Top 20 Street Food in Haridwar


Haridwar is a paradise for foodies besides being a historical residence. The Haridwar street food has everything from chatpati papri chaat to spicy chhole bhatura to everything that is mouthwatering and lip-smacking. And not only the Har Ki Pauri, but also places like Devpura and Ranipur, are bordered by numerous stalls and restaurants that offer popular North Indian food items.

Below is the list of food items that one can eat when they are planning their trip to Haridwar:

1 Aloo Puri

Aloo Puri is one of the famous and favorite food of North India and is Haridwar’s best street food. It is not only the city’s signature dish; but it is also a favorite for both lunch and dinner. The puri’s are deep fried Indian bread, often accompanied by halwa on the side, and eaten with tangy yet spicy aloo ki sabzi. When you’re in town, this is an absolute try.


2 Kachori

In Haridwar, kachori is a famous street food. It can be eaten with sabzi, or chutney. To eat this famous Haridwar’s street food you need not to worry as you will see the kachori sellers at every corner of Haridwar.


3 Rasmalai, Rabri

If you are a fan of Rasmalai, Rabri then Haridwar is the best place for you. The sweets here are made mainly of pure ghee and are served fresh on the plate.


4 Chole Bhature

In Haridwar, the choices for food are endless. Chole Bhature is one of the favorite delicacy of almost everybody in North India. You can have Kheer with them if you trouble in eating spicy chole bhature.


5 Lassi

Haridwar has best-in-class milk and milk products, and that’s why you have to try them during your trip. In pots of earthen, you could taste anything from lassi to hot frothy milk. Tell the bhaiya if you want them it salty, sweet, or mixed to ensure you have the best experience.


6 Chaat

The street food in Haridwar has it all from little to more. In Haridwar, chaat choices are endless but I bet you’re not going to feel happy with a single one. The best time to enjoy chaat is during the midday before lunch or at dinner.


7 Samosa

Besides kachori, the people in North India love the most; is samosas. They are a regular, all-day snack, and mint & imli chutney tastes best with them. But, the typical recette that gives a different taste in Haridwar is what makes the samosa so exquisite. If not hot, the sweet samosas in this town can also be tried.


8 Fruit Chaat

The fruit chaat is the best food option in town for those who cannot taste Haridwar Street food because of their health problems. You can make your fruit chat flavor customized to your needs from chatpata to salty. It is the best thing to have at breakfast or in the evening for a healthy snack.


9 Kulfi

Like sweets and milk, Haridwar Streets are also renowned for selling scrumptious sweets in many aroma. Every seller has different kulfi highlights that you can ask for and that is what makes Haridwar’s kulfi unique. You can buy it along with falooda if you do not want to eat it alone.


10 Parantha

Parathas in Haridwar are popular as they are North Indians ‘ basic breakfast food. The stuffed parathas have become one of Haridwar’s popular street food, as they include aloo, cheese, gobhi, onion, etc. Wherever it is, these are best served with curd at any moment of the day.


11 Dosa

You will get different types of dosas in Haridwar. If you love dosa, then you should visit Haridwar. You will also get a variety of Idli and Uttappam. In Haridwar, Sambar is the go-to favorite food of people.


12 Mulberry Khomcha

Want a quick snack, and are you tired of exploring this historic city on foot or just stepping down on the cycling rickshaws? Start with the vendors holding mulberry baskets and take a handful of this cool stuff on their hands. This may not hit the list of all popular Haridwar foods, but mulberries are irresistible.


13 Malai Laddoo

Malai Laddoo is like a trove for dessert lovers. They are forever favorite for the visitors as well as the localities. Laddoos with the filling of nuts makes their taste even more amazing.


14 Golgappe

Try Haridwar’s golgappe once, and you’ll forget the pani poori in Mumbai and the puchka in Kolkata. Haridwar has the varieties of golgappe to blow up the flavor.


15 Rolls

Haridwar offers rolls made with some uniqueness. Each roll wala in Haridwar has its own special ingredient to relish this delicious goodness.


16 Rabri Faluda

The taste of this dish is full of caramel milk and dried fruits. It’s been everyone’s favorite personal dessert for many years.


17 Aloo Tikki

The famous aloo tikki is one of the good street food in Haridwar. You can’t just forget this assault of flavor and later regret it. Aloo tikki is a go-to food for everyone in Haridwar.


18 Jalebi

This succulent Jalebi is key to every Haridwar’s heart. It is available at best street food places in Haridwar. Jalebi always enhance one’s mood by its taste.


19 Pakoda

If you had a plate full of Haridwar’s pakodas, you would be craving for more. This delicious street food can make anyone happy.


20 Bhel Puri

Although it is the specialty of Mumbai, but bhel puri is in a completely different league in Haridwar. It is not so dry as its counterpart in Mumbai; it is patented in Haridwar with its flavors. Everybody should try this popular street food in Haridwar at least once. It is the perfect mix of salty, spicy, and sour.