Top 20 Sweets To Have In Ambur, Chennai.

Top 20 Sweets To Have In Ambur Chennai. 1
Top 20 Sweets To Have In Ambur Chennai. 1

Many people love sweets more than spicy food items. There are a lot of desserts that are made by peoples in their homes but still, there are some other famous sweets which cannot be made as perfect as it was made by the peoples in Shops. If you can’t make it home, don’t worry, because the sweet shop in Ambur as well as in other places makes it available of all those sweets which are made in homes and which cannot be made in homes.

1. Kaju Katli

People across many states in India love this traditional sweet item called Kaju katli. Many shops in Ambur like Muneer sweets, Ahmed sweets, and others shops sell this sweet. This sweet is made from Cashew, sugar, ghee, and cardamom powder. The cardamom powder is added to enhance the fragrance, but that is an optional one. Kaju katli is a rich dish purely made from Cashews, so the cost is high. You can get one Kg of Kaju Katli from 800-1000 INR.

Kaju Katli

2. Rasmalai 

Rasmalai is a sweet Bengali dish. But, it was produced and traded in many parts of India. Rasmalai is made from milk, sugar, cardamom powder, Kesar (Saffron), dry fruits, condensed milk is added to make it more delicious and rich in flavor & taste. This is another popular sweet item in Ambur. You can order this for individuals, or you can get family packs.


3. Mysore Pak

As the name itself resembles, this sweet dish is originally from Karnataka. In Ambur, you can get this Mysore Pak in two forms. Normal Mysore Pak and special Mysore Pak. Both are made from the same ingredients like gram flour, ghee, sugar. But the texture of normal Mysore Pak is kept hard. Whereas the special Mysore Pak is so soft and rich in taste. The prices differ as to the (Special Mysore Pak) cost high than normal Mysore Pak. For 250 grams – Special Mysore Pak costs an average of 110-150 INR.

Mysore Pak

4. Khoya Naan

This is another sweet dish very famous in Ambur and neighbouring towns. You can get this in numerous sweets shops in Ambur. It is made as pie (Round) type flour batter, and its fillings are completely made from Mawa (Khoya). It is rich in taste, and you can get enough size of 6 pieces for 50 INR.

Khoya Naan

5.  Badhusha

Many people get confused between this Badhusha and the regular Jamun. Both slightly taste similar, but the texture of this Badhusha is kept hard. It is also deep-fried in an oil-like Jamun but it was fried until it turn into dark brown, whereas Jamun is fried until golden brown only. This sweet dish is also quite popular in the Ambur locality. For 250 grams- Badhusha costs an average of 50 – 60 INR.


6. Jamun

Almost many of us are familiar with this sweet dish. It’s even served in many restaurants and shops in many places. In Ambur, this is a popular sweet dish mainly served in marriage & festive occasions to the family and guests. Indeed, you can get delicious and freshly served (Upon orders & purchase ) in Ambur. The sizes and prices of this differ depending upon the shops. You can get this at a cheap to high cost.


7. Carrot Halwa

This is a popular sweet not only in Ambur but also in many other places. This was quite popular in shops as well as in many houses due to its rich flavor. It was a traditional sweet dish mainly served on festive and other occasions. You can get this Gajar (Carrot ka halwa) in sweet shops or even in ice cream shops like Arun Ice cream shop in Ambur. For 500 grams – it cost just 150 INR. But, it depends on the shops that serve this dish.

Carrot Halwa

8. Jhangari

It is also another sweet item that is pretty famous in Ambur and the neighboring localities. This sweet has always been part of festive times. The shape of the jhangari is made funnel typed which is fried in deep oil and then coated with sugar. (This is also called Imarti or with different names in Hindi). It comes in various shapes like small, medium, and big. The price of the big Jhangari is 70 INR approx. (Depend on the shop which sells it.


9. Chocolate Barfi

This chocolate barfi comes in a combination of two colors. Half of the sweet is brown colors (Giving it a chocolate flavor) other half cream-coloured. The combination of chocolate taste and the regular Khoya taste is fantastic. You can get this in the sweet shop of Ambur. For 250 grams – it costs above 100 INR.

Chocolate Barfi

10. Boondi

Many of us are familiar with the Boondi (That is called Khara boondi – a spicy snack). But, the Boondi we are talking about here is different. It’s a sweet that is quite popular in Ambur. For 250 grams- The price of Boondi is 70 INR.


11. Pheniya 

This is also sweet, which is quite popular in every sweet shop of Ambur. Most people love to have this Pheniya as an evening snack. This is a flat round shape sweet-deep-fried in the oil and coated with sugar syrup. Indeed, the fresh & hotly cooked pheniya gives you a fantastic taste. The price of this Pheniya depends upon the shop that sells. Approx. For 250 grams- It comes at a minimum price of 60 INR.


12. Ladoo

It is one of the familiar sweet dishes across the nation, and it is sold in every city and state. Almost every people love to have Laddu. Apart from having the laddu as a dessert, it is pretty famous during festive times also. You can get laddu in every sweet shop of Ambur that cost approx. Above 80 INR (for 250 grams).


13. Motichur Ladoo

Besides having regular ladoo’s, these are the special ladoo available in the sweet shop of Ambur, which is more delicious. It is made from a (Gram flour batter) deep-fried in Ghee or oil and then soaked in sugar syrup. The soaked boondi are transferred into a ball shape called Moti chor ladoo.

Motichur Ladoo

14. Rasgulla 

Rasgulla is also a sweet Bengali dish. You may hear calling this Rasgulla “Chan Cham” by many peoples. It is a spongy- round-shaped sweet that is soaked in sugar syrup and also served with sugar syrup.


15. Jalebi 

Though Jalebi is not as popular as other sweet items in Ambur. But, you can get the Jalebi in Ambur. The shop called “Karuna Sweets “ in Ambur sells Jalebi, which tastes good and has a crisp texture, just as a perfect Jalebi needs to have. The price of the Jalebi is above 70 INR (For 250 grams).

Jalebi 1

16. Double-Decker

Many of us will be familiar with this sweet called Double decker. As it is available in every part of India. You can get freshly cooked double-decker in the shops of Ambur. The taste of this Sweet is so delightful. The flavor of Ghee added to this sweet will enhance the sweet taste to a high level. For 250 grams- Double-decker cost above 100 INR.

Double Decker

17. Peda 

Peda is also a sweet that is available in many shops of Ambur. The peda is made from Khoya (Mawa), sugar, dry fruits, and other ingredients that are given a round shape.

Peda 1

18. Soan Papdi

We are pretty familiar with the Soan Papdi as it is widely produced and sold. It was sold in two forms in Ambur sweet shops- one as a loose texture and the other as a cube-shaped in a box. It has a crispy texture which makes the sweet, most likable one.

Soan Papdi

19. Adersom 

This Adersom is also known with different names. Some call this Adersom “Panyaram”. This is a very popular dish during festive especially during “Deepavali” people love to make this sweet in their homes. And also many shops sell this Adersom to make it available for all times. This will cost little money, but it’s worth having because it’s tasty and healthy.


20. Khajoor

This is another healthy sweet dish made from the Gud (Jaggery). You can buy this healthy sweet at low prices. For 250 grams- it costs 55 INR only. Many small sweet shops also sell this sweet. So, you can buy it from wherever you want.