Rosogolla Roast

Baby rasgullas cooked with a mixture of sandesh, kheer and flavored with butter-scotch. It is then heated for few seconds and served hot. It is served by Mishti Katha. This dish is something different and a must-try when you visit Mishti hub.butter-scotch-rosogolla-panna-cotta-served-in-biscuit-tart-recipe-main-photo

16. Gokul Pithey

It is a traditional dish made during Makar Sankranti. It is made with khoya and coconut. It is sold by Bancharam. It is not very commonly found in all local shops and is generally made at home. It has a very peculiar taste with an over the rich coconut flavor.v8kbq3c_gokul-pithe_625x300_14_January_19

17. Makha Sondesh

Mashed sondesh cooked in kheer, and served hot and fresh. It is a very delectable Bengali dish. The perfect amalgamation of sondesh and kheer makes it a must-try for all dessert

18. Gulab Jamun

Who doesn’t know Gulab jamun. Roundels of khoya and chenna stuffed with pistachios and saffron, then deep-fried and finally dipped in sugar syrup. It requires a high level of skill and temperament to cook such a delicate piece of (1)

19. Payesh

It is famous in KC Das. Rice cooked in milk, jaggery, and dry fruits. It is a more thickened version of kheer which we eat. The crunch of almonds, cashew, the sponginess of raisins, and the richness of jaggery makes it a must-try.payesh1-1920×1080

20. Parwal

Pointed gourd stuffed it khoya. It is very common. To use a vegetable in a sweet is a beautiful concept. It might seem weird but this delicacy is over theoverexceptional because of its uniqueness. It is sold by Gupta Brothers, which is itself a brand in itself.Parwal-Fry